Essay on My Favourite Game Badminton for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on My Favourite Game Badminton for students and children in 1000 words. It includes my story, playing, history, and its importance in Olympic. You can also make short notes on badminton sports by taking help from this article.

Essay on My Favourite Game Badminton for Students and Children (1000 Words)

Badminton is my favourite sport amongst all the sports that I know. This sport makes me more active and healthy in doing something that uses strength and speed.

I believe badminton is the most beautiful sport, and every time I play, there is some excitement and anxiety in the end. In the final round, there has to be a winner that makes the battle even more exciting.

Why Badminton is My Favourite Game?

I started playing badminton game when I was only ten years because of various reasons. My father was a professional player, and he kept encouraging me to join in during the practice sessions.

He influenced my attitude towards playing badminton sport, and from then, I learned most of the skills by observing him in many professional tournaments where he usually emerges as the winner. I also developed an interest in this game because after playing, it makes me feel relaxed, getting rid of all the stress.

I prefer playing badminton instead of just playing computer games or going shopping. Playing this game reminds me of how my father taught me some simple techniques to defend myself from bullying guys that temper me.

I hit them with the ball. It was one of the first lessons that my father taught me to defend myself instead of relying on my elder brother in school.

How to Play Badminton Game?

Playing badminton is easy, and all you must require is a shuttlecock and two rackets. The shuttlecock acts like a ball and is made from a goose feather attached to a small piece of cork.

The rackets for playing are lightweight, around 90 to 100 grams. While playing, you must smash the light shuttlecock towards the opponent’s direction. In badminton, players require a lot of energy to make sure that the shuttlecock crosses the next towards the opposite direction.

These types of shuttle are still used nowadays. But the shuttles are made from synthetic materials allowed by BWF, which is a short name for Badminton World Federation. So, this essay is an insight into my favourite game, and the rules and regulations followed worldwide.

While playing, there are six major shorts, and these are the forehand drive, the backhand drive, the smash, the drop, the clearing, and the serve. Badminton is played over a rectangular court that has a division in the middle using a net.

Badminton is like tennis; the only difference is that the net is raised higher, and the ball is lighter. The name “badminton” was derived from the house of Duke of Beaufort, in England, and there the first game was being played.

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Challengers and Friends During Playing My Favourite Sport Badminton

I play badminton during my free time because I can have a bond with my family and friends. My friends and I have played so many competitions, and I have even reached the finals.

The most interesting thing about playing this game is that the more you play, the more you feel challenged by the opponent. This game also reminds me when the first that my father gave.

The common in this sport is even it is not played always, it was easily remembered. The common in playing badminton is the more you play, the more friends you’ll get challenged, and know that you are a great player.

Badminton is a sport for 2 or 4 people. The game is played by either player against one player or a team of two players against another team of two players. The players use rackets to hit a shuttle over a net.

Badminton aims to hit the shuttlecock over the net in a way that the other player or pairs cannot hit is back properly prior to it hits the floor. Every time this is done, the player receives one point.

He also gets to serve, and the first player or pair to reach 21 points wins a game. Here, the winner of the match is the first to win two sets.

History of Badminton Game

Badminton traces back its history to a game called George Cajoles that was played in Pune, India, in the 19th century by British military officers. That game was taken by retired officers back to England, where it developed and quickly grew in popularity.

In 1877, the foremost written rules were arranged by the newly formed Bath Badminton Clun. The All England Open Badminton Championship was held in 1899. This game has been an Olympic sport since 1992, and even if it originated in England, it has mainly been played in countries of Asia such as India, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, and China that now dominate this sport.

Like mentioned earlier, badminton game is based on the country estate for the dukes of Beaufort in England. Further, this game was played there and trace to ancient India, Greece, and China. Also, this game was closely related to kid’s game battledore and shuttlecock.

The BWF famously is the governing body for the sport worldwide formed in 1934. Also, the first championship under Badminton World Federation was held in 1977. Now, there are several zonal, regional, and national tournaments that help in different countries.

One of the famous tournaments in badminton game is All England championships, and others include the Thomas Cup & Uber Cup.

Badminton Game in Olympic

The Badminton was introduced in the Olympics for the first time in 1972 as a demonstration sport. While at the 1992 Olympics, the game was under the complete medal category. Further, this competition included both women and men mixed doubles being introduced in the 1996 Olympics.

Competition for badminton all round is played indoor because even the lightest of wind can affect the course of the shuttlecock. Further, recreational badminton is played outside and is a famous outdoor activity. The court of badminton is rectangular 13.4 m long and 5.2 m wide for the singles match. Further, the net is 1.5 m high and stretches throughout the width of the court at the centre.

There is a clear space of 1.3 m around the court that is required. The play in badminton comprises volleying and hitting the shuttlecock back and forth across the next. Now, it should be borne in mind that the shuttlecock shouldn’t touch the floor or ground within the court boundaries.

Importance of Playing Badminton Game

Having sports is good as sports serve as more interesting than mobiles or computers that we use. Playing badminton can make your body have a good body active and strength in everything. It will also help you make new friends and a new person to teach how to play it.

Playing badminton frequently makes you want to perfect your skills and be a good player. This game is more fulfilling, engaging, and fun than playing computer games.

Badminton playing for a long time brings your body in good shape and you can make friends along the way. Anyone can play badminton; it is not just a sport; rather, it also helps anyone stay active throughout the day.

It makes me good as a healthy person because each time I play it, my body feels a whole good day. It will make you good too. I believe playing sports like badminton will surely feed your body to become healthy. It is a very interesting game because every battle that you join, there is excitement, but in the final round match, there is only one winner and a loser.


You have read various important information in above paragraphs on badminton game. Now you know that how important and historical game is badminton. I hope you loved reading this essay on my favourite game badminton. Thanks for reading.

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