Essay on Flower for Students and Children 900 Words

On this page you will read, Essay on Flower for Students and Children in 900 Words. This includes a definition of flower, its importance, embellishment, color and kindness.

Introduction (Essay on Flower – 900 Words)

Flowers are the best endowment of our temperament. Flower blossoms are lovely and delicate. Besides, we find them in different shading sizes and areas and give excellence to nature.

The blossoms sprout during the day and shrink away at night. Many people get glad about seeing blossoms. These are utilized for pooja exercises, improvements, medication and so on.

They profoundly affect an individual’s state of mind where honey bees get the juice from blossoms. Blossoms are delicate and rouse us to carry on delicately with everybody.

What is Flower? 

Flowers are the most valuable blessing given to us commonly. Our whole condition gets fragrant with blossoms, and they likewise significantly affect our state of mind. Flowers are of various sorts and are found in various hues.

A few flowers sprout toward the beginning of the day, and a few blossoms sprout at night. Flowers additionally mirror our emotions. A few blossoms are delicate and some are thorny.

Flowers are the focal point of fascination for all because of its delicate quality and magnificence. The primary capacity of blossoms is to help in the rearing of plants.  

Flower as A Part of Life 

The flower is to be sure a major piece of human life. Their excellence, shading and engaging quality permit us to convey our message impeccably to our family and wiped out companions, the message of congrats to a recently advanced companion, compassion to the lamenting gathering and show our emotions to the next individual is. Each gathering or any event is commended with blossoms. 

Flowers are one of nature’s most essential endowments. Blossoms are magnificent manifestations, lovely and fragrant. We have seen the blossoms and feel cheerful. There are many kinds of blossoms. Few flowers sprout toward the beginning of the day, and a few blossoms sprout at night. 

The flowers are taken as food by winged creatures, butterflies, and honeybees. Likewise, a few blossoms help in making drugs. Instances of Police Male Many young ladies like to develop blossoms. Developing flowers is a decent and fascinating side of interest. 

Utilization of Flowers

Blossoms are the wellspring of many creepy-crawly food. A few flowers are likewise utilized as food by people.

They are utilized in adorning and are utilized in each puja exercise, and numerous are likewise useful in making meds. Blossoms improve the magnificence of nature. 

Significance of Flowers

The significance of blossoms has been a significant part of our life since antiquated occasions. A festoon of flowers is made and offered to the worshipped individual and divinities. Blossoms motivate us to have a delicate nature.

On the off chance that there are no blossoms on the earth, the earth will look green. We can likewise procure cash by developing flowers. Flowers likewise make an ideal spot unique with its magnificence. Their shading and aroma intrigue everybody.

Wellspring of nourishment for people 

Flower petals have been utilized in cooking and tea for a considerable length of time, for example, daylilies, dandles, carnations, clover and decides. Citrus and banana blossoms can likewise be a food source.

Garlic, basil, jasmine, lavender, oregano and sage flowers can be utilized as herbs and flavors in food dishes. Different flowers, for example, mint, chamomile, ginger, and angelica, can be utilized in tea. Deer and bunnies eat flowers.

Flowers are delightful, common manifestations utilized by people to communicate their emotions. The job of blossoms can be mapped in old strict writings, legends and social stories. Besides being an image of magnificence, a few blossoms are additionally known for their natural property and have been utilized as a medication since old occasions.


Since antiquated occasions, individuals beautify their home with fragrant blossoms which strengthens the excellence of the environment. Now and again, it is additionally used to invite visitors at home.

A lot of flowers set in the feasting zone improve the state of mind. A beautiful grass loaded up with bright blossoms, gives the house one of a kind stunner and supplements it.

Extraordinary events like wedding and birthday celebrations are deficient without flowers. Wherever embellished with blossoms provides diverse magnificence for this spot.

Colours & Kinds of Flowers 

We find blossoms of various hues in the nation. Different kinds of flowers are found in the nation. For instance, roses, jasmine, oats, mogra, lotus and other such blossoms are found. The shading and size of every one of these blossoms change.

Remember these lines

  1. Flowers assume a significant job in everybody’s life.
  2. Everyone’s heart gets glad seeing blossoms 
  3. People offer blossoms in sanctuaries at the feet of God, and blossoms are additionally utilized in revere. 
  4. Many blossoms sprout in the first part of the day; numerous blossoms sprout at night.
  5. Rose is the lord of blossoms; its structure and fragrance intrigue the psyche.
  6. Rosewater, fragrance and so on are set up from flower petals.
  7. Flowers are likewise utilized as medication.
  8. We likewise get business profits with bloom development.
  9. Lotus is the national bloom of India.
  10. The bloom is our friend from birth to death.


Flowers are significant throughout everyday life. When there are no blossoms, the magnificence of the nursery will be inadequate. Blossoms ought to never be broken futile.

Flowers ought to be utilized just when vital. Flowers are the best and best blessing we have gotten from nature and because of this, the magnificence of each spot by increments. Finally, flowers are delicate.

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