Essay on My House for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

Here you will read an Essay on My House for Students and Children in 1000+ Words. This essay gives you a good idea on writing an essay on your house. Also, we have included 10 short lines on my house.

Essay on My House (1000+ Words)

Many people tend to understand that providing a comfortable place of refuge is a privilege for thousands of people in poverty.

Getting a place to call home safely is a gift that we need to recognize the importance of. We also lament that we don’t have any luxuries, not whether we’ve worked our right to them.

Our world is made of several creatures. Others are wealthy enough to get facilities when others are not. It usually happens in a country like India, where the plurality of the population lives in poverty. That’s no less of a pleasure to own a home here, one that I luckily have. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by four walls or a roof.

Homes are areas that have a space for resting, dining, and maintaining personal hygiene peacefully. Consequently, these simple requirements for protection become impossible for those who are homeless or expected to live in cramped shelters for individuals like them.

At one, I would think it amazing that I am protected by four defensive walls everywhere I want to walk into a world that is as dangerous or powerful as ours.

It is the hard work of my parent, which has earned us this blessing. Many out there in the contemporary world are still moaning about what they don’t have. The guy who’s got a house wants the bungalow aims for a castle.

The man who lives in the palace looks for an island. This never-ending loop is going on. However, when we consider those behind us instead of the ones above us, we’re going to be happier.

An Underrated Blessing

Getting a house is an understatement of joy. If you haven’t noticed that yet, you should go and ask someone who doesn’t have a home.

Only then can you know how lucky it is to see a home. Houses don’t always have to be luxuriously lined with the new facilities. If you’re blessed with a roof over your head, the house is indeed full.

Moreover, if you have your dear ones among you, there would be no better blessings. You have to know the value of your house until it gets too late. Even I never realized how valuable my house had been until one event had changed my perspective.

Many incidents helped me to understand how my house was taken for granted. It is really an underestimated gift that is ignored by most. We’ve got to appreciate our houses until it gets to this point.

My House

I live at my ancestral home of my grandmother, my parents, or my siblings. I thank them for their hard work, including my grandparents, who designed this home. It has four beds, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a patio. My building is nearly fifty years old.

I love the beauty of my home. The retro reflections make it all the more stunning. My grandparents have a little patio garden that brings greenery to my home. In comparison, it has two plants. One of them is a pomegranate tree, while the other is a Henna tree. They’re supplying us with shade or delicious fruits.

When someone changes their house many times in a few years, do come across many difficulties for establishing a deep commitment to call home.

However, my favorite aspect of an apartment is certainly the wide windows in my bedroom. My house consists mostly of windows that allow sun rays to come in and give me this beautiful view of the sunset and evening.

I just like the balcony in my house – it’s next to the kitchen, and overflowing with several species of plants, most of which also have lovely flowers. The balcony is a great place to stand and watch the sun dip far below the sea within the tall buildings.

Houses for everyone

People live in various kinds of houses across the world and also in different areas of a city, town, and village. Much of the homes appears to be in the shape of buildings-they are either residences or flats.

They can be built of wood, stone, and a few other materials based on the building area. This is primarily influenced by such services available to the platform.

Not that all homes are secure, however. Many houses are portable, and it can be moved about based on the needs of the people living in them.

Most residents travel in small houses, houseboats, tents, and campers. Mobility is beneficial for those who do not want to live in a particular location and want a cheaper way to move and work.

Few people may not have their own homes for economic and legal purposes and, instead, stay in larger housing with those in the same situation. Any of them include nursery centers, orphanages, convents, or nursing homes.

Similarly, people who would scarcely afford a house about themselves and their families prefer to live to shacks that, when clumped around, form slums.

On the other side, some people choose to live on the streets or to make similar, unhygienic spaces to stay. Their tales are also recorded in the media, included in movies named Parasite, which explore the difference between wealthy and poor, or how desperate the poor are really for basic needs, including a home.

However, through considerable media attention and efforts to support the homeless, such people and families continue to rise in percentages.

10 Lines on My House

  1. My house has high ceilings as it was created nearly fifty years ago.
  2. We have got antique switchboards that give it a really special look.
  3. My house is in the middle of four paths and not beside to any other.
  4. My house has four exits from each side.
  5. Anytime my guests come to my place, they press on a lot of photos.
  6. Even my family enjoys the interior of the home, a combination of contemporary and antique architecture.
  7. My house is built in brown or beige, so it stands out in our neighborhood.
  8. I think my home is a perfect place to rest and cool down after such a hard day at work.
  9. I spend much of my time with my dad, and I appreciate the fun we have together.
  10. It’s stunning to watch view from my balcony. It’s also really inspiring to me as I write as much poetry.


Having a house is a blessing dividing between wealthy and poor and in the society in which we reside. We will never fail to support the homeless who need it. We can benefit by doing the easiest things, including offering them some food to eat or even some drinkable water.

It’s not always necessary to share your house with somebody else, so if you’re able to help them survive in healthier circumstances, they can surely take those measures.

Apart from that, my houses come in various sizes and designs. There are houses that are made on the water, including houseboats. These houses are designed and packed with the most luxurious and modern amenities.

But none of these aspects dictates what makes the house the home–a house is one in which the entity is at ease, in which they can spend their time with the ones they truly live for.

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