Essay on Tree Plantation for Students in 1000 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Tree Plantation for Students in 1000 Words. Here, you will understand the importance of trees in life.

So, let’s start the Essay on Tree Plantation

Introduction (Essay on Tree Plantation – 1000 Words)

Forests have been serving the needs of humans since time immemorial. Trees have an essential place in our life. They provide grains, herbs, fruits, flowers, and fuel to humans and give wood to build houses. The biggest thing is that trees provide pure air to the animals, prevent pollution, prevent water runoff, soil erosion and help in balancing the environment.

In the era, humans used to wear clothes of the bark of trees, eat fruits and flowers, make wooden weapons and feed them by killing animals. Trees used to scare animals by burning wood and hence trees are worshipped in India and cutting trees like Tulsi, Banana, Peepal, and Bad, etc. is considered a sin.

India had immense forest wealth over hundreds of years ago. But due to industrialization and urbanization, villages are changing in cities. The trees are being harvested indiscriminately.

Cities are becoming cement forests by expanding buildings and factories. Due to deforestation and the destruction of forests, the possibility of land degradation, drastic change in weather and extinction of wild animals has increased.

Importance of plantation

In the scriptures, the plantation has been described as a good work. The reason for this is that plants and trees are essential for life in this world. In India, people have been worshipping Tulsi, Peepal, Banana, Banyan, etc. trees since the beginning of the year. Today science has proved how vital these trees and plants are to us.

1. For Greenery

Trees keep the earth green. The greenness of the earth is the main reason for its attraction. It seems pleasant to live in places where there is a sufficient number of trees and plants. Trees give shade.

They provide asylum to creatures and birds. Monkeys, langurs, squirrels, snakes, birds, etc., live on trees very comfortably. They offer a pleasant shade to the passengers. Humans and animals rest in their cool shade and rejoice.

2. For Fruits

What trees do not give us? Different types of living things like fruits, flowers, gum, rubber, leaves, wood, herbs, brooms, fans, mats etc. are a gift of trees. The sages and monks used to live in the forests and get all the necessities of their living.

As civilization grew, older people started cutting down trees and making home furniture from their wood. When the industries developed, people cleaned the forests of the jungle to make paper, matches, rail cans, etc. It led to a famine of living things. At the same time, the greenery of the earth also began to decrease.

3. For Oxygen & Science Studies

Scientists have studied the side effects of decreasing the number of trees. He concludes that the decrease of trees is due to a large amount of air pollution. Trees are natural purifiers of air.

They release harmful oxygen by exploiting harmful carbon dioxide from the air. Oxygen is life and organisms survive by taking it. Therefore, it is imperative to have a sufficient number of trees on earth.

4. For Raining

Trees make it rain. They can attract clouds where they occur in groups. The tree holds the soil firmly and prevents its erosion. This help prevents both flood and famine. These reduce the expansion of the desert.

They help a lot in avoiding the heat of the atmosphere from rising. Where there are more trees, there is fresh air in summer. That is why intelligent people talk about planting more and more trees.

5. For Balanced Environment

It is considered necessary to have forests on one-third of a large area for a balanced environment. But at present forests are no longer in this proportion. Its harmful consequences are visible everywhere. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that everyone plant trees. If one tree is cut, three trees should be planted.

One day of the month should be devoted to the plantation. Students should be made partners in this work. Trees should be planted in suburbs, on roadsides, on hilly sites, in residential areas and wherever there is little free space.

Benefits of trees

Forests are our natural resources and property. The balanced natural life in the earth can never be possible without them. The compensation of a tree that is cut is completed in 10-15 years if the tree is planted. Now only ten percent of the dense forests are left in India which are cause for concern.

Trees have many benefits, these are:

  1. Trees protect us from air pollution and provide pure air.
  2. Pure oxygen is obtained from trees.
  3. Due to trees, the cycle of seasons runs appropriately.
  4. Trees protect them from land degradation because the trees bear heavy rainwater.
  5. Trees protect us from excess heat, excess cold, and excess rain.
  6. The climate also cures many incurable diseases of trees.
  7. Many medicines are prepared from trees.
  8. The fruits of trees are used for eating, such as mango, malta, banana, apple, accompaniment, etc.
  9. The climate of trees makes the environment fragrant like Champa, jasmine rose, etc.
  10. Oil also comes out from many trees like mature oil, rose water, etc.

These are the significant benefits of the trees. There are many other benefits, as well. Trees do cool the eyes are in nature mediums that receive the sun’s energy. The green colour that is transmitted addresses of plants by which the plants absorb heat from the sun and make their food. Thus plants are the first step in the food chain.

The Final Words

Forest wealth must be protected because if trees are cut down, then India will become dull. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the trees. It is a matter of pleasure that the Government of India is paying attention to this.

Not only hope, but we believe that those days are not far when trees will grow again in India, they will grow, greenery of trees will make India succulent.  In basantic season, you’ll find splendor that scatters and sways.

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