Essay on Meditation for Students and Children in 1100 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Meditation for Students and Children in 1100 Words. This is a very important topic for human health and fitness.

So, let’s start this essay on meditation…

Introduction (Essay on Meditation – 1100 Words)

Meditation is an ancient system of Indian culture, but nowadays, it is so popular among the people the same as yoga. By doing meditation our mind gets peace and concentration increase, which helps to develop our thinking and working power. Now meditation is a system and practice the people does which through recent ideas and techniques.

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What is Meditation?

There are several meanings of meditation, but if in simple and easy words, we can say that meditation is a method of keeping his body and mind calm and silent position for a fixed period.

Some people take into a belief that to concentrate, meditation is a necessity. This is a practice that includes several techniques to keep his mind and soul in a state of silent and concentrating his mind towards a particular object.

Importance of Meditation

Nowadays, the importance of meditation is known by everybody. The amazing significance of meditation attracts the people of India and other countries towards meditation.

Meditation is gaining its popularity in this futuristic time. This practice is a life-changing and altering practice, and people get lots of satisfaction of mind relaxation by doing this.

1. The meditation increases happiness

If we see, we find that the person who does meditation seems to be far happier. Meditation enhances the positive and creative thoughts. The emotions of a person also change because of meditation.

2. Meditation plays a role in stress, depression, and anxiety

The meditation has a unique feature in its techniques. Most of the theories have verified that the mind or brain gets affected because of its physiologic impact.

Due to its amazing effect, the value of meditation cannot be ignored or underestimated. The technique of keeping the brain and body in a static state helps to reduce depression and body stress. 

3. Body Health Maintained

Because of Meditation, the mind and body get to relax and peace, and finally, our entire body becomes healthy and fit. The meditation has many and unlimited health benefits.

The small sessions of meditation help more to the body and mind. People get to feel healthy and relaxed due to these quick sessions. 

4. Good & Healthy Sleep

The positive effect & importance is that because of meditation, people take proper sleep at night. It proves that meditation works like medicine and mind relaxation, and peace helps our body to go asleep. Sometime people fall asleep soon after the meditation.

5. Increase memory power

We see in our daily life that several drugs and supplements are coming daily in the market. We see many advertisements on television about the methods and medications to increase and sharpen our mind memory.

But people feel, and we see it, that by doing regular meditation our memory gets more powerful and sharp.

Yoga Vs Meditation

Often people discuss yoga vs. meditation. But if we see we understand that yoga and meditation both are similar in a few ways. The purpose of both is the same.

I do both for body fitness and mental fitness and relaxation. There are several modes and types of yoga, but in meditation, having fewer types and system. It will be good if say that meditation is itself a part of yoga. 

In meditation, we focus only on mental peace and relaxation. This starts by concentrating the brain or mind with the help of controlling the thoughts. Further, our brain system is by keeping in a stable or static position. Meditation gives the complete mind and brain relaxation.

Yoga includes other unique styles and types as the physical movement of body and body parts in a proper and prescribed manner to reduce the body problems. It is said and truth that yoga is a more movable or physical process than meditation.

Yoga abolishes the strain and body pain and any discomfort in any part of the body. There are distinct steps of yoga mentioned for various problems and purposes.

If we see, then we will find only one significant difference, which is that yoga works for whole-body fitness, including body pain, strain, and discomfort, but meditation is done for mind relaxation purposes mainly.

Meditation focuses more and only on the concentration of mind, but yoga includes the complete body. Both are important for the development and peace of people.

Role of Meditation in Development

Nowadays, people are doing meditation for their self-development, which may help them get many things.

We feel better after meditation than what we are before meditation. The level of confidence goes high by the proper and regular practicing this popular invention of our ancestors.

Meditation has an essential role in sleeping disorders, which is common in current times. Because of sleep, one will be more comfortable, and health will gradually improve, which will cause our overall progress in life.

Meditation helps to boost our positivity and decision making power. We see it that people are having more positive and creative thoughts compare to the people who are not practicing any meditation.

Their mind disturbed all the time and they cannot also sleep restfully in a night, which affects their development and progress.

Types of Meditation

If we talk about the types and kinds of meditation, we find that there are several types of meditation techniques are in vogue.

1. Meditation of mind or mindfulness

This is a prevalent technique that is very popular in western countries.

2. Meditation by Spirituality

This is very common in Asian countries, mostly in India. This can be at home or any religious places the same as prayer and think about only God deeper.

3. Focused or concentrated meditation

this technique uses our body senses in a concentrating manner.

4. Movement or Movable Meditation

This includes the body movement as walking and gardening gently to help our mind wander and peace.

5. Mantra Recitation Meditation

In this technique, people recite many teachings and sound to clear and balanced mind.

6. Transcendental or Supernatural Meditation

This is very famous around the world. Many studies and researches also have been done on it. It recites a series of unfamiliar words or mantra.


In short, if we want to say about meditation, we will have to accept that not doubt this invention and culture of meditations is very useful for our brain and peace of mind.

If our mind is in peace and satisfied, then only anybody can think positively and adequately for the betterment. The meditation changes mined stress and depression in relaxation by its regular practice. I hope you liked this informative essay on meditation.

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