Essay on Work is Worship for Students and Children in 1000 Words

Here you will read an Essay on Work is Worship for Students and Children in 1000 Words. This essay includes the meaning of hard work, its need, purpose, and importance.

So, let’s start this essay on work is worship…

Introduction (Essay on Work Is Worship)

We consider human beings the best beings in this nature. Human’s superiority has been achieved because of his deeds. We have given the importance of work in Indian culture.

Human beings cannot earn anything without doing deeds. Continuing to do deeds is proof of being human. The result is depending on his actions. If your actions are good then decide, the result will be good. As you act, you will get the same results.

What is Hard work?

The meaning of hard work is the work done with diligence and necessary capacity. If we also put faith in our work with respect, then it becomes worship. And with this coordinated work, success is guaranteed.

Whatever you and we do with complete diligence, will power and enthusiasm, then it becomes worship, and it gives positive results. If you do the work very simple and without enthusiasm and mind, then it becomes a burden for us instead of work, its purity and quality also end.

Need of Work

We go back to old times and read in books, then we can see the magic and achievements of work how people of many centuries ago were. Then the man was like an animal.

He used to live naked like an animal and all lived with animals. Then slowly man came to the present stage of development and progress. He started changing his animal-like life. He learned how to live life as a gentleman.

Yes, all this is indeed the result of human hard work, yet he must have been on the same animal platform centuries ago. Human beings have worked continuously for the past centuries.

From which he has formed a species apart from all others. Man has undoubtedly been gifted by the Godlike Creator with a mind and a unique ability to work, and so the result is before us.

Purpose of Work

Why anybody wants to work. This is a basic question comes in mind. We can see and it is fully proven that without doing work nothing can get. Work the first steps to achieve any goal.

Work is for Happy life

The purpose of both work and worship is to eliminate problems through work. People are trying to bring happiness to the earth. Humans invented different types of machines for different purposes. We prepared the first machine with our hands so that today we do not have to do our work slowly and painfully.

Machines work as per its capacity and do faster and better. Man’s job is to create better and happier conditions in society. A worshiper wants to be free from desire, hunger and sorrow. A man who works to improve the living conditions of humans is also a worshiper.

A man who works hard brings happiness on earth. We have searched for many needs as humans discovered fire to cook their food. He searched for clothes to cover himself from the cold.

Importance of Work in Life

Working in life means working hard and doing your work with honesty. There is the great glory of work as life without work has no value.

Success is the capital of success. Success flowers bloom only at work plant. Correct action is true worship, action is true practice. Everybody feeds on the farmer’s work. The workers run the same factories.

Trains and aircraft carry millions of people far and wide and manipulate essential commodities only through the work of drivers. The labour of doctors and nurses in hospitals gives new life to patients.

Students get an education and merit only by doing labour. Only by staying busy with work, prominent scientists have invented amazing things. Artists created amazing art only by working.

On the strength of labour, man has advanced in science, he has reached the moon. Work is at the core of the development of civilization and culture.

Workless life is gone from animal life too. A lazy and noxious person is an animal without a sign and a tail. Such a man is like a weight on the earth. Life of home, family, society and nation is of no importance to him. Only those who steal work become thieves, pocket cutters and thugs.

Result of Work

The fruit of hard work is always sweet. Hard work is such a weapon with the help of which a person can make his path of success easy by killing an enemy like idleness.

Nothing can be received or achieved without a good effort in this world. Sitting – sitting just weaving dreams or cooking famous casserole does not accomplish the task. Rather, we have to work hard for it. Only then we get its fruit.

All the famous people who have been in any field in the world, have achieved the position on which they are today only on the strength of their hard work. If a hardworking person puts his hand to the soil, it will become gold and the lazy person will also touch the gold, it will become clay.

This is the reason that importance of hard work is accepted. Those who are not afraid of hard works, the world are in their grasp. Those who are lazy and doodle are left to rub their hands. Every day a farmer works hard for several months in hard sunlight, only then the crop in his fields is waving green crop.

Nothing will get without work

If you are full of laziness, then you cannot get anything. If the hardworking person wants, he can grow the crop in the barren land and can also drain the water from the desert.

There is a principle of nature only if you work hard you will get fruit. This principle applies to all beings in the world, whether they are humans or animals. Nothing can get or achieved in this world without doing hard work.

This is the only thing in your hand; the result is not in your hand. Only through Work will your life become beautiful. Work is life, stagnation is death. The good of him, his family and the nation lies in man’s actions.

A person who works by contemplating the welfare of all attains wealth and wealth and fame. Do not envy the wealth, women, wealth etc. of Surrey.

This money you have today or someone else has, it will not last forever. When you complete all your work on time, you get rid of unnecessary stress.

Conclusion on Work is Workship

We should do our daily deeds with full purity in the spirit of worship because deeds are the weapon of a human being on which they differ from other beings. We should keep a balance of actions in our life, in the deeds of entire life, more weight of excellent work brings the human into the category of superhuman.

Human nature is always busy, its personnel are always active when we think it is also a pre-preparation for work. Therefore, stay engaged in your work with full devotion. Keeping on doing work is the first religion of a human being. I hope you liked this Essay on Work is Worship.

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