Essay on Save Rivers for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read an Essay on Save Rivers for Students and Children in 1000 Words. Rivers are the mirror of life, so we must care for it.

Introduction (Essay on Save Rivers)

The river is the backbone of human civilization by providing fresh water, which is the basic necessity for human life. One cannot live without water, and rivers are the largest water bodies for fresh water.

All the civilizations, both past and present, were born near the bank of rivers. They act as the vein of the Earth through which life flows. Rivers make life both habitable and beautiful. They are the source of potable water required for irrigation, agriculture, power generation, transport, food, leisure, and recreation.

As man’s life is dependable upon the rivers, it is the duty of mankind to keep them healthy and perfect, free from pollution. But because of rapid urbanization and industrialization, rivers are being highly polluted by becoming a vast dumping reservoir.

Rivers are dynamic and mysterious, and they house incredible wildlife. Rivers provide communities with drinking water and also provide water for the cultivation of their crops.

Keeping the water clean from trash helps the river free from getting contaminated with dangerous bacteria that can threaten the lives of both animals and people. Rivers are also a major source of livelihood for many of the people.

However, these sources of life are dwindling, which will make up many problems as many people are dependable upon it. Not only is water and food, the principal source of supply for everyone to survive, but also one of the major energy sources in the world. Keeping the river water clean is essential for keeping the environment healthy.

Why should we save rivers?

The Earth’s body is covered with seventy-one percent water, of which ninety-five percent is in the ocean, which is salty and is undrinkable. Rivers are the source of fresh water that is required to sustain life on Earth.

The freshwater environment includes lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater. Water is a non-renewable source that is we cannot recycle it; once used or wasted, it cannot be retrieved again. Similarly, to air life cannot exist on Earth without water, even water exists in the air as water vapor.

But we have been careless with one of the most important resources required to sustain life. Because of the mismanagement of the freshwater by pollution and dumping of the toxic wastes on the water had damaged the habitats surrounding the rivers. We lost so many of the wetlands and their wildlife because of mismanagement.

Hence, it is necessary to manage the river’s freshwater wisely so that life can be sustained on Earth’s surface. The installation of effluent treatment plants by government and people at industrial garbage and sewage units.

Pure, sparkling rivers with a lot of abundant aquatic life reflect the cleanliness of the people living near the riverbanks. It directly links preservation of the rivers is directly to the preservation of humankind’s life.

How to Save rivers?

There are many ways to save the river water; we list some of them below-

  • To avoid waste the age of freshwater, people should take small and quick showers.
  • While running the washing machine, it should be loaded to full capacity; we should not run the washing machine on half load so that the water waste age is minimum.
  • When you are not using the water, turn the tap off and other equipment.
  • If there is use fresh water available with you, save it for future use.
  • All your water pipe settings should be checked, so that there is no leakage of the water.

Let’s summarize on Save rivers

  1. By using biodegradable cleaning products and avoid chemical products for body washing. All these chemicals get washed down during the bath and through drain reach the water bodies.
  2. When using the washing machine or dishwasher, use it with a full load as it uses less water because of the volume of clothes and dishes takes up.
  3. Don’t waste water during the shower, the time it properly so that excess water is not wasted.
  4. When brushing the teeth or shaving, turn off the tap instead fill a cup of the water, which can clean oneself instead of letting wasting water by keeping the tap open.
  5. Install the displacement device in the back of the toilet so that we use less water.
  6. Switch off the lights when not used and unplug the chargers since the current is generated by using water to cool thermal power plants and for transportation, extraction, and processing in fuel production.
  7. Don’t throw trash on the river, put the trash and litter in the recycling garbage. Since lots of trash is washed down the rivers through sewers.
  8. Insulate your pipes will save your energy cost and water won’t waste when you are waiting for it to heat.
  9. Water your lawn and garden during early morning or late evening when the temperature is cool so they do not lose the water because of evaporation.
  10. Wash your car at the carwash where recycled water is used. It not only saves the water but also avoids the dirty water reaching the rivers through sewers.


We should make the younger generation conscious of the importance of the river so they can avoid the mistakes by our generation. Saving rivers is essential to keep the supply of freshwater steady to maintain life on the surface of the water.

People can live without food for a few days, but without freshwater, they can’t. Many people’s lives depend on rivers, like the one developing crops through agriculture or fishing at the rivers, which are the major source of food for people.

Keeping the rivers are safe are essential to maintain a healthy environment of the planet and to sustain the abundant wildlife and plants important for the mother earth. I hope you liked this essay on save rivers.

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