Save Electricity Essay for Students & Children 1000 Words

In this article, you will read Save Electricity Essay for Students and Children in 1000 Words. This essay includes its necessity, importance, use, and electricity saving tips.

Introduction (Save Electricity Essay)

Electricity is one of the essential resources for a thriving life next to water. Electricity is used to run our daily life. Today it will be impossible to imagine life without electricity. So, saving electricity is an important thing for human life,

The Electricity is generated by using coal and natural gas, which is extracted by the mining of earth. Both resources are finite, and deposits are available for a certain amount in the earth.

The main issue is the ever-growing population of humankind, and the demand for electricity is extremely high. But since the resources are finite, the demand far outstrips supply.

Scientists also believe that if we use the resources unchecked, we will consume so much that we will soon run out of it. In simpler, we must preserve electricity so that we can preserve the resources.

Saving electricity is becoming a bigger and bigger because of the astonishing energy bills caused by rapid changes in the lifestyles. People are striving to make their homes comfortable by installing heavy equipment required for comfort and entertainment, which uses an enormous quantity of energy. Electricity serves mankind greatly, but we must stop waste the age of power.

If there is no electricity world will lose light. Still, the careless behavior of humankind must be checked as humans need to realize the importance of electricity to save ourselves from the darkness.

Each day we save electricity, it translates into more savings of money in your bank account. Also, lower energy consumption means lower electricity consumption, which is good for health and environment since lesser greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere.

Importance and Uses of Electricity

In almost every sphere of life, we need electricity; we need it to lead a comfortable life full of amenities and services. The planet will become inactive without electricity. For instance, all health and education facilities are conditioned by electricity.

If there is no electricity, a surgeon cannot perform the required operations; even the students won’t be able to gain practical knowledge.

Similarly, mechanics in garages and engineers in factories depend upon the electricity for their smooth functioning. Also, the passengers of the railway and airport can travel safely due to the presence of electricity only.

Many modes of transportation depend on electricity like the trams, trains and metros, which carry thousands of people every day. All this is possible due to electricity. Electricity is one of the essential modes to boost modern life and to ensure it to be civilized.

How to Save Electricity?

In today’s world, there is no single industrial sector or other areas where electricity is not used. Each building or apartment operates many lighting fixtures and household appliances. People should first understand that even a slight step will go a very long way in saving electricity.

For example, if people switch off the home fan when they are not in use, they will save many watts of electricity. Similarly, if we use other electrical equipment like heaters, air conditioners, ovens, refrigerators, etc. we can save an enormous amount of electricity.

We should use natural light more and do not keep the lights on during the morning and afternoon, as natural lights should be enough. We should replace all the old appliances which consume more electricity.

We should strive to make our own homes more energy efficient. Remember to unplug your electrical gadget when they are not in use, because even if the device is inactive, they consume ten percent of electricity, therefore unplug them to save electricity.

Also, try to cut down your TV watching time by encouraging your kids to read and play. Instead of desktop, try using laptops, a desktop consumes more electricity compared to a laptop. You should also switch off the fan if you are using an air conditioner, avoiding needless waste age of energy.

Using renewable energy resources like solar and wind energy is one of the best ways to conserve electricity. Installing the solar panels at your home can excessively save energy and economic saving. It is an economical option. The solar panels help to consume in lesser energy.

Also, industries that use megawatts of electricity must install windmills or large solar panels to get cheaper electricity through natural means. Traditional forms of electricity can be expensive when used for power heating and cooling; solar power can take up those big energy-consuming tasks as they are available in abundance and cheap.

Summary in 10 points on Save Electricity

Below you will read 10 lines on Save Electricity-

  1. Switch of the electrical appliances and lights when they are not used. You should check that all the switches are off when you are leaving the apartment also remove the plugs from the sockets; this leads to a lot of saving of electricity.
  2. Switch to energy-efficient appliances that consume less electricity.
  3. Keep the door and windows shut off the rooms you are not using and cool or heat the room where you spend most of the time. Keeping the windows tightly shut will ensure that cool air thrown by the air conditioner does not leak out.
  4. You need to assess home energy so you can identify and improve your home features so you can lower your energy bills.
  5. By maintaining the ideal temperature of your fridge up to 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. Also, while cooking, it is better to use a microwave as it uses less energy than an electric oven.
  6. Manage heating and cooling by using efficient and modern appliances.
  7. Insulate the ceiling of your house; it will make an enormous difference in the energy bills.
  8. Save money by using a renewable source of energy like solar and wind.
  9. Nowadays, there is smart lighting available, which is programmable and automatically turns off when you are away.
  10. Use LED bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs, which are more energy-efficient. This energy-saving LED bulbs to save up to 80% of lighting costs as they last longer and use less power.


Considering we still depend on the finite natural resources deposited in the earth, all our essentials necessary for our daily life are dependent on electricity. Saving electricity should be ingrained in us; it will be beneficial for us and our environment by using renewable resources like solar & wind. I hope you liked this informative Essay on Save electricity. Thanks.

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