Essay on Road safety, Its Causes, and Tips to avoid

In this article, you will read about – Essay on Road safety and also Its Causes, and Tips to avoid.

Not adhering to the rules of Road Safety is a big problem for us at present, today we are living in an age of science, where vehicles for transportation are increasing day by day, whose speed has also increased a lot. Even a small mistake while driving the vehicle proves fatal to the person and us in front.

Let me tell you a real-life story about road safety-

We can drive vehicles at speeds of 150-200 per hour and above, but we are not able to control it properly due to which road accidents occur.

I had a friend John Wilson who was riding a bike one day at a fast pace and was talking to a friend on mobile; he hit the truck on the wrong side as soon as the bike turned. John’s attention was neither on the signal nor on the truck coming from the front, as a result of which he broke his arm and he had to stay in the hospital for 7 days.

The truck driver’s intelligence saved John’s life. But my friends I want to tell you that people who do not follow the rules of the road are not as lucky as John at all times. Sometimes people themselves are killed due to these mistakes and also become the reason for the death of others.

According to WHO’s report

India has the second-highest number of road accidents in the world. India accounts for 10 percent of the deaths due to road accidents in the world. China is also the most populous country in this list.

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Road traffic mortality in India

In 2009, there were 14.60 persons per 1 lakh. Which increased to 14.6 in 2013. This rate is higher in high-income countries. 8.4 per 1 lakh and India’s road accident mortality rate is much higher than that of middle-income neighbors.

The highest percentage of road accidents in India occur in Uttar Pradesh and the lowest in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, this rate of road safety continuously decreasing while in Uttar Pradesh it is not. Most accidents in India occur with young people. In 2016, 60% of people who died in an accident in India were aged between 18 and 35 years.

Throughout the world, 1.3 million people die every year in road accidents, of which 1 lakh people die in India alone. It is estimated that if this situation prevails, by 2020, this number will be 20 lakh people per year in the whole world and will reach 2 lakh people in India.

Main causes of road accidents in India

  1. Self-publicist
  2. Speedy driving
  3. Overtake
  4. Drunk driving
  5. Infrastructure


To show themselves better than others, people show their stunts while driving, due to which a slight lapse leads to a road accident. Due to which they are killed along with the person in front. We should drive vehicles wisely

Speedy driving

In India, driving at the speed of overspeeding is also becoming an obsession. Day by day as more than one high-speed vehicle has come in the country, the number of accidents due to over-speeding has increased due to their running. Many people have died on the road accident due to high speed.

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While driving on the road, people do not consider themselves less than a racer, and overtaking is considered to be their skill. Overtaking in the right way is not wrong, but overtaking wrongly is not right. You are in danger but you also endanger the lives of others on the road.

Drunk driving

Drunk and drive, meaning drunk driving. The main cause of road accidents in India is ‘drink and drive’. And its trend is increasing among the youth and few people are going through the adventure of death in the streets of the drunken street.


Some infrastructure factors influencing accidents and injuries.

  1. Narrow turn of the road
  2. The median concrete structure of Road
  3. Roadside very steep slope
  4. Very Poor road signage
  5. Road Gaps-in-median
  6. Unsafe Entry/Exit road
  7. Driver vision obstruction on the Road
  8. Curb stones on the road
  9. Unorganized Guardrail end taper
  10. Flower pots in the median of the road

Ways to avoid road accident

Do not drive a vehicle in the high speed

The bike is considered to be the fastest vehicle in road transport. While riding the bike, we should look in front and run carefully. Do not talk on mobile while riding a motorcycle. Even if there is no traffic, we should not drive at high speed.

Follow the traffic rules.

The maximum of the accidents occurs due to the non-observance of traffic rules and carelessness. Keeping the rules of traffic in mind while driving the vehicle will avoid accidents. We should obey the traffic police instruction.

Only after the green light is on, move the vehicle forward at the intersection. While driving, the car or 4 wheeler always tie the seat belt and speak to the person sitting with you. Children below 18 years of age do not drive. Parents should always keep in mind. We should use the indicator when turning.

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Do not drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol

Never drive a vehicle after drinking, it is not only dangerous for you, but it can prove fatal for the person in front too. If you have drunk alcohol, tell your friend to drive the vehicle. Even if your house is close, you should not take risks.

Do not use headphones

Never use headphones while driving a vehicle, so all your attention is spent talking on the call, and then an accident occurs.

The action was taken by the Indian government to reduce road accidents

The Parliament of India recently passed amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act. But the maximum effective location from 1 September 2019. The main reason for this is to reduce road accidents in India, for this, the penalty for most mistakes was 10 times higher than before for not following the traffic rules in the new instructions. Is. So that people follow the traffic rules more and more for fear of punishment.

Drive carefully

Other vehicles are coming around you, be aware of this, and expect the unexpected. If you are traveling long distances, rest every 2 hours so that you can drive the vehicle carefully.


Together we should all be aware of road safety, and our children should also learn to follow traffic rules. Only then will we be able to reduce the ever-increasing road accidents, so that we will also be safe and the person in front will also be reliable.