Essay on Travelling for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article you will read an essay on travelling for students and children in 1000 words. This short essay tell us how travelling is also a adventure experience in life.

Essay on Travelling (1000+ Words)

Students and children can take help from this article to write best travelling essay for exam.

What is Travelling?

When a person move from one place to another is called travelling. Travelling word is mostly used when peoples go from one city to another city.

Human nature is curious. The curious tendency of humans has also worked behind the urge to travel various places in same country and abroad. One of the significant benefits of travelling is maintaining internal freshness.

Why People Like Travelling?

Too often, people sink into life, the daily routine of work, sleep, food, and life. They absorb so much that people feel fatigued.

It affects their health, happiness, and future. Are you also feeling bore from your daily routine works? Do you want to be refresh and energize? If yes, travelling may be one of the best solution for this.

Tourism in Today’s Era

Today, tourism is also influencing by the same old maneuvering tendency of man. There is such a difference between the earlier tourist facilities and today.

Today tourism is not as troublesome as the stroller of ancient times. Tourism has become very accessible due to the inventions of science, means accessible by the magical power of exploration.

You can travel form one country to another in few hours. So, travelling is no more a big thing to worry about.

Today, tourism has developed into a national and international industry. A lot of online facilities have been evoked for booking of the plane, train, car, etc. This makes the journey easy and comfortable. Ministry of Tourism has been set up in the country and abroad to spread this industry.

Importance of Travelling

Significant destinations for travelling are being developed for the convenience of tourists all over the world.

A variety of events also organize to encourage tourism, such as the arts of a particular place of a country, artistic scenes, exhibitions of cultural institutions, etc. Attainment of bliss, peace of curiosity, rising income, besides these, there are many more direct and indirect benefits of tourism.

An understanding of internationalism is born through tourism: develops. Love and human brotherhood flourish. Civilizations and cultures introduce. Tourism makes a person learn to get out of his shell.

Travelling to different places also removes the boredom caused by the continually living in the same environment at the same place.

The importance of travelling and tourism has been recognized in every country.  In the modern era, the scheme of tourism is embedding in every educational system.

Tourism Explore Culture and Knowledge

People have been a lover of travelling since time immemorial — the human civilization results from its prototype. As the name implies, tourism means cruises in national and abroad. Tourism is not objective.

The motivation of tourism develops for political, religious, cultural, commercial, business, etc. for many reasons. Besides these, entertainment, research, study, recovery, or other personal reasons also are the core of tourism.

The travelling of citizens between all civilized countries of the world for cultural exchange is now a daily routine. Its a positive thing for all of us.

Students from one country travel to another country for studies. Such visits also serve personal purposes and national objectives. The spirit of country philosophy is of paramount importance in tourism.

Stealing the beautiful hues of nature in the heart, to satisfy the eye and the mind, the adornment of the cities, buildings, forests, etc., gives enjoyment in life.

It is also essential for us from another viewpoint. The particular emphasis is promoting travelling and tourism in developing countries.

That is why India got an excellent opportunity to adopt and promote tourism as an industry. India possesses a vast tourist land, and there is much potential for developing travel and tourism here.

How to Promote Tourism and Travel?

India has many attractions for foreign tourists. From the last few years, the number of foreign tourists has been increasing significantly, yet there is a possibility of further increase. However, limited resources are an obstacle in developing tourism like accommodation, transportation, entertainment, safety, etc.

Travelling did not increase here. However, it can be overcome in the short possible time with organized efforts. The government plans to build and expand hotels at tourist destinations and other essential places. The world is vast, and billions of people who live their lives every day and have their own unique experiences.

It is just a better feeling to travel to another country, and see how people live differently, speak differently, look differently. In this way, it can understand how big and crazy our world is in it.

Besides, it enables a person to know of the diverse people living in the world. You cannot appreciate a work of art created by masterful hands until you visit places and things.

Travelling to the place gives practical knowledge about outstanding places, people, things and the nature of people. Memories of the past flit through the mind when you visit some monuments. Also, when visiting places, the vision of the individual increases, just as sitting in a small place limits vision.

Another benefit of travelling is observing your own country differently. This is made possible by comparing the local and foreign location. Sure, this is possible only by traveling. A journey to unknown places creates new perspectives and inspiration.

Away from home, people realize what “home” is and what it means. Travelling is always beneficial for the person experiencing it. Travelling brings a person out of the routine zone, away from the usual works and ways of doing things.

It allows them to adventure, to live a full life, to make the most of this precious opportunity, and to devote time to discover new things and meet new people.

Travelling is the perfect entertainment for people of all ages. Also, it helps people better understand themselves, their beliefs, and their lives.

However, it also better realizes the world in which they live, even if it is outside their immediate surroundings. It can even help a person connecting to various people living in the world.


It is useful as travelling, allow seeing a new place for the first time or returning to your favorite. People from all over the world, visit nationally and globally for various reasons – mainly for a profession, family, and recreational purposes.

Whether by a different mode of travelling like a plane, by train, by boat or by car. Travelling is generally a pleasant experience. There are other travel benefits worth mentioning and trying out.

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