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In this article, we have published an Essay on Spring season in India for Students in 1200 Words. You will also know its importance, facts, benefits, and losses. It is called Vasant Ritu in Hindi language.

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Introducrtion (Essay on Spring season in India)

Spring season has always been a favorite season, among many. People highly like it than in other seasons. You can also find students been assigned by the teachers to write a few lines or essays in the spring season.

So, in this article, you will come to know a few essential things to help with your assignment and also giving a brief overview of this particular season for varied needs and usages.

New forms of lives getting lively in spring

When it comes to the spring season, it remains for three months, but it seems like it continues for a short duration as everything around it looks beautiful. You can find birds singing sweet songs welcoming the season, and also, the temp remains normal, neither too hot nor cold.

As such, it makes one feel like the whole nature has covered itself in greenery sheets as you’ll see green all around you. Here, all the plants and trees get a new life and a new form as they develop fresh flowers and leaves. Also, the crops get fully ripen in the field, looking much of real gold everywhere.

Welcoming nature as spring approaches

Here, after a long silence of winter, birds surround and start singing near to the houses or in the sky. Whenever this spring season arises, the birds do break their silence and feel fresh through their sweet song, and their activities make everyone around feel so happy thanking God for giving such a pleasant climate.

When you see spring is approaching, you’ll find the temp getting too normal. This usually makes people feel relief as they can make their outing without having a lot of warm clothes all over their bodies. Further, parents enjoy with their kids by arranging picnics during their holiday as the kids usually have their annual exams finished over this time, especially in India.

You will also find buds of flowers blooming in their full swing, welcoming nature with their smiles and blooming to render romantic feelings by spreading their fragrance everywhere.

Springtime – there is a good morning after every night

During this season, even the animals’ fee active, happy, and healthy. People start doing their job because of the low temp of the winter season. So, with this average temp and cold climate of the spring, it makes people do much work without getting tired. You will see everyone starting a beautiful day from morning till evening even after a lot of and rush, they feel relaxed and fresh.

This season brings great joy for the farmers, and they feel relief and happy as they bring new crops to their home a reward of the long labor of many months. This season is an excellent gift to the human race and the whole environment from nature, giving the utmost crucial message that happiness and continues one after another. Therefore, it is never to be sad rather keep patience as there is a good morning after every night.

Benefits of Spring Season

Spring is found in the air, and the month of March arrives, bringing many greenery gardens, colorful eggs and, cute bunnies. Although spring officially starts in March, there is too much to speak about the benefits that come along its way.

1. Heaps of Sunshine

After the gloomy and chilly winter, cozy spring sunshine comes to bring out much of your smile. Apart from that, the sun will bring snug warmth in the sky that means no heavy jackets, rather colorful light-weight coat that await for you in your clothing section.

2. Perfect Temperatures

Spring comes in between two extreme weather seasons: the searing summer and harsh winter. This is the reason why this gorgeous time brings people the ideal temp to look for fresh outdoor ventures and enjoy comfy evening curled up in your favorite blankets.

3. More Sunny Hours in a Day

Being in this season, you can now enjoy longer days and shorter nights. This is the reason as spring to be the perfect season starting a new project or hobby. You can also think about gardening or crafting and take this season as the last season of opportunities.

4. The Cutest Baby Animals

Baby animals seem to be very cute like the ones of duckling, chicks, piglets, and bunnies. You can seek some adorable pictures or videos of these little ones and nowhere to find a place to escape from these cutest creatures.

5. Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

After a grim and long winter, spring reward is waiting with dazzling flowers. Starting with beautiful flowers, and early snowdrops, these all get popped up everywhere you visit. Even the plants and trees do get fresh greenery looks with their blossoming. Everything here then seems gorgeous.

6. Fresh Breeze

There is no reason for the springtime without a refreshing and energetic breeze, which light up the mood in a millisecond. You can, as such, leave your window open to let the warm airflow into your house and refresh your cushy little pretty space.

Losses of Spring Season

1. Allergies are on the rise

For the one who is prone to allergies, springtime is worse for them as it increases the pollen that comes off from the trees. The trees pollen can give people a reaction that doesn’t feel good.

To combat it, you should ensure to take proper medicines and watch the allergy tracker on the weather app or news. If you have too bad of allergies, then make sure you take plenty of medication because springtime will have a harmful impact on you.

2. The Risk of Severe Weather

When the spring comes, the heat that tries to stay and the fresh air that comes in course will create thunderstorms. The severe weather might bring disaster and leave things in damaging condition. Further, the problem with this severe weather is that you lose power, and depending on this severity of the thunderstorm, it will be extended over time.

3. Spring can be more refreshing than normal

In springtime, mostly of how cold this season can be. The beginning of spring is very fresh as the trees get delayed in growing their leaves. There are these late-blooming trees that might scare you, however looking at them while growing can be very much quick.

4. Yard Grooming

Even if many might like to keep up with their yards, mostly you’d not like cutting grasses as this will be the worst part of spending your springtime, However, you might have to cut the grasses, but to avoid this you can plan to get an apartment where you don’t have to worry much about the grass.

After you get home, you can either hire yourself or hire experts in yards grooming. As of course, you would like to make your house look pretty, you can stay and make your home the way you desire.


Finally, the springtime is taken to be a transition time between winter and summer. There are a lot of fans of the early spring, and you don’t have to sneeze much as the trees are not ready to shed pollen at that time.

You can be very much excited to view what the rest of the season has in store for you, and you’d hope that with spring comes both benefits and losses that go all along the time you can get to experience as much of it. I hope you liked this Essay on Spring season in India.

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