Gratitude is Great – Essay for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this article you will read Gratitude is Great Essay for Students and Children in 1000+ Words. It includes benefit, importance, and 10 lines on this phrase.


Gratitude is necessary because it is good for our bodies, our minds, and our relationships. The importance of gratitude has been revealed by the world’s leading scientific expert Robert Emmons that gratitude motivates us and keeps our mind fresh and helps to build strong relationships with others.

The phrase ‘gratitude is great’ is a nice gesture. Speakers are using this phrase as a thanksgiving gesture. The question arises here that why are we doing this? What is the importance of gratitude?

Gratitude was used many centuries ago, and the effects of gratitude are very positive with physical health, psychological well-being, and our relationships with others. Certain impeccable gratitude can help others, including the speakers, to stay in a healthy mindset.

Benefits of using the phrase’ gratitude is great’

Scientists proclaim that by paying gratitude, people can have many benefits. They have conducted many tests and studies about more than one thousand people, from the age ranging from eight to 80. They found that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:

1. Physical Benefits

Lets know about some Physical benefits of phase Gratitude is Great.

  1. People have stronger immune systems.
  2. No pain can break their morality and be less bothered by aches.
  3. A healthy body with lower blood pressure.
  4. People do make wise decisions regarding their health by doing exercise.
  5. They feel more refreshed upon waking and sleep longer.

2. Psychological Benefits

Below are some Psychological Benefits of phase Gratitude is Great.

  1. People build higher levels of positive emotions
  2. They feel livelier, alert, and awake.
  3. They can have enough joy and pleasure in their lives.
  4. By paying gratitude, they can obtain more optimism and happiness.

3. Social Benefits

Here are some Social Benefits of phase Gratitude is Great.

  1. Gratitude builds a nature of more helpful, generous, and compassionate.
  2. You can forgive others, which displays your gratitude showing nature.
  3. You can be isolated and feel less lonely through gratitude nature.

Most importantly, gratitude is a social emotion. The benefits that we are getting from social behavior by showing genuine gratitude are quite helpful for us.

Some named this type of gratitude as a relationship-strengthening emotion because it enables our minds to visualize how we’ve been supported and affirmed by other people.

The phrase ‘gratitude is great’ has two kinds of components that; the first one is about the affirmation of goodness. People have to affirm that there are good things in the world.

The gifts and benefits that we get are the points of affirmations. Looking at the common people’s thought, life is not perfect; in life, and one can’t ignore burdens, complaints, and hassles. Still, we have the opportunity to show gratitude that can encourage us and others as well.

Showing gratitude can develop a positive aspect among us and help us to build a better social relationship. People who love to admire each other’s work are nothing but exchanging their gratitude. Positive thinking has been developed between them.

The second part of gratitude explains that it can say about the availability of goodness and its origin. True gratitude consists of humble dependence on others. It shows how we acknowledge other people, how we help each other, and how we talk with each other, etc.

Celebrate the Present by Showing Gratitude

‘Gratitude is great’ magnifies positive emotions. It enhances our emotional systems with new excitement and helps us to do something better. Gratitude improves many positive attitudes among people.

It also helps us to appreciate each other and understand the value of something that matters. If you appreciate some by recognizing the value of his good work or something, they extract more benefits from it. It might be helpful for them as a small appreciation from your side changes their working perspective. 

Indirectly, we are helping each other to develop positive psychology by showing gratitude. In another way, gratitude allows us to participate more in life. Gratitude magnifies more positive approaches from life and grants us the pleasure to enjoy our lives with simple and noble social behavior.

Gratitude Keeping Away the Negative Emotions and Toxic Behavior

For a definite reason, you can’t feel envious and grateful at the same time as they are incompatible feelings. It is very difficult to show gratitude by keeping hard feelings for them. You can’t act like a great person by showing gratitude with null feelings.

But the difference is that only positive attitude implements you to show gratitude. The perfect reason to stay away from negativity and anti-social psychology, simple and humble gratitude is enough.

The phrase ‘Gratitude is Great’ has shown a perfect way to share your thankfulness with others. The negative emotions and toxic behavior shall pass away through a positive mindset and make you stronger in the upcoming stages.

How to Show Gratitude to Others?

Showing gratitude to others is not a big deal when you have a cherished mind and in a pleasant mood. Gratitude signifies about the token of appreciation. We see gifts in life that are new and exciting. People who live their lives by thanking others do experience life differently from the people who cheat for feeling grateful.

It is very difficult to control negative emotions. Humans in a negative mood can’t be thankful, and at that stage, his mind-set is completely unstable. They need to overcome this stage as it won’t give them any happiness or gratitude in return. 

People need to count their blessings regularly as a token of another gratitude exercise. The time of motivating yourselves with this thought depends on you as it may be in the morning or the evening. The more you motivate yourselves, the more gratitude you can show to others, that’s the key to Gratitude is great.

Ten Lines on Gratitude is Great

  1. Gratitude is great is a fabulous gesture that is widely used among people for centuries.
  2. For thanking or appreciating, people show their gratitude.
  3. Gratitude helps you to build a healthy mind and a pleasant life.
  4. It assists you in making your social relationships firmer than ever.
  5. People can have physiological benefits through this.
  6. Gratitude can help to construct a kind nature inside you.
  7. Showing gratitude to others is a good gesture.
  8. This serves as a large impact on one’s physical health and makes one more cherished than ever.
  9. Small gratitude or appreciation can give someone happiness.
  10. Gratitude is great for our bodies, our minds, & our relationships.


Many things will come and go, but gratitude is great and a pleasure that remains forever inside a person’s mind, which reminds him or her repeatedly to appreciate others for their good works or their help. 

In people’s lives, they face so many ups and downs, but the phrase ‘gratitude is great’ remains firm at a peak stage. It not only gives someone happiness but also improves your social relationships.

Hope you liked this Gratitude is Great Essay for Students and Children.

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