Essay on Oil Conservation for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

This is a persuasive Essay on Oil Conservation for Students and Children in 1000+ Words. This includes information about generation, use and 10 lines on save oil.

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Essay on Oil Conservation (1000+ Words)

Fuel was initially identified as substances that release only chemical energy. However, soon those substances which produced nuclear power were included in this category.

These were used to carry out various tasks. It is something we trust and cannot imagine our life without it these days. So Oil Conservation is very important in the current world to run smoothly.

Oil or Fuel

Fuel refers to materials that are used as sources of energy in vehicles, machines, and factories. Petroleum is the major source of liquid and coal fuel. Petroleum fuels are mainly used in the means of transportation, and it uses coal in power-generating plants.

There are also many types of petroleum fuels such as petrol or gasoline, diesel, kerosene or kerosene oil, ATF, naphtha, natural gas, LPG, etc. All these petroleum substances are extracted by the separation of mineral oil or crude oil.

Generation of Oil

Millions of years ago, mineral oil was created by dead vegetation and organisms such as algae and plankton,etc. buried under rocks. Therefore, it is also called fossil fuel. Since they cannot be reproduced, they are also called non-renewable or inexhaustible energy sources.

Petroleum fuels have been used extensively all over the world for the last several decades because of being quick and easy fuel. A limited amount of petroleum fuel is available, so it is the responsibility of human society to conserve it.

If we do Oil Conservation at present, then it will be available to the next generation. Along with conserving fuel, we also pollute the environment less.

New Areas of Oil possibilities

Some areas of oil possibilities are the Sundarban locale of West Bengal, Kishanganj and Raxaul areas in Bihar, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Barmer regions in Rajasthan, Cauvery waterway valley and Pak Bay region, offshore territory of ​​Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and so forth. The Oil and Natural Gas Commission was built up in 1956 to investigate new oilfields in India and overview its stores.

In 1959, Oil India Ltd. for the location and advancement of oil fields and saves of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh was framed. In quite a while, the first mineral petroleum processing plant was set up in Digboi in 1901, which till the freedom accomplished just 5 percent of India’s complete oil request. At present, their complete number is 14.

Use of Oil

For many years, it was used only to produce light and to prepare lubricants. At that time, the only means of generating power was only coal.

Today, petroleum does not only derive power from oil and many other products derived from it, but if we say that we win with petroleum, whether we wear clothes, travel, run industries, produce grains, and chemical substances. In the case of a national emergency, there will be no exaggeration.

Even today, motor vehicles, airplanes, diesel engines, and some seaports from petroleum operate at a lower price and more convenient. The trend of diesel oil behavior in engines is also increasing. The diesel engine is now being manufactured in India as well. One such factory is functioning in Varanasi.

Petroleum is used for power generation and lubricants in the machines used for plowing fields, sowing seeds, cutting crops, extracting grains from stalks, and leveling the land.

The use of diesel oil in mining mines, extraction of minerals, operation of factories and lighting in cities, etc. is becoming more and more. Lots of Oil Conservation we can do in the above machines.

Petroleum is used to manufacture various types of lubricants, motor oil, turbine oil, spindle oil, compressed TE, various types of greases, synthetic rubber, plastics, nylons, etc.

Consequences of Oil Consumption

We should use it judiciously; otherwise, the day is not far when we will eradicate them. We not only need fuel to drive our vehicles, but the use of fuel makes our life and environment better. We have to use oil, but we have to do Oil Conservation at any rate for better tomorrow.

Fossil fuels like gas, oil, and coal are natural resources. Due to their increasing use, their presence within the Earth is decreasing. If we continue to use these natural resources in a similar way without thinking, then there will be a time when it will completely disappear. Today we need to develop alternative and renewable resources or use natural resources judiciously.

The smoke released from motor vehicles running on petrol and diesel destroys the ozone layer of the Earth. Because of many environmental phenomena like the depletion of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect is taking place, and the Earth’s temperature is increasing day by day. All of these are affecting our health badly.

At the same time, it is also harming our environment. This is the time to stop the use of fossil fuels for the development and protection of humanity and to use alternative sources of energy.

If we want to adjust our lifestyles and develop positive habits, we urgently need to change negative tendencies against the environment and conserve fuel.

Steps to Save Oil

Today many institutions of the world have come forward to Oil Conservation, and significant efforts are being made in this direction. How to save fuel for a better environment and health

Today our natural resources are being wasted just because of our carelessness and ignorance. If everything goes on like this, then not only petrol or diesel but other such fuels like natural gas, propane, and oil will all disappear very soon.

Here we are giving some tips to Oil Conservation for a better environment and health, which can help us use fuel judiciously.

While driving, keep your vehicle speed limit slow and at the same speed limit as fuel consumption also increases when the vehicle’s speed limit increases. Proper maintenance of the car is also necessary. Change the engine oil after a certain period because dirty engine oil increases engine friction and promotes fuel waste.

As far as possible, use the carpool, this will reduce the problem of pollution and traffic jams and save oil.

We can also save oil while preparing food and while using electrical appliances in the house. We should keep saving electricity when not in use. Using good electrical wiring in the house will save electricity and also help in cutting electricity bills.

Ten Lines on Oil Conservation

  1. Petroleum production commercially began in 1859, when Drake discovered oil at a depth of 6,905 feet in the state of Pennsylvania, USA.
  2. Petroleum Petroleum, or mineral oil, occupies a prominent place in the development of modern civilization.
  3. When petroleum is extracted by digging wells, it is called crude oil.
  4. The city of Digboi in the Indian state of Assam and the western offshore is known for its oil reserves.
  5. Petrol, diesel, LPG, wood, coal tar, cow dung, coal, methane, coal gas, hydro gas, and kerosene are some examples of fuels.
  6. Fuel is priceless; without these, we cannot imagine our life.
  7. In today’s time, fuel has become a necessity for all of us.
  8. Fuel being a part of natural resources is limited, and it is being used in vast quantities.
  9. Fossil fuel is the fuel that we use for many of our works.
  10. Fossil fuels contain many types of fuel, like liquefied petroleum gas, which we call LPG.


We should do Oil Conservation for our environment and good health. Now the question is why saving fuel is necessary for a better environment and good health. Today, industrialization, machinery, power equipment, and fast transport have become one of the symbols of our life and prosperity.

Oil and gas have become everyday usage in our lives to run all this, but we still do not understand that development is impossible without natural resources.

Hope you liked this essay on oil conservation.

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