My Parents Essay For Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article you will read My Parents Essay for students and children in 1000 words. It includes importance, connection, activities, and 10 lines about my parents.

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My Parents Essay in English (1000 Words)

Parents are the most beautiful creations of God, and it is because of them that we are in this world. They gave us birth, and everything that we have today is because of our parents. 

Parents are the most important people in our lives, and there is no one else like them in this world. My parents love me more than anything else in this world. 

Most of the time, they don’t express their love directly, but we can easily recognise that. Most fathers don’t express their love for their children directly, but they love us more than they love themselves—mothers, on the other hand, express love in every little thing. 

We need to love and respect them, too, as they deserve the same love and affection as we love them. They teach us to eat, walk, speak, and everything else that we need to learn as a child.

My Parents My Divine

Since the day of our birth, our parents have provided us with everything to keep us happy. They struggle in their everyday lives and work hard to give us the best they can.

They sacrifice their luxuries, their dreams, and even their precious belongings to provide us with food, education, clothes, and all our favourite items. 

They work hard for us throughout their lives and dedicate their lives to making our lives better and giving us a good lifestyle. That’s why we consider our parents to be the living God. 

Our Indian culture also signifies the importance of love, affection, and obligations towards our parents. This means we should treat our father and mother like God himself.

My Parents Love Me Lot

There is no doubt that parents love their children. Similarly, my parents also love me a lot. My mother cooks my favourite breakfast every morning, and then she makes me prepare to go to school

As soon as I come home, she gives me good food to eat. In the evenings as well, she offers me snacks, and sometimes she prepares some special items for dinner for me. She loves me and takes care of me throughout the day. 

On the other hand, my father guides me and teaches me basic things about our world, our society, and other important knowledge. He encourages me to do things and helps me to achieve my targets. He also loves me a lot.

My Parents Help Me In My Daily Activities

My father and my mother are both very active people. They work hard to keep the day going on. My mother wakes up early in the morning and prepares breakfast for the entire family. Then she keeps herself busy with other household chores. 

She gives me food, watches my clothes, cleans my school uniform, shoes, and other items. She makes sure that all my belongings are neat and clean. She also makes sure that I am healthy and physically fit; to this end, she gives me a cup of warm milk every evening. 

My father buys me my favourite ice cream while returning from school. He plays football with me and also helps me complete my assignments. He teaches me and helps me memorise the things I learned in school. This way, they help me in all my daily activities.

My Parents Are My Role Model

A role model is a person who has a powerful impact on our lives- a person that changes our thoughts and decisions about life. Whenever I think about a role model, the first person who comes to mind is my parents. 

They have all the qualities to be good parents. They are dedicated to their duty and are responsible. They are dedicated to their plans to give us a bright future.

I know that they are not perfect, nobody can be, but they have all the qualities and virtues required to be a good parent.

How I Help My Parents At Home?

There are many different activities in which I help my parents. As soon as I woke up, I got dressed, and then I helped my mom in the kitchen make breakfast. I put my books in the school bag and cleaned my room. 

I also help my mom clean plates, wash, and cut vegetables. I help her clean the rooms, furniture, and entire house. I help my father with marketing and cleaning bikes. Furthermore, I go with him to the market and assist him in buying things. 

I fill the water bottles in our house when they are empty, as we drink from bottles. In this manner, I like to help my parents whenever they need me.

10 Lines on My Parents Essay in English

  1. Our parents gave us birth; it is because of them that we came into this world. Everything that we are today is because of our parents. They are surely our living God.
  2. Our parents love us more than anything else in this world. They teach us to live and dedicate their lives to giving us a healthy and nourishing lifestyle.
  3. From the day of our birth, they serve us with everything they can. They give us food to eat, provide us with an education, clothes, and all our basic needs.
  4. My mother makes breakfast for me as soon as I wake up, and she makes sure that my school bag, my uniform, and all my other items are prepared to go to school.
  5. My father goes with me to school early in the morning, and at noon, when school is over, he comes to pick me up.
  6. I help my mom and dad with all their daily activities.
  7. My mother and father have a powerful impact on my life; they help me make important decisions and change my thoughts.
  8. No doubt, my parents are very busy with their daily activities, but they still find time for me, my brother, and my sister, and they spend time with us.
  9. I love to be with my parents as they are very loving and caring, and they understand me better than anyone else.
  10. I love my parents very much, and they too love me a lot.


Everyone loves their parents because they help them and protect them from many evils in this world. Our parents not only protect us and guide us on the right path, but they also make a lot of sacrifices for our well-being. 

I cannot describe the value that my parents have in my life. I am blessed that I had such a beautiful, loving, and caring father and mother.

They are indeed my divine, and I am blessed to live my life with them. I hope you likes this My parents essay in english for students and children.

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