National Girl Child Day in India Essay for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on National Girl Child Day in India. This persuasive essay includes importance, celebration, objectives, Govt. Steps, 10 lines, and conclusion about National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day in India Essay for Students and Children in 1000 Words

National Girl Child Day is observed on 24th January every year as National Working Day for Girl Child. This celebration was started to give more support and new opportunities for girls in the country. It is celebrated to expand awareness among the people about facing all disparities by the girl child in the society.

Discrimination with the girl child is a significant problem that is spread in many areas such as inequality in education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, security, respect, child marriage, etc.

The Government of India started celebrating National Girl Child Day as the National Girl Development Mission. It helps to raise awareness among the people of the entire country about the importance of girls’ progress. It enhances the girls’ meaningful contribution to the decision-making process through the practical support of other community members and parents.

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Importance of National Girl Child Day 

National Girl Child Day is celebrated among social people to improve their lives and to promote the status of girls in society. Various forms of social discrimination and exploitation must be removed entirely from the organization which girls face every day in their lives.

To enlarge focus on the need for the rights of girls in society, various political and community leaders give a speech in public about regular training and fundamental freedom.         

Girls must get a more energetic, safer, and better environment. They should be aware of each truth of life and legal rights. They must know that they have the right to exact education, nutrition, and health care.

They should be very well aware of the laws of domestic violence, including Section 2009, Prevention of Child Marriage Act 2009, Dowry Recketham Act 2006, etc. for their proper right in life and to face all challenges.

In our country, one-third of young girls are malnourished. Due to restricted access to healthcare and gender inequality in society, females of the reproductive age group are struggling with various diseases and anemia.

A lot many steps are taken at the national and state level by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to enhance the situation for girl children. 

The Ministry of Women & Child Development has launched a scheme called “Dhanalakshmi” underneath which money transfer to the girl kid’s household is executed to fulfill basic desires such as desalination, birth registration, enrollment in school and maintenance up to class 8. The Right to Education Act has provided free and necessary education for the girl child.

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Celebration of National Girl Child Day

To promote the status of girls in society; various programs are organized throughout the country to celebrate Girl Child Day. An enormous campaign is organized by the Indian government to boost people’s consciousness towards girls in Indian society.

The Ministry of Women & Child Development celebrated National Girl Child Day from 2008 countrywide. Through this campaign, inequality with girls has been identified in Indian society.

During this, a range of advertisements are run by the government through the message “Save the girl child” and on radio stations, TV, local, national newspapers, etc. NGOs and non-governmental organizations also come together & take part in this festival to fight against social stigma about girl child.

The objectives of Celebrating National Girl Child Day

  • The girl child in the society gives new opportunities for the baby, and it is celebrated as a public work to increase the consciousness of the people.
  • Removal of inequality faced by girl children of Indian society
  • It must be ensured that every girl child is being given due respect and importance in Indian society.
  • Assurance must be taken for every girl child in the country to get all her human rights.
  • Working against the child sex ratio in India and changing the mind of the girl child.
  • The couple should start towards girl child by increasing awareness about the importance and role of the girl child.
  • To discuss issues related to their health, respect, education, nutrition, etc.
  • To promote gender equality among people in India.
  • Rights of the girl child in India

Steps were taken by the government

To improve the condition of the girl child, the Indian government took various steps through various announcements. Some of them are:

  • Gender detection by clinics in pregnancy has been declared illegal by the government.
  • Child marriage is prohibited.
  • To save the girl child, the government has launched the “Save the Girl Child” scheme.
  • The situation of girl child education in India has improved through free and necessary primary school.
  • To improve the condition of the girl child in India, the Indian government has reserved one-third of the seats in the local government for women.
  • Dowry act has also been brought by law to increase the status of women and employment opportunities.
  • The 5 Year Plan has been implemented to bring attention to the situation of education in backward states of the country.

10 Lines on National Girl Child Day

  1. National Girl Child Day is observed every year on 24th January to furnish possibilities and assist girls in India.
  2. The National Girl Child Day initiative was launched in the year 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  3. Schools and educational institutions celebrate National Girl Child Day by organizing various competitions like painting, drawing, singing, and dancing.
  4. One of the objectives of celebrating National Girl Child Day is to ensure that every girl gets proper respect and value in society.
  5. On National Girl Child Day, the government conducts various campaigns and awareness programs to save girls in rural areas.
  6. National Girl Child Day celebrations help eliminate issues like child marriage, female foeticide, and endowment.
  7. The government conducts various campaigns through print media and electronic media about saving girls on occasion.
  8. On this day, the government offers awards to states for outstanding work under the event Beti Bachao, BetiPadhao’s initiative.
  9. National Girl Child Day is celebrated to discuss issues related to the health, respect, education, nutrition, etc. of the girl child.
  10. Government, local communities, NGOs should come together and participate in the fight against social stigma about girl child.


We should understand the importance of girls and give them proper respect in the world. Also, the boy and girl should never be discriminated against by thinking differently in the name of the ability.

We should always give girls an equal opportunity as boys so that they will move forward in life and leave a unique mark within the world. I hope you liked this essay on National Girl Child Day.

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