Speech on Digital India for Students and Children in 1000 Words

Here, you will read a Speech on Digital India for Students and Children in 1000 Words.

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Speech on Digital India for Students and Children in 1000 Words

A very good morning to respected teachers, director, principal, and my dear friends! First of all, I would like to thank all of you for giving me this opportunity to give a speech on digital India on this platform.

The government of India launched the “Digital India Campaign” under the motto “Power to empower”. The Digital India Campaign was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015.

The campaign aims to improve the country’s technological advancements. It aims to provide high-speed Internet and will ensure that every citizen of the country has an electronic device like a mobile phone.

The government of India launched the Digital India Campaign in 2015. One of the major motives of this campaign was to make government services accessible from every part of the country.

The primary goal of the event/campaign is to increase the technological access of the people. The government consequently increased the area of internet connectivity and made sure that it is accessible from remote parts of the country.

One of the initiatives of the campaign was a plan to connect the rural areas of the country with high-speed Internet. The campaign boosted the use of electronic services and devices throughout the country. The Digital India Campaign project is run by Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL).

Objectives of Digital India Campaign

The Digital India Campaign is divided into three parts which work to achieve the following objectives:

  • A stable and secure digital infrastructure to connect every part of the country.
  • Everyone should easily access online government services (e-Governance).
  • Digital literacy of the people.

The Indian government wants the people of rural areas to make use of Internet, so that they can get access to various online services.

Digital Infrastructure

The population of India is over 138 crores and is the second-highest populated country of the world. Digital Infrastructure focuses on platforms where people can have a digital identity, thereby making it easy for government services.

Under digital infrastructure initiative, almost all services are made available online, like managing bank accounts, money transfer, communication, online learning, and education, signing up for government portals, and also storing documents digitally.

This initiative is also working to provide 4G, 5G and Broadband internet services in rural areas of the country. This will make people get benefits from hundreds of government projects.

The impact of the Digital India project

The digital India initiative has caused much impact on the people of the society. The initiative has a positive impact on the life of people and has contributed towards the overall growth of the society.

The Digital India initiative is divided into hundreds of programs. One of the programs is to create 28,000 BPO jobs throughout the country and to set up “Common Service Center” in every gram panchayat.

The Digital India Initiative will enroll young individuals throughout the country to establish a digital platform. This will enable the government to generate thousands of IT jobs for them.

Digital Literacy

This initiative is a huge step undertaken by the Indian Government, so that the rural people can use the Internet properly and improve the quality of their life. Until 2015, a majority of the rural population didn’t have access to the Internet.

The PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, launched an initiative to make the rural household digitally literate. A project with 2351.38 crores of investment was started to build around six crore houses by the year 2019. This project was executed by PMGDisha (Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan).

It will help people to connect with online platforms easily. The government also aims to make digital payment platforms easier and familiar with business firms. This will help people join businesses, and the ease of doing business throughout the country will increase.

Till now, Digital India has connected more than 250,000 villages throughout the country. Every village covered, now has access to high-speed Internet provided by a government-owned telecom called the BBNL.

The Indian Government also undertook 11 technological initiatives, including boosting the volume of digital payments by encouraging several payment platforms such as PhonePe. It also encouraged the RuPay platform, an Indian company competing with the likes of MasterCard and Visa.

According to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the use of RuPay cards will directly benefit the country. Due to the absence of proper infrastructure, IT companies started hiring people.

One of the major benefits of the Digital India Campaign was that it significantly decreased the amount of black money. Digitalization has brought almost everyone under the tax radar, and as a result, a large portion of black money is now traceable. 

The Digital India Initiative has made it possible for people from all over the country to engage directly with government projects and agencies from their homes. This had made the lifestyle of people much easier as compared to the recent past when people used to invest much time and energy to avail of any facility.

The rural areas where the majority of the populations live are interconnected through the Internet, which has benefited them. Farmers are now able to get help and connect with experts due to this.

Digital India – Success or failure

Digital India initiative is a work in progress. Only the literate are able to get benefits from it. Though the project has made a massive impact on the common people of India, much of the projects are either inadequate or unsatisfactory to some extent. However, the number of internet users has increased in India. The country is also able to notice newly added users each month.

The Digital India Initiative has laid a framework for technological advancement in the country. The only problem is the lack of awareness and literacy among the people.

Digital India initiative wants to cover the entire nation under it. However, some parts of their country are still unable to be connected with the latest technologies due to lack of communication, resources, and understanding of the people.

Thank you for listening to my speech attentively.

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