National Safety Day or Week in India (Date, History, Importance, Celebration, Themes)

In this article we have explained about National Safety Day or Week in India. This includes date, history, importance, celebration, and themes of National Safety Day/Week. It is also called a National Security Day in few places.

So, Let’s start this article on National Safety Day/Week

Introduction (National Safety Day or Week in India)

The celebration for National Safety Day is every year on March 4 in India. The primary purpose of celebrating National safety day is to prevent accidents due to a lack of awareness or lack of attention at various times of our lives.

The previously observed National Safety Day is now being celebrated as National Safety Week. During this time, many are made aware of the ways to avoid industrial accidents through various awareness programs.

The only purpose of every activity carried out in this whole week is to make people aware of their safety and to make them aware of different ways of protection.

History of National Safety Day/Week

The National Safety Council took the initiative to bring this day into existence itself. The National Safety Council was established in India on the same day of March 4, so this day is celebrated as National Safety Day. The National Safety Council is an autonomous body that functions as a non-government and non-profit organization for public service.

This organization was founded in 1966 A.D under the Mumbai Societies Act, which consisted of eight thousand members. After this, in the year 1972, it was decided to celebrate National Safety Day. And soon after this, it was celebrated as National Safety Week instead of National Safety Day.

When is National Safety Day/Week in 2021?

National Safety Day or National Security Campaign is a full week-long campaign. This important day is celebrated every year on March 4 in the whole of India. This day is dedicated to all those sacrificers, who also protected the country by giving their blood. On this day, Hindustan salutes his courage and passion.

How can anyone tell the martyrdom of such a martyr in words? To speak, they make a place in the heart, by their actions. This year in 2019, we will celebrate the 48th National Security Day at the national level. During this time, many programs will be organized by government and non-governmental organizations present in the country.

Like every year, this year too, this day will be celebrated with great pomp on March 4. The national security day or week will start from March 4 to March 10.

How is National Safety Day celebrated?

This day was celebrated for the first time on March 4, 1966. On this day, 8 thousand members had joined, with the aim of awakening the people of the country.

It was meant towards safety, where they will be exposed to each other in the country and society. Work must be completed bearing in mind the safety of the people, was motivated in that direction.

National Safety and Security Day/week Objectives

Cleanliness: Safety of the country, not only comes to keep the country safe from enemies but also to keep the people safe from the disease in the country. National Security Day shows everyone the way to take their step in this direction. Following the country clean is also covered under security.

Here the government, public, industrialists, are responsible, and all of them together is mandatory to bring sanitation-related security in the country. Thus cleanliness is also the aim of the safety day.

Food: In today’s time, the dominance of adulterated goods is more, it is also causing many diseases, and the new breed is becoming weaker, it is our duty to protect the country even more. It is also a part of security.

Poverty: The number of poor in the country is also very high, due to which they are vulnerable. We have to think about them too. In some way, the poor do not have to go hungry, and they can get some means of livelihood. For this also, we all need to be one; this is also a part of security.

Women Safety: This security will also have to be borne by all of us together. Punishment after the occurrence of any incident is the job of the court to bring justice. However, all of us must think and act about ending such incidents. Only then a day like National Security Week / National Security Day will prove to be effective.

Themes of National Safety Day / Week from 2011-2020

S.No. Year Theme  
1. 2011 Establishing and maintaining preventive safety and health culture
2. 2012 Ensuring Safe and Healthy Environment for working which is a fundamental Human Right
3. 2013 Working together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace
4. 2014 Control of hazards with workplace pressure and safety
5. 2015 Create a Security Culture for Sustainable Supply Chain
6. 2016 Security movement in which people are not harmed
7. 2017 Protect each other
8. 2018 Safety is not our priority, it is our value
9. 2019 Reinforce positive behavior at the workplace to achieve safety and health goals
10. 2020 Sadak Suraksha

In this way, every year, National Security Day is celebrated with a particular aim so that people can be made aware of this.

Safety Week Activities and Events

This week is celebrated by various government, non-government institutions as well as health departments and various industrial organizations. They make people aware of national security through various programs and different promotional materials. Further, these programs are made available to people through various electronic media magazines, newspapers, and other industrial magazines.

During this National Security Week, various activities at the national level and state level such as debate competition, seminars, posters of security messages, slogans, essay contest, security award distribution, banner exhibition, various drama songs and sports competition, multiple workshops and Through training programs, people should be aware of the issues of safety, health, and environment.

Apart from this, various training programs are organized for multiple industrial workers on the issue of safety so that they can understand their responsibilities better. In this training, they are given knowledge of dealing with various machines, chemical and electrical risks, and various safety equipment like fire extinguishers, first aid, etc. Thus, the overall objective of these programs is to promote national security.

 Best Slogans on National Safety Day

  1. Work together for a safe and healthy workplace.
  2. As long as you keep safety as your first goal, success will always be with you.
  3. Life safety is paramount; without security, everything is meaningless.
  4. Life safety is not a slogan, but it is a way of living.
  5. Your safety is the responsibility of only you, the person who breaks security will leave life ahead of time.
  6. Your safety is in the hands of you and only you.
  7. Self-protection is a very cheap and effective security policy.
  8. Make sure that your loved ones in your house are safe, and when it comes to driving, use the seat belt in the car.
  9. Safety is an engine that only you have the key to start.


Thus, the sole purpose of celebrating National Security Week is to make you aware of your safety. Although your safety is your responsibility, other people are making you aware of it; it seems a bit strange to hear.

When you look at it, you will know its importance and consider safety, health, and environment as your first objective. I hope you like this article on National Safety Day.

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