Essay on National Integration- Feeling of oneness among the citizens

In this article, you will read about Essay on need, importance, advantages of National integration. It refers to the feeling of unity and oneness among the citizens of a country. It is the recognition of being one no matter the religion, color, creed or caste.

This is highly needed to maintain the prosperity and peace of a country. A country where people live in harmony stands a far better prospect of development and growth as compared to one where people lack unity. As such, the govt must take initiatives to promote and invoke the feeling of oneness among citizens.

When it comes to national integration, it is a psychological process and can knit society where all are loyal to their country. This is very crucial for the all-round development of the country, and at very must its existence depends on it.

Now, there are various climates in India. Even there is a difference in beliefs and faiths, crops, and food habits. When it comes to dresses, even their dresses are different along with the conventions and customs which are varied and vast.

Here, people pursue a range of religions and sects. Also, there is uneven in the lands. You can see the northern region seems very fertile while in southern there are plateaus, barren lands, and desserts, along with hills and mountain ranges.

Importance of National Integration

National integration is very much important for every nation. This brings people close and promotes peace and harmony in society. As one can say that, it is the basis of a peaceful nation.

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So, the govt must take it as its duty to make sure that national integrity to give a safe and secure environment to the citizens. Only when people feel safe, they will be able to grow and prosper. So, it is necessary for the overall development of the nation.

There are various third world countries like India, that haven’t be able to come at par with the first world nation because of the lack of national integration. People in these countries are so engrossed to pull each other down, that they don’t know that they’re barring their growth during these events. Also, they keep fighting for their petty issues and don’t look at the big picturesque because they fail to look at the capacity of the nation as a whole.

Aims of National Integration

National integration aims to render a good environment for the people of the country. As such, it develops in the entire aspect aiding to bind multilingual and multiracial countries such as India, where people have diverse traditions and cultures. It also multiplies the union of brotherhood among people, societies and communities.

It helps to keep the stability of a country adding up to the whole development. Further, it supports to nurture linguism, regionalism, fights casteism and communal harmony. It improves the feeling of fraternity and loyalty towards the nation thereby uniting the people in case of any national emergency.

How to Promote National Integration?

As national integration demonstrates an important section in the growth and development of a country, it gets crucial to develop the feeling of national integrity amongst the citizens. As such, it is necessary to focus on all the sections of society and make them financially dependent to promote this phenomenon.

This will help promote economic integrity and so is one of the crucial and key elements in promoting national integration. Respect and tolerance for other religions or castes also support to promote national integrity. Equality among people, cultural unity, social unity, and education also helps to teach the feeling of national integration. 

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Advantages of National Integration

This plays a crucial role in the social, cultural, economic and political dimension of a country and helps the country in the following ways:

1. Promotes Social Harmony

This makes people present in harmony and works by strengthening the social bond between them. Further, it endorses tolerance, peace, and brotherhood among them.

2. Unites the Nation

This aids to unite people from a range of thoughts, creed, caste, and race and makes the country a single entity. It also strengthens the country and makes it power over the international platform.

3. Increases Economic Growth

This is a well-known fact that the country has fewer issues and internal matters. They will always develop and prosper and will be united having fewer issues as compared to the socially unstable country.

4. Promotes Loyalty for the Nation

This endorses the loyalty of the citizen for the country and aids to make people join and stand for the advancement of the country forgetting the petty problems.

Significance of National Integration in Modern Era

National integration plays a significant role in the modernistic time. Therefore, it has challenges such as linguism, regionalism, communalism and so forth. Here, global terrorism is also one of the major threats while people with radical thoughts convince the population and brainwash them thereby provoking them against their country. 

In the present times of accessibility of social media and technological advancement, it gets easier to get deceived. So, national integration helps to ignore these situations making people tolerant and intellectually mature.

National Integration Week India

19th Nov is celebrated as National Integration Day in India since the year 2013. It happens to be the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi, the first women Prime Minister of the country. Here, the entire week starting 19th Nov and ending 25 Nov has been dedicated to national integration of the country and is called the Qaumi Ekta Week or national integration week. 

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With the introduction of this week by the govt, it brings an attempt to promote oneness and brotherhood amongst the citizens of India.

Now, different events are been organized to celebrate this week. Apart from this, different seminars and cultural activities are held to bring people close and disseminate the differences. 

Factors Affecting National Integration in India

Even if we proudly say that India is a land of unity among diversity, however, this is not true. Though the Indian govt is attempting to make sure of national integration, it falls short.

There have been various instances of religious and communal riots here and several innocent lives have been suffering because of that. This was led because of a range of factors affecting the national integration of India. Some of the factors impacting here are described in brief here:

1. Caste 

The caste system in India has diversified people more than anything. Since traditional time, people are divided into a different caste that includes: Brahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. People belonging to upper castes like Brahmanas and Kshatriyas look down on those belonging to lower caste thereby creating various fights and clashes.

2. Religion

People belonging to different religion live in India and each one of them is identified to prove that their language and religion is superior to others. This is another cause of dis-integration.

3. Economic disparity

There is a large economic disparity amongst the citizens of India which makes it another cause of division and a hindrance to national integration.


National integration plays a key role in building a nation and its need for the same is felt. But, the attempt to encourage this hasn’t been very keen in the country.

There are still a lot many hatred and disparity amongst people. So, the govt must take some essential steps to promote national integration and people should support this strengthening and giving a better future to the upcoming generation.