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Here, we have published a persuasive Essay on Deforestation for Students and Children in 1000 Words. This essay includes meaning, causes and control ideas of deforestation.

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Introduction: What is Deforestation?

Deforestation means permanent removal of trees for agriculture or constructing buildings for human usage. The trees that are cut down and are used as fuel or for construction purposes. According to many analyzes reports, Forest covers over 30% of the earth. Forest is sources for herbs for medicine, foods, and fuel for many people living near the forests.

History of deforestation

Forests are usually a large undeveloped area that can be converted for human purposes like agriculture, grazing for animals, building houses, and factories. During the 16th Century, they took deforestation on a large scale at the Western countries for farming and using the trees for a different purpose.

Today the most deforestation is happening in the tropical region of the plant, mainly in the African countries. The areas which were not accessible before are easily accessible because of modern technologies available and the roads being constructed by humans for secure passages. As per we lost the recent reports about 61000 square miles of forest, an area which is as large as a country like Bangladesh.

Effects of Deforestation on Earth and Human being

There are mass life extinctions on the planet Earth because of which it wipes many species out. It is because of volcanic activity, climate change, the impact of an asteroid, or many reasons that still have not been discovered. For the past 65 million years, plants and animals have evolved from previous mass extinctions.

Scientists now believe that we are on the verge of mass extinction. Even the WWF’s has reported that around 60% of all wild-life population has been lost since 1970, which means half of the birds, animals, fish, etc. have gone in the past 50 years. During that time, the human populace has doubled as unprecedentedly.

Even the insect population has plummeted, especially the pollinator insects, because of which there has been a tremendous decrease in the various species of trees worldwide. The major culprit for the loss in biodiversity is the deforestation by humans to accommodate the ever-growing population and unsustainable consumption.

Natural fires in the tropical forest are some rare instances. But to use the broad swath of forest lands for farming, human-lit light is commonly used. Firstly, humans cut the valuable timber, and then the remaining vegetation is burned to make way for crops or cattle grazing.

It has been recently reported that around there has been an 80% increase of human-lit fire of forests compared to the 2018 report in the Amazon forest. Amazon is considered as the lungs for the planet earth, and the human race hell-bent on destroying the forest for their gains. Many lands are cleared to make way for palm plantation.

Palm oil, the cheap and versatile, can be added to both food and personal products like facial cosmetics and shampoo. The popularity and multipurpose usage of palm oils have led to mass deforestation so that we can farm more palm trees. To develop the farming land, the native forests and the local pet-lands are entirely destroyed, which leads to the destruction of the eco-system.

We can find forests in tropical areas to high-altitude areas of the planet. They are home to 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, which contains a wide variety of trees, animals, microbes, birds, etc. Forests provide a home to various resources of a diverse collection of living things all over the world.

In countries like Uganda, people rely on timbers, firewood as a source of fuel. They depend upon the trees and animals as a source of food. In the last 25 years, 63% of the forest cover of Uganda was lost. Children are sent to collect the firewoods in the forest. It sometimes takes the whole day as they have to go farther into the woods. It makes them miss their school.

Deforestation doesn’t only removes vegetation from the face of the earth, which is essential for removing the carbon dioxide from the air but also produces greenhouse emissions. It is the second leading cause of climate change; as per the reports of many sciences institutes, deforestation causes nearly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Deforestation has also influenced the atmospheric air sequence. The carbon substance in the atmosphere has considerably increased over the years due to many human activities like uncontrolled fuel combustion.

Forests have done a great job of extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This process maintains a balanced level of oxygen and carbon in the atmosphere, and it makes our human life to breathe freely. Population growth is a significant factor behind deforestation. The increasing demand for enormous wealth for better living has also increased the need for deforestation. In such cases, forestry should also be a follow-up process.

Causes of Deforestation

Following are some significant causes of deforestation:

  1. Overgrazing leads to desertification and soil erosion and results in decreasing the fertility of the soil.
  2. Recurring farming leads to a reduction in soil fertility. Farmers need to use new modern technologies so they can use the same piece of land for agriculture rather than deforesting.
  3. The local village people do the primary cause of deforestation for fuelwood.
  4. Human lit forest fires are one of the principal reasons for the increase in deforestation.
  5. Wood, especially timber used as plywood in industries, is accountable for deforestation.
  6. To build factories, we deforest mass lands.
  7. One cause of deforestation is the violation by the trial in the forest to cultivate crops.
  8. Many diseases that are instigated by parasitic fungus and microbes is one reason for forest deterioration.
  9. Mountains are deforested due to landslide.
  10. Because of overpopulation, humans need more land to establish their settlement.

How to control Deforestation?

  1. Regular and massive plantation can control deforestation.
  2. Limit cutting off trees, and finding some other things to use instead of woods,
  3. By making new strict Govt. rules, and regulation for cutting and saving trees.
  4. By educating and awareness, programs people about the importance of trees in our life.


In conclusion, deforestation is a human act that is destructive and should be discouraged. Environmental protection is our responsibility as we have only one land to live. I hope you liked this essay on deforestation.

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