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You will read an Essay on Soil Pollution for Students and Children in 1200 Words with Facts, Causes, Effects, and Control measures of Soil pollution.

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Introduction (Essay on Soil Pollution)

So, first – What is Soil Pollution?

Soil Pollution is contaminating of Soil by Human and Natural activities, which may be a harmful effect on flora and fauna. It is a mixture of 45% of organic matter, 5% Soil water and Soil air. It may be from Industrial, Urban, agriculture, Biological process, and Radioactive substances or Pollutants. 

Facts about Soil Pollution in points

For a Successful and handful produce from the soil is ever running concept with the plundering of all minerals and nutrients, leaving the soil used, overused and almost left useless.

  1. The Great and overlooked concept of the soil that can store 9,200 tonnes of water in an Acre, and it is about..01% of earth total water which stops floods or drains the water to its places.
  2. In the living system, there are more microorganisms than humans and its top layer may be replaced 500 hundred years, It acts as an excellent filter to increase groundwater and stops polluting, nutrients available for plant growth.
  3. It acts as a sponge for absorption 10% Carbon dioxide, which comprises minerals, water, air, and organic matter. It comprises Six layers O, A, E, B, C, and R.  The top layer is known as O, and the Bed is known as R. The organic material made by worms and converts as Nutrients to plants, Act as a bottom place and the top for life on earth.
  4. In U.S. 831 Sq.m.  of the forest, the Americas numbered 5% in the world population produces 30% waste globally, nearly 22 barrels of toxic waste resulting in people living nearby suffering with Leukemia.
  5. Greenpoint oil spill is one of the biggest in the U.S. ever had caused millions of gallons of oil that was spilled caused the biggest land pollution disasters in the history; the murphy refinery leak had effected 1,700 homes by flood, Breed hoe Bay spill had affected in 5 days leak worth 1,900 acres of land.
  6. An average American produces about 2 kgs rubbish a day, and 40% of the lakes were not suitable for any activity in which the soil nearby affected greatly.
  7. China is also effected mostly by Soil Pollution around 82.8% of soil contaminated such as copper, lead, mercury, arsenic making the nation one of the most affected countries by the world pollution, the reason is rapid population growth, around 1,00,000 k.m.s are affected by Soil Pollution.
    Solid waste destroyed nearly 2 million miles and grain contaminated around 19 million tonnes, and billions of dollars were lost. Guangzhou rice crops were found to be contaminated with cadmium the causes kidney failures and cancer a great shock that china produces 12 million tonnes of grain a year which is contaminated by heavy metals; some factories are closed in Beijing because of smog.

Causes of Soil Pollution

Below are the major causes of soil-pollution –

  1. There is much cause of Soil Pollution but split into human-made and natural, human-made causes maybe industrial and accidental.  Human actions and natural process is just like adding salt to the wound of Soil pollution.
  2. Accidental spills and leaks during transport and storage. Foundry activities like furnaces and other processes into the environment. Mining activity involving the crushing and process of raw materials in heavy metals and emitting toxic substances.
  3. Construction activities, agricultural activities like the use of pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers, transportation activities resulting in toxic vehicle emissions, dumping chemicals illegally, landfills with waste leaking into groundwater and pieces of lead-point falling are the Causes of Soil Pollution.
  4. Leaking in Sewages, dumping plastic into the soil, waste disposal like a domestic waste, farm, industrial, construction and acid rains sources for soil pollution, and playing a crucial role.

Effects of Soil Pollution

Here are some harmful effects of soil pollution-

  1. There is a significant decrease in soil fertility due to contaminants and an impact on sanctity and microorganisms in it.  Plants affected due to the loss in the richness of the soil. Animals consumed by the affected plants will be a threat to the Life Chain.
  2. Effect on human health and plants: more than 7 out of 10 points is effected due to Soil Pollution resulting in the development of cancers, Leukemia, and liver cancer, skin diseases, muscular disorders. 
  3. When animals consumed affected plants will result in long illness and sudden or early deaths. Plant get affected due to soil pollution, resulting in ecological balance will be a significant threat to animals humans, this will result in the migration of animals and beasts relying on its prey in search of new place resulting in extinction.
  4. Soil Pollution affects Air and water:  Polluted soil can discharge volatile compounds resulting in toxic and danger can be emitted, resulting in a significant threat to life.  Toxic chemicals can pollute soil and enter into water bodies that can affect water in a big way.
  5. Soil Pollution Causes acidification, loss of soil fertilizers, soil structure and increase in soil salinity: acid rain reduces to soil chemistry and nutrients, kills microorganisms, soil salinity is another feature that leads to barren lands and less plant produce.

Control measures for Soil Pollution

Soil pollution may be categorized into three: agriculture pollution, industrial waste, and urbanization, and measures can be taken for preventing soil pollution.

1. Promote Bio-fertilizers

To get more agriculture output farmers to need to use chemical fertilizers;  No doubt that it yields more and resulting in the loss of sanctity. The use of Biofertilizers will result in the development or maintain microorganisms, which help in the increase of fertility of the Soil.

 2. Promote Bio-Pesticides

By using Bio-Pesticides and fungicides, it does result in any adverse but ends with no loss of fertility of the soil, of course, this process is time-bound.

 3.Promote Non-Toxic waste

Toxic waste will be generated by industries that use more chemicals that need to be treated, this will promote no damage to soil and usage of non-chemical or processed chemicals will have less impact on soil.

 4. Promote waste recycling

Much advertisement for waste recycling is on the cards in public and private domains; this will help the land for better and safe use for generations to come.

 5. Promote Plastic usage of reuse phenomena

The plastic is a big polluter for soil, but if it is recycled and reused it will reap many benefits, alternate reuse mechanisms should be promoted.

6. Restoration  of Reforestation to Afforestation

India is having more than 130 crores of the population needs more food, shelter this resulting in more cutting of the trees, leads to deforestation, now the table has turned to afforestation with nearly 23% of forested area is maintained and the need for more forest area for soil pollution Free India.

7. Promote solid waste management

Promote solid waste management through landfills. Acidic and alkaline waters should be neutralized, and not-degradable material should be treated and disposed of away off in residential areas.


For a Survival of life on Earth soil is essential the conservation and sustainable management of soils to our goals for providing food security to all for over 50% in the mid of century as food and Agricultural Organization. December 5th is the World Soil day, in the year 2017, in the UN environment assembly makes to feel the safe soil for a safe society. I hope you liked this Essay on Soil Pollution.

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