Essay on Importance of Trees for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

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Lets understand the importants of trees..

Essay on Importance of Trees (1000+ words)

Trees are very important, valuable and are highly necessary for the existence of both plants and animals on Earth.

Trees provide us with food and Oxygen, which are the two essential components of life. Apart from just furnishing life on this planet, trees provide us with many other benefits. 

Trees are a vital resource for the survival of living beings. Therefore the Governments throughout the world and many Organizations always step forward to prevent deforestation and the people the benefits of afforestation.

Below mentioned are some important points about the importance of trees for the existence of life on Earth.

Benefits of Trees

Trees render us with a number of benefits and thus make a huge difference in our life. One of the major benefits is that they absorb greenhouse gases and thus helps in fighting climate change.

Trees also help in replenishing the groundwater. Trees filter the air from harmful pollutants and odor. Trees are a great source of food.

Trees produce food by utilizing sunlight and make us the first tropic level of the food chain. The king of fruits ‘Mango’ also grows on trees.

Oxygen and Global Warming

Trees intake Carbon Dioxide present in the air and give out Oxygen, which is the life-supporting gas. This is a natural cycle that sustains all living beings. Carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by the trees, is also a major greenhouse gas.

When the greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, they form a layer in the atmosphere which traps the heat from the sun and thus increases the temperature of the atmosphere.

This finally leads to global warming. So planting more trees will absorb more amount of carbon dioxide and reduce global warming.


Trees serve to be the most significant part of a healthy ecosystem. Animals, birds, insects, and other organisms make their home in trees and depend on trees for food and make a diverse ecosystem.

This balanced environment, in turn, contributes to the well-being of humans. Trees are autotrophic in nature i.e. they produce their own food and hence are found at the bottom of the food chain.

The process by which trees produce their own food is called photosynthesis. Furthermore, trees are also a rich source of medicines that are used to treat diseases in a natural way.

Water Balance

Trees receive rainwater and hold them in the land. This prevents clean water from flowing and getting washed away.

In addition to it, trees also act as a watershed by holding the floodwaters in it and within its root area for some time before discharging it into the Earth and atmosphere.

In this manner, trees maintain the water base of an area and provide us with a water bed. The root system of the trees is made in such a way that it holds the soil underneath it from getting washed away during rain and floods and thus prevents landslides and soil erosion ,

Healthy Life

Trees provide clean air, food, and water to us. The greenery sight and freshness acts as a stress reliever, and also cool sheds during the hot summer season.

Further, it adds a positive vibration in the atmosphere. Tress that surrounds houses, schools, colleges, and other areas develops fresh moods and memories.

Patients can be recovered easily when they come in contact with greenery and trees. There are many things that trees provide us for a better life.

Economy and Environment

Trees provide food, fruits, and medicines, which are exported in many countries, thus improving economic growth. Cultivation of trees and selling their products is the livelihood of people throughout the world.

The tree trunk is also very valuable. Wood and paper are the two most important raw materials that are extracted from trees. Trees act as a natural cooler is summer, thereby reducing AC bills and keeping the environment cool.

Trees are the cause of rain because they attract clouds towards the surface and make them rain. They are a great example of unity in diversity.

Deforestation – The Bitter Truth

Humans are cutting trees rapidly for development and urbanization. Many forest covers and natural patches have been cut off throughout the world in the last few decades. This has been done to create space for the growing human population and to meet their increasing demand.

Due to increased migration, more and more people are moving from rural areas to urban cities. Residential areas are being expanded in the cities to accommodate them, but this is being done by cutting down forest cover.

Trees are being cut, and at that place, concrete buildings are being made. Factories, offices, and other residential apartments are being made at places that were once green.

Trees are also being cut faster because the need for raw materials like timber is increasing day by day. Houses, tools, paper, medicine, furniture, etc. are made from trees’ wood.

It’s true that these things are necessary for living, but we shall not forget that the first and foremost thing for us is plants and Oxygen. If trees are being cut at the current rate, then the supply of Oxygen and other essentials will be reduced, thus creating future needs.

Value of Trees

When a seed grows into a tree, it makes the area around it greener. It also supports life forms like birds and animals. Birds make nests on it, insects make houses on the tree, and some animals live on it or near its surroundings.

Flowers and foods also grow on the tree. In addition to it, many parts of the tree like fruit, flowers, seed, trunk, root, stem, and leaves are also edible. Trees never ask anything in return for the service they offer. Trees maintain balance in the ecosystem and ecology.

Plant a Tree – Boost Life

Humans are addicted to life. Many things that we obtain from trees are essential elements for our survival. Deforestation is done only for this reason.

The cutting down of trees is an essential factor in meeting our increasing demands. However, at the same time, we should also plant more and more trees to balance the act. Each of us should plant trees and involve in plantation activities.

Students should be taught lessons about saving trees and their importance. Colleges, schools, and offices should conduct tree plantation activities on an occasional basis to encourage the participants.

Human must make every environment distortion pollution-free both for today and for the future generations if we plant more trees. Similar activities should be conducted for water management.

10 Lines on Importance of Trees

  1. Trees are an important part of the ecosystem.
  2. There are thousands of species of trees within the world.
  3. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release Oxygen.
  4. Trees provide us food in the form of vegetables and fruits and provide animals with shelter.
  5. Trees also provide us many important resources.
  6. Trees are an important source of medicine.
  7. Trees are used to make furniture, wood, and paper products.
  8. The branches of trees are used as a source of fuel.
  9. Trees prevent soil erosion and flood.
  10. Trees clean the air around us.


Trees are highly important in our lives, as they provide seamless service for the environment. For this reason, we should protect trees and fight against global warming, pollution, and the adverse effects of deforestation.

Trees are important for the survival of life on this planet. We should enhance and encourage the plantation of more and more trees.

We have to learn the importance of trees and also make others know about it. We can say that trees are the building blocks of life on Earth. Hope you liked this essay on importance of trees.

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