Essay on My Favourite Teacher for Students in 1100 Words

In this article, we have explained an Essay on My Favourite Teacher for Students in 1100 Words. This post also includes the importance of the teacher, about my favorite teacher, and 10 lines about my teacher.

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Introduction (Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 1100 Words)

We all know the value of a teacher in our lives. Teachers have an essential place in our life. Teachers teach us the things of knowledge necessary for our existence. Teacher-provided education changes the lives of students. An ideal and honest teacher cares nothing of himself; he only cares about his students.

Although we treat all our teachers equally, sometimes, because of some of the qualities of an individual teacher, we like them more, and they become our favorite teachers. Their classes can be anything like their creation, cooperative and loving nature, method of teaching, or excellent academic knowledge, etc.

Importance of Teachers in our life

Place of Guru in society – In ancient times, the importance of Guru has been of paramount importance in our community. God can also be interviewed only by the grace of Guru. Due to this specialty, Kabirdas, etc. saint poets can only be done by the grace of Guru.

I also have a favorite teacher who has sometimes impressed me with my academic excellence and rare ability to treat each of my students equally. I remember that he does not hesitate at all when answering the question.

If you do not understand how many times someone asks, they never get annoyed and understand every question in detail so that all the students understand the text well. Besides, they have the unusual ability to treat all students equally.

While giving lectures, he interacts with everyone, taking everyone along and moving into class, not even backing backbenchers. It only shows his fair and temperament of taking all the students together and how seriously he takes his profession.

As a gardener, the teacher not only grows her pupils as plants but also fills them with a scent of qualities by developing a better personality.

Without the guidance of the teacher, no student can achieve success in their life. Hence the teacher plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life. Some teachers become the inspiration for the student’s life.

Who is my favorite teacher?

The teacher who impressed me the most is the math teacher. He is an outstanding teacher who teaches mathematics in senior classes at our school. Due to their method of teaching and their influential personality, each student admires and respects them.

His best thing is that he treats all the students equally and treats all of them very politely and mildly. He always gets to the students by interpreting beautiful simple languages ​​so that every student understands the lecture well.

Why is he, my dear teacher?

He is the ideal teacher and deputy principal of our school. He is an excellent source of inspiration for his students. His behavior towards his colleagues and students is unique and admirable.

Àll students of the school respect him very much as they know the importance and knowledge which he has. Due to his hard work, he is recognized everywhere. Very few teachers like him are found.

Every student in the school and our class loves his teaching style as it teaches children in its purest form. Once the head teaches mathematics, they ask us to repeat it at home and practice twice, which makes them different from other teachers in the school.

He is an inspiration

My favorite teacher is one who teaches math. Math Sir treats all students highly and always encourages his students to move forward in life and achieve their goals. He also helped me develop my understanding and made me worthy so that I can achieve my life goals.

Our favorite teacher, the sir, always focuses more on weak students so that not a single student is left behind. Excellent class students are also requested to help more vulnerable colleagues.

He always tells the students to be aware of the goals of studies and life. He is not only accommodating in reviews but also encourages us to participate in extra-curricular activities. He always inspires students who too do well in studies and sports.

Since math sir lives near the school, he gives free tuition for one hour every evening to the weaker students of the class.

He makes our character durable and teaches us good moral behavior. His teachings will always be with me and show us the right path under challenging situations. Maybe next year he will not be our class teacher, although we will never forget his teachings. He is very loving and gentle by nature. He has been a gold medalist in the university during higher education. He will always be the best teacher.

If someone is doing something wrong, they scold him and also tell that child about his mistake. It is no wonder that he was awarded the “Most Admired Teacher” award this year. I wish he never left our school and continued to teach us mathematics in his fantastic way.

I am never absent from his class. He always teaches us to follow the right path in our life, no matter how hard we are. He shows us that; we should never think negatively and always teaches us to be positive, because as we believe, he is with us.

Child Psychology Specialist

He is an expert in child psychology. What children want what they think, they know all these things. When he feels that students are getting bored, he adds some humor to his speeches and makes the classroom atmosphere lively and cheerful. The atmosphere of the classroom becomes happy.

10 lines about my favorite teacher

  1. One cannot cross the ocean without a teacher.
  2. The biggest pilgrimage is the teacher whose blessings yield fruitlessly.
  3. To doubt the teachers’ words is a stigma on discipleship.
  4. A real teacher advises us to follow the right path
  5. In ancient times, the teacher used to give both worldly and spiritual knowledge to the disciple, but today times have changed.
  6. The teacher must himself be an ideal person to produce a perfect student.
  7. The teacher is the creator of the nation.
  8. A favorite teacher always leaves an impression of his presence in students’ minds.
  9. The teacher has a significant contribution to building our social and mental level.
  10. They always remove our weaknesses and encourage our talent.

The Bottom Line

We can say that my dear teacher’s exemplary life – My beloved Teacher’s routine is excellent. He gets up very soon in every morning and retire from all his routine work and go daily for regular excursions.

Then take a bath and worship and bring food and come to school. They conduct the prayer meeting of the school. For five minutes after the prayer, they give instructive lectures on new topics every day. I hope you like this Essay on My Favourite Teacher.

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