Essay on Onam Festival for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read an Essay on Onam festival for students and children in 1000 words. It includes introduction, meaning, significance, history, celebration, and 10 lines about Onam festival.

Essay on Onam Festival for Students and Children in 1000 Words

It is notable that in India, every month some celebration is been commended. Onam is likewise an extremely acclaimed old festival. Onam is an antiquated celebration which is praised with extraordinary intensity.

Alongside Onam, the long stretch of celebration said as Chingam is a celebration of rice collect and downpour blossom in Kerala. Malayalis and Tamil individuals observe Onam with incredible grandeur and show.

What is Onam festival?

Onam is a conspicuous celebration in Kerala. Onam is commended in the period of Chingam. This is the main month of the Malayalam schedule. It comes just in the month of August-September.

In the second sun based schedule, it is likewise called Simha month. As indicated by the Tamil schedule, it is also called Avni Mahina. Onam is the celebration when Thiruvonam falls in the star grouping Chingam month.

Meaning of Onam 

The word Onam is known to have begun from the Sanskrit word Shravanam, which eludes to one of the 27 Nakshatras or Nakshatras in Sanskrit.

Thiru is utilized in South India for anything related with Lord Vishnu and Thiruvonam is viewed as the group of stars of Lord Vishnu who squeezed the extraordinary ruler Mahabali into the Hades with his foot.

Significance of Onam festival

It is additionally a reap celebration. This celebration ordinarily falls in August or September. There is a convention of performing various moves on Onam celebration day. On this day, the most well known Kathakali move of Kerala is composed with huge scope. 

On this day, ladies wear white saris and hit the dance floor with blossoms decorated with blossoms on the hair. Every one of these projects is generally performed on this day. Everybody takes an interest enthusiastically in these projects. The celebration of Onam carries with it the message of bliss, thriving, love-concordance and shared love and participation.

Whatever might be the story behind the Onam celebration, yet it is a reflection of our way of life. It is an image of our amazing inheritance. It is a mind-blowing newness. It comes once in a year, yet on this day it passes by giving us such newness, which continues circling new water all through our supply routes consistently. 

History of Onam festival

A few people accept that Onam celebration began in the Sangam time frame. The references identified with the celebration of Onam are found in the hour of Kulasekara Perumal. Onam celebration in those days runs consistently.

Onam is viewed as the most noticeable celebration in Kerala. Onam celebration is identified with the collecting of harvests.

Celebration of Onam in India

Onam celebration is commended for ten days. In this, the first and tenth days are the most significant. All the individuals of Kerala partake in this celebration-

1. First Day: On this day, King Mahabali Ji gets ready to go to Kerala from Hades. Onam celebration arrangements start from this day itself. The cleaning of the house begins for Onam’s day. Markets are likewise principally adorned and a merry air is made all around.

2. The subsequent day is Chithira, on this day we begin making a floor covering of blossoms called Pukkalam. Pukkalam is made until the Onam celebration. Pookkalam rivalry is hung on Onam celebration day.

3. The third day is Chodhi, on this day, 4 to 5 sorts of blossoms are framed in Pukkalam.

4. The fourth day is Visakam, from this day numerous sorts of rivalry begin occurring.

5. The fifth day is Anijham, on this day arrangements are made for the pontoon race.

6. The 6th day is Thriketa, the special seasons start from this day.

7. The seventh day is Moolam, on this day uncommon sort of love is done in sanctuaries.

8. Putnam is the eighth day, on this day the icons of Mahabali and Vamana are introduced in the house.

9. The ninth day is Uthradom. On this day Mahabalis enter the province of Kerala.

10. Thiruvonam is the tenth day, Onam celebration is hung on this day.

Methods of Celebration

Mostly in Kerala and different pieces of the reality where Malayali individuals are living, they praise this celebration with full delight. This celebration shows the rich societies of Kerala and its magnificence. Their crease melodies, pontoon hustling and adornment are stunning.

On this day, the air of satisfaction is wrapped all around. On this day, lights are lit and adored. The earth is brightened inside and out. The earth is designed with rangoli and sculptures of Lord Vishnu and King Bali are introduced on that earth.

Both are revered in an extremely amazing manner. All individuals wear new garments and perform various kinds of moves. Grand kinds of celebrations are praised in sanctuaries.

Numerous amusement programs are done, for example, pontoon races and elephant parades. The motivation behind doing these projects is that their lords can see them glad and cheerful. On this day, everybody gives liberally in the memory of the Mahabali.

10 Lines on Onam festival

  1. The celebration of Onam goes on for ten days in which the old and the youthful take an interest with equivalent eagerness.
  2. It is considered as the national celebration of Kerala. Onam is commended each year in the period of August-September.
  3. In-vessel ride rivalry, around 100 pontoons contend with one another.
  4. Women additionally move around. This moving structure is called Thumbi Thullal.
  5. This celebration is additionally celebrated as the reap celebration of Kerala, where individuals assemble and commend the appearance of new yields.
  6. There are likewise society moves on Onam. Kathakali movie is a famous move of Kerala. 
  7. Statues of Vishnu and King Bali are introduced on the ground enhanced with Rangoli.
  8. It is praised in the South Indian province of Kerala with as much excitement as Diwali is commended in North India.
  9. The celebration of Onam is praised by individuals of all religions with common love and amicability.
  10. On Onam celebration, ladies make rangoli with blossoms at home and include a circle each day.


In last we should state that this celebration is so remarkable and has a full social nearness on its own which is an indication of solidarity and assorted variety. This is an exceptionally well-known celebration. Individuals praise people’s moves, sports, snake vessel races, tunes, and delectable food on nowadays.

It is known that King Mahabalis was the perfect of the individuals. On Onam day, rich individuals offer liberally to poor people. Individuals observe Onam’s day with extraordinary energy whose appearances are known.

This celebration gives a message of solidarity and flourishing. Hope you liked this Essay on Onam festival in India for students and children.

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