Formal letter Samples for Principal, Teacher, Editor, Director

In this article, you will get Formal letter Samples for Principal, Teacher, Editor, Director. Students of school and college can take help for their exams and competitions.

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Formal letter for Principal / Teacher


ABC School,
6th Sector, 7th Road,
05 January 2020

Class Teacher
VI-B Section,
ABC School,
6th Sector, 7th Road,

Subject: Application for leave for three days.

Dear Teacher,

I am Harsha from Class VII-B, and I am penning this letter to inform you that I will remain absent for the next three days on account of my sister’s marriage.

My sister’s wedding ceremony will begin from 07 January to 09 January 2020, and as a younger brother, my presence at the wedding ceremony is unavoidable. As a brother, I have so many responsibilities to be carried out in marriage, and also, I am responsible for looking after the preparations for the marriage ceremony.

So, I kindly request you to grant me three days holiday that is on the 7th and 9th of January. The marriage card is attached herewith for your perusal.

“Thanking you”

Yours Sincerely,


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Formal Letter for Editor

3, Jal Vihar
Wazirabad, New Delhi – 33
Dated: 17 December 2019

The Editor
Hindustan Times
New Delhi.

Subject: Need for people’s effort for a clean river the Yamuna

Dear Editor

I am Preeti, a member of NGO AWAAZ. I am composing to you to underline the worsening situation of the Yamuna river.

The town of Delhi is getting polluted water from the tributary Yamuna. The citizens are held responsible for this. They litter the river with trash, sewage, and debris. Further, the river water is full of plastic, microbes, compounds, and other trash materials. It is unsuitable for drinking.

The citizens have wanted a Water Treatment Plant. The agencies have not yet answered the repeated requests.

I request you to highlight the problem in your newspaper and arouse public interest. We all need to get together to get the plant set up in the area.

“Thanking You”

Yours sincerely

Member AWAAZ

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Formal Letter to Director

16 Ring Road
Nagpur – 01
November 30, 2020

The Director
ABC Classes
35 Patel Street
Delhi – 18

Sub.: Enquiry about CAT Coaching Classes.

Dear Sir,

This is with an allusion to your advertisement in the ‘The Times of India’ for CAT Coaching classes. I have passed the B.Sc. grade assessment with Statistics as a critical subject. I am enthusiastic about joining your organization for the tutoring courses.

Kindly let me know about the process for submit of application for the qualifying exam and its date. I would also like to see the extent of the coaching program, the length, and the sum of classes per week along with the accessible mode of courses. Knowledge about the rates to be paid, and the research data is hugely welcomed. Could you please dispatch me a photocopy of your brochure?

I want to register as soon as possible. Your early reaction will empower me to decide fast.

“Thanking you”

With kind regards

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