Welcome Speech for School and College (Functions, Events)

In this article, we have published some formats and examples of Welcome Speech for School and College function.

You can modify these speeches according to various events and chief guests. This article includes welcome speech for functions, seminars, teachers, principal, webinar executives and trainers.

Welcome Speech on Annual Day Function in College and School for Guests

We warmly welcome everyone – outstanding guests, correspondents, teachers, and dear friends and parents of such great and talented children. Finally, the auspicious day has come; put an end to our inpatient anticipation and tireless preparations for this event.

I am a little surprised how a person like me, who loved every aspect of this stage, but so hesitant to come here and talk, now has the courage. With great pleasure and satisfaction, I stand here to give a welcome speech on our most expected annual day.

Indeed! The annual school day is the culmination of the school’s academic year. It is a time for celebration and recognition of the students as well as the school’s achievements.

It is also a time for teamwork and being proud that the school stands for and believes and values. Encourage the children to participate in the various events and see their blossom into an individual with several talents.

It is a pleasant evening, steeping in a solemn mood, atmosphere, and singing of my friends. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and “community spirit.”. I express a deep sense of gratitude to our correspondent Lady for giving her a helping hand on every right path we have chosen.

It is a day of joy because together, we will remember many of the moving stories we have experienced in the past years. It is also a day on which our old students, parents, and friends will learn more about the past and future development of the study and school. Our students have always been known as students with diverse capabilities, and I am sure that you will agree today.

We are at a stage where the chapter closes, and a new one begins. It is overwhelming that we are now counting the years since the school was founded. What a journey it was – every year it has its triumphs and struggles. It was an adventurous journey.

The year 2018 – 19 was celebrated in many ways. The Cricket team won, and our school got it with the association of 10 or 11. The similarity between them is that both could not be possible without the team’s effort. It is the most valuable efforts of students who have always cooperate to solve problems and enjoy happiness in the team.

The year was exciting, full of challenges and revival like everyone else. Some days were an endless stream of emergencies that came unannounced. Everyone allows learning, ask questions, reflect, and introspect. As we prepare for the year, we welcome new tryst, new questions, and new problems: new solutions and new heights.

Moreover, when we do, it, we remember that … “On each blade of grass sits an angel who still says: Grows! It grows! – More about school development and a few other points.

Finally, we know that: we have become stronger and intelligent. The happiness and satisfaction of teachers and students show that “everything is good” or “almost everything is good.” Thanks a lot for always trust and support.

We set our standards, strive to achieve them, and rise to higher levels. Science, evolution, and effort will never cease.

Once again, welcome to all these memorable festivities throughout the year. Everyone will be surprised by watching what will be on the stage. I want to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity.

Welcome Speech for Seminar and Conference in School and College

Hi everyone. Wow! What an event! It is excellent that the Seminar at the national level has proved very successful.

My name is Vijay Kumar, and I  heartily welcome our chief guest Mr. SunilKumar, and all of you present here on behalf of our brand company Dynamic product. I am here to pay the greeting to the people who added to the success of this event.

First of all, I would like to give thanks to all the speakers who shared valuable knowledge with us. I liked how Mr. Sharma emphasized the drastic change of progressive industrialization in the environment and all the solutions that can be implemented. He is brilliant and grateful.

I furthermore like to express my gratitude to our director for his efforts to enable this Seminar to be held at the national level and to contact and promote other colleges and universities to take part. Thanks to all professors for encouraging students to participate and for guiding them.

I think it is a great honor to propose a vote of thanks to everyone who helped us make the Seminar such a great success. Thanks to our chief guest, Mr. Sunil (name), for taking part in today’s Seminar. Thank you for an exciting and thought-provoking address.

I want to thank our outstanding speakers, Mr. abc (name), for excellent presentations and for making this Seminar exciting and meaningful. I desire to articulate our sincere gratitude to our Principal, Mr. abc (name) for his presence at this Seminar.

I would also like to thank our beloved HOD, Mr. abc (name) for his moral support and guidance.

I am glad and give thanks to our employees who made the Seminar a great success. Before the Seminar, we conducted several events, such as a brief presentation about the high technology machines and its productive output.

The meetings were organized to discuss the issues that might occur in the development and promotion of our brand. Renowned experts, researchers, and managers from industry and society were invited to present their views and discuss the opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses of the subject.

Thank a lot to all who participated and contributed to the success of the event — furthermore, off-stage events such as gathering, meetings, and dinner.

I thank the coordinators of all events for the success of this Seminar. We are also grateful to all sponsoring organizations.

I want to thank the volunteers who ran and did many things. Thank you very much, great students, who have appeared in such a large number, not only from our faculty but also from other College faculties as well.

This event would not have been successful without volunteers and students on the organizing committee. Thank you so much for your efforts. The whole audience- Thank you very much for devoting valuable attention and suggesting the opinions.

Did you enjoy the fantastic breakfast and lunch today? Thanks to ABC catering service for such delicious food. It was a great day! Thank you all for completing this event and for your input. Thank you for blessing with your presence. I will now officially end this meeting with Vande Mataram. 

Thank you.

Welcome Speech for Fresher by Principal

Hi everyone,

A respected chairman, dear guest, faculty members, technical and administrative staff, students and dear Freshers, It is an instant of incredible privilege and honor for me to welcome you all to this memorable event on the D Y Patil campus today.

As you all know, we have accumulated here to welcome you freshly to our prestigious college. A few short speeches will follow the program by lecturers and our chief guest.

After that, a cultural program will take place, including dance and songs, drama, etc. Refresh at 15:30 and finally a party in the community hall from 19:00. I hope that everyone has a great time and we assure you that it will be an unforgettable event for all of you.

Our college was established in 1962 and has approved by UGC. It is a great pleasure to inform you that we provide high-quality education from the very beginning.

The development of a high-quality education system depends mainly on the faculty members involved, high-quality infrastructure, supportive administration, a large pool of educational resources, and hard-working and brilliant students.

You will be joyous to listen that our college is primarily focusing on making our students’ good people, and successful professionals through strategic teaching of both theoretical and practical aspects during education.

I am pleased to speak that many of our scholars who left our college with flying heights now hold senior positions in several reputable organizations both in India and abroad. They have succeeded in many ways, and I am sure that all current students will achieve the same peak of success.

I warmly welcome all fresher students to our educational institute and assure you that we will do everything likely to make available with the best educational resources, practical approach and training methods so it can shape your life and career in a challenging world. 

At our college, we believe in inspiration minds, improving their intellectual abilities, and building characters that our students will realize value throughout their lives. Also, we strive to instill social values, principles of personal excellence, and to care for others.

Our institute has been linked with several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working for the benefit of children and women in need through social works. We boost our students to assist in the help of society by involving in these NGOs in every possible way.

Our college is distinguished by the fact that it makes every effort to identify and appreciate emerging talents, granting certificates and cash prizes besides the dominant set of scholarships.

Our faculty not only focuses on education but works for developing personal qualities such as teamwork, leadership, determination, flexibility, confidence, self-esteem, respect, etc., for shaping a versatile personality in you.

We know the valuation of time, so along with studies, we would like you to improve in various areas such as sports, music, writing, art, dance, etc. Our faculty focuses on creating a holistic learning environment.

I am sure these four years would be the most inspirational years of your life. I wish you all a pleased and scientifically satisfying journey and a unique educational gain in college.

Thank you!

Welcome Speech for Webinar

Most of the webinar don’t have any welcome speech but you need to start them using some friendly lines for better opening of session.

Hello everyone, welcome to our today’s webinar on ________. Thanks to all for coming online to join this interesting/educational webinar.

My name is _______________ and I am Chief educator/executive/trainer at _______________. In today’s webinar session we will discuss about various points on _________________ topic.

These things will help you to solve your problems in _____________section/part of your work. Also after understanding _______points you can able to complete your tasks in_____ projects.

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