Speech on Save Wild Life for Students and Children in 500+ Words

In this article, we have published a persuasive Speech on Save Wild Life for students and children in 500+ words.

Speech on Save Wild Life for Students and Children in 500+ Words

Good morning to all. I am very much thankful to our organiser and principal who gave me a chance to discuss with on this important of saving wildlife.

First, I want to say that the relationship between man and environment is the oldest. Humans have other things available in this environment.

Nature is a gift of human life. Because of this reason, humans and all living beings on this earth, i.e. animals, birds, animals etc. live together.

Through this nature, all things like a mountain, mountain, and river have been given as a gift. Without all these, no human or wildlife can imagine their life.

As we see that wildlife lives in this environment. Animals and birds keep their nest on the trees. Forest is their home. There are distinct types of wildlife in this forest. Whose size, colour, style and lifestyle are different?

Yet because of this wildlife, the beauty of this nature is further enhanced. Wildlife plays an important role in maintaining the beauty of the environment. Like another country, our country also has the rules and regulations to protect the wildlife for the betterment of earth.

The wildlife is very important to our nature and existence. Given the importance of forests and wildlife, its maintenance and conservation should be given utmost priority. It should also be clear that wildlife conservation is not possible with the efforts of anyone; only hard work of all will lead to excellent results.

We all should actively involve. Only with the government being active nothing will happen, we have to understand our duty as citizens of the country. Today, we have advanced so much in the field of science, technically so capable, can we not use our intelligence to protect the environment?

Nature is a God’s gift to us. Natural balance is maintained with wildlife. For example, by his daily activities, the forest works by digging the ground in some way or the other.

On the one hand, the deer does the weeding of the trees by eating wild grass and bushes on the one hand, and on the other hand, fertilises to grow the seeds of the trees that have fallen in the ground dug by the pig.

The tortoises, crocodiles and crocodiles protect the waters of the rivers from being polluted. The bear bears the pig’s help in digging the ground and helps nature to grow fruitful plants in the forests.

To save wildlife, each country and our country also has created lots of places like the zoo, centuries and parks. After the establishment of sanctuaries, national parks, there has been a clash between the farmers, villagers and cattle ranchers and forest employees/officials who have lived around since the last 3-4 decades. This struggle is virtually of the viewpoint as generations have been using these forests.

The forest people are depriving them of these rights. On the other hand, the attitude of foresters, managers of sanctuaries, national parks, established under the Forest Acts, Wildlife Protection Acts is to create a smooth environment and free environment of the extinct wild animals by preventing human intervention in this area.

As a result, they are bound in governmental rules and systems to control and restrain themselves. Therefore, alternative arrangements are needed so that the forest, wildlife and rural areas complement each other and not a partnership arrangement between rival wildlife and human use.

In my short speech, I want to focus on efforts which we all should take. It means to say that we can also play our role with our minor efforts, like –

  • Using resources wisely.
  • Do not use plastic.
  • Minimising use of chemicals like pesticides.
  • Every festival, birthday, festival, every person should do plantation, then this small step can also improve the situation.
  • The common man will also have to raise his voice against the trade related to illegal animal husbandry so that the government should make more stringent rules regarding this subject, and there is a provision for heavy punishment and fine.
  • Prevention of man-made waste will also have to be considered so that these man-made poisons do not get into the environment. We can start this point from our own homes, such as keeping wet and dry waste separated, used to use garbage as manure.
  • Factories should be constructed away from forests, and not in the name of a so-called urban cause.

Now, at the end of my speech, I have to say that man has to protect the environment to maintain his existence. Humans have to save wildlife, and then they have to be saved due to other types of pollution and deforestation. It is the duty of all people that all wildlife should be protected.

Thank you!

Hope you liked this persuasive speech on save wild life. We will happy to hear your beautiful comments below.

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