Essay on Christmas Festival for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read Essay on Christmas Festival for Students and Children in 1000 Words. It includes date, history, importance, celebration, and 10 lines.

Essay on Christmas Festival for Students and Children in 1000 Words

There are several festivals, & occasions are celebrated around the world from time to time. The nature of festivals depends upon the culture and religion.

Distinct types of celebrations and rituals are marked and observed in all countries as per their cultures and religions. The festivals and ceremonies are the recognition of that culture and religion.

In the same way, one festival is very famous and is celebrated in the entire world by the Christian people on the occasions of the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. 

When is Christmas in 2020?

Christmas is on Friday, 25 December.

Why Christmas is celebrated? – The Story Behind It

Christmas is a very famous festival of Christianity which is celebrated every year on the whole of the world on 25th December.

This festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus was considered a founder of Christianity. People of Christianity thought Jesus as the Son of God.

Jesus Christ was a messenger of God and an impressive man. He appeared in the world to remove the grief of the unhappy people and to reveal the form of God to the people.

At first, Jesus had to face a lot of problems, but gradually his companions started growing. He tried to eliminate sorrow, ignorance, superstition, etc. in the world by his teachings.

Christmas Day celebrated in his memory is the most popular festival of the people of Christianity today. Therefore, it is also called the big day. This day is as essential for Christians as Diwali and Dussehra are essential for people of the Hindu religion.

Celebration of Christmas Day

Christmas festive season is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm worldwide. This festival is equally loved and nurtured by the grown-up children.

On Christmas day, there is a holiday all over the world. A few days before Christmas, people gather to decorate their homes and churches.

They make many types of dishes on this special occasion. Everyone wears new clothes. On this day, people sing, dance, and celebrate with great joy and enthusiasm.

All houses and churches are cleaned before Christmas. They are beautifully decorated with shrubs and flowers for the celebration of Christmas. People around the world decorate their homes, shops, and offices with a Christmas tree with colorful balls, ribbons, and red socks.

The Christmas tree is significant on this day for Christians. All of them plant beautiful Christmas trees in front of their respective homes. On this day, every family gathers around the Christmas tree and praises and prays for Jesus Christ and apologizes for their mistakes.

Religious people attend church and worship the Lord Jesus by lighting candles. They invite their friends and relatives to their homes during Christmas. Here, children receive lots of gifts and new clothes and also receive gifts and sweets from Santa Claus wearing a fluffy red and white dress.

Christmas is a festival of love, happiness, and care. It is about sharing and helping the needy. This festival gives us a message to live with love and peace and sacrifice. Just after the prayer is over, at noon, cut the cake and congratulate each other for Christmas.

Importance of Christmas Festival

As we know that each festival has its importance in society. The significance of the festival depends upon the relevancy and reason for the celebration of the festival.

It is the truth that this festival is the most popular and most significant celebration of Christmases in the world. The reason is that the birth of Jesus is celebrated as Christmas. On this day and date, Jesus came in the world for the sake of humanity and peace. 

Christmas is a festival for Christians, unlike other festivals. However, these days Indians also make Christmas with great joy and gaiety. There is a special prayer meeting in the churches on Christmas morning. This day many from different religions also pray by lighting candles in the church.

Even in India, Christmas is increasing very prominently. As per the Bible, Jesus did not support the discrimination related to caste, creed, low or high. He sent a message of love and brotherhood.

Thus the day is also crucial as a few days later; we see the New Year arrives. Being the ultimate days of the year, people begin to celebrate it with full of energy and thrill.

Children ask about this and eagerly await for this day. They wait for Santa Claus. These days are the biggest festival as it is celebrated in the winter season. Here, all offices, schools, colleges are closed.

Many celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and have a lot of preparations and decorations. Christians decorate their houses with lights and stars a few days before Christmas.

Christmas is also seen in Ronak markets. Christmas trees, cakes, red and white-colored clothes, gifts, gifts, etc. are sold in the markets. On Christmas Day 25th December, people go to church and remember Jesus by burning candles and praying. On Christmas Day, people decorate Christmas trees in their homes and feed each other cakes and greet the festival.

10 lines on Christmas festival

  1. For the people of the Christian religion, it is a day of great importance and a festival day.
  2. Christmas is incomplete without cake; on that day, cake is made in every Christian family.
  3. All Christianity on that day. People pray forgiveness of their sins to God Jesus.
  4. This festival has the same significance as other rituals and is celebrated with great pompous.
  5. Decorating ‘Christmas-tree’ at this festival has special significance.
  6. People enjoy the Christmas festival in India, no matter the community.
  7. Churches are decorated in the same way on the festival day. Like Hindus decorate temples.
  8. The President and the Prime Minister congratulated the Christian brothers.
  9. The Christmas festival gives us a message of service, sacrifice, and forgiveness.
  10. This festival continues from Dec 25th to the New Year.


After the above detailed and important discussion, we can say it that Christmas is an important & popular festival which infuses the minds and hearts with a sense of purity.

This was observed every year with new energy and inspirations for the world. This festival provides an actual message that we all should not abandon the actual path of life, paving the way for peace and holiness to others.

We all should cooperate as much as possible with the poor. Hope you liked this essay on christmas festival in India. Thanks for reading.

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