Water Crisis in India Essay for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this post you will read an essay on water crisis in India for students and children in 1000+ words. This includes reasons, current situation, and efforts taken by government on Indian water crisis.

Water Crisis in India Essay (1000+ Words)

Without water man’s life could neither be born nor would he be able to do any work. Water is an essential need for people. Over 70% of the surface is loaded up with water, yet most of these waters isn’t saline or consumable. Just 0.6% of the absolute water for human use on earth is accessible as delicate water.   

Water Crisis Impact on Indian People

Over the times, we have been the greatest washout as far as water. In various spots, individuals are enticed to drink a can each, yet because of the absence of water, farming isn’t being finished. Groundwater holds are quickly exhausted.

Where the water used to be blended after burrowing a couple of feet, today, in any event, when burrowing from 800 to twelve hundred feet, the residue is seen flying.

The sense of taste is evaporating. The wells and lakes are not at this point left. The downpour water streams into the waterways and streams, and we continue looking for water in the ground. Individuals are turning out to be foes of life for water.

As showed by the World Bank report, over 3 lakh ranchers have ended it all in India over the most recent 20 years because of the dry spell, and 2 lakh individuals are passing on consistently because of the absence of clean drinking water. In the momentum time, in India, where 9.70 crore individuals living in helpless territories in urban areas don’t get perfect drinking water.

Because of the major issue of a water crisis in provincial territories in India, the country populace is compelled to move to the urban communities previously experiencing the populace, because of which the weight of an uncontrolled populace in urban communities is expanding. Water shortage in rustic territories of the nation is a significant explanation behind the movement to urban areas.

Reasons for Water Crisis in India

The issues of a water crisis or emergency in India are mostly shown in the southern and northwestern parts, the topographical area of these regions is with the end goal that it gets less precipitation, the southwest rainstorm doesn’t get downpour on the Chennai coast. Additionally, by arriving at the storm in the northwest, it gets feeble, because of which the measure of precipitation likewise diminishes.

Storm insecurity in India is additionally a significant reason for a water crisis. Recently, because of the effect of El-Nino, precipitation has diminished, because of which a circumstance of water emergency has emerged.

India’s rural biology is viable with crops that require more water for creation, for example, rice, wheat, sugarcane, jute and cotton and so on water crisis in India is especially pervasive in the farming territories having these harvests. The condition of water crisis in India has emerged because of the heightening of agribusiness in Haryana and Punjab.

Genuine endeavors are not made to reuse water assets in Indian urban areas, which is the reason the issue of a water emergency in metropolitan territories has arrived at a stressing circumstance. Rather than reusing the vast majority of the water in urban communities, they are legitimately released into a waterway.

There is an absence of mindfulness among individuals about water protection. The abuse of water is continually expanding; Lawn, washing of vehicle, leaving the jug open at the hour of water use, and so on

Current Situation 

India is confronting the most genuine water crisis in its set of experiences. Around 60 crore individuals in the nation are confronting serious water lack. Almost two lakh individuals lose their carries on with consistently because of the absence of clean water. This was uncovered in a report delivered by NITI Aayog.

The report states, ‘By 2030 the interest for water in the nation will increase the accessibility of water circulation. This implies that a genuine water emergency will emerge for crores of individuals, and a decrease of six per cent in the nation’s GDP will be seen. ‘

Giving the case of information gathered by autonomous organizations, the report shows that India positions 120th among 122 nations in the Water Quality Index, with almost 70% of contaminated water

Through the report, the NITI Aayog has stated, ‘Presently 60 crore Indians are confronting the most extreme water emergency and two lakh individuals lose their carries on with consistently because of the absence of sufficient admittance to clean water.’

Efforts taken by Indian Govt

1. National Water Policy, 1987 

A National Water Policy was first acknowledged in the year 1987. Under this arrangement, different plans of water conservation with legitimate misuse and equivalent dissemination of water assets were run. 

2. National Water Policy, 2002 

The National Water Policy, 2002 was endorsed by the National Water Resources Council on 1 April 2002. 

3. National Water Board 

The Govt of India has established the National Water Board in September 1990, under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources. This is to audit the advancement of the execution of the National Water Policy and to educate the National Water Resources Council now and again. 

4. National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD) 

The National River Conservation Directorate is occupied with the usage of the waterway and lake activity plans under the National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) and the National Lake Conservation Plan (NSCP) by helping the state governments. 

5. Warning Council for Artificial Recharge of Ground Water 

In the year 2006, the Government shaped the Advisory Council for counterfeit energies of groundwater under the chairmanship of the Minister of Water Resources.

6. Plan for counterfeit revive of groundwater through profound wells

The plan is being executed in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu as per the warning gathering for fake revive of groundwater.

7. Ground Water Promotion Award and National Water Award 

The Ministry of Water Resources began 18 Ground Water Promotion Awards in the year 2007, including a National Water Award. The sole reason for granting these honors is to spur individuals for the advancement of groundwater through water gathering and counterfeit groundwater energy.

8. Water Harvesting and Promotion Project 

This undertaking began by the Uttar Pradesh Government has been begun essentially to tackle the issue of a water crisis in India. Under this venture, lakes and lakes will be created as the primary methods for the water system in the towns. Gathering pledges work is being done under this venture.

Ten lines on Water Crisis in India

  1. Truth be told, it is the need of the day that we store the water.  
  2. Leakage tanks ought to underlie nurseries, open spaces and on the side of the road green strip zone. 
  3. Tamil Nadu (T.N), and Andhra Pradesh (A.P) are the two expresses that occasionally experience the ill effects of water shortage. 
  4. If the northern and southern waterways can be associated, then all the states will have perpetual water flexibly. 
  5. The most established human advancement on the planet created around the Indus and the Ganges is as yet flourishing. 
  6. About 40% of the water request in metropolitan India is met by groundwater.
  7. Only 3 percent of the world’s water is new, and around 33% of it is blocked off.
  8. Every autonomous house/level and gathering lodging province ought to have water collecting offices. 
  9. After freedom, due significance was given to tackling the intensity of water through control and capacity of water through huge dams. 
  10. Rajasthan, regardless of being 13 percent of the landmass of India, just a single percent of the nation has gotten water.


So, in this article you have read an Essay on Water Crisis in India.

Water is the most significant asset of the earth, and we need to ensure it for ourselves and to save it for people in the future. Water, the executives or protection arrangements exist in India; however, the issue lies in the degree of usage of those approaches. 

The execution of strategies ought to be survived, and the usage of them ought to be guaranteed with the goal that the most serious issue of water fumble can be tended to in the nation.

Hope you liked this Water Crisis in India Essay.

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