Essay on Children’s Day for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read an persuasive Essay on Children’s Day for Students and Children in 1000 Words. It includes date, history, importance, and celebration of children’s day worldwide.

Essay on Children’s Day for Students and Children in 1000 Words

November 20th marks the anniversary of the “Declaration of the Rights of the Child” which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1959.

The main reason behind this Convention was to promote child welfare and mutual exchange among them around the world. In India, Children’s Day was first commemorated in 1964 after Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s death. Nehru’s birthday has been celebrating as Children’s Day on November 14th of each year.

Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was very fond of children and considered them the future of the nation. He also worked a significant role in the long struggle for freedom to achieve independence of India. Further, he became India’s first prime minister after India achieved independence.

Thus, November 14th is not only commemorated as Children’s Day but pay tribute to the great and eminent political leader who battled for India’s independence. The events assess by diverse heritage programs and happenings coordinated by schools and educational organizations over India.

When is Children’s day in 2021?

Children’s day is on 14 September 2021.

World Children’s Day

“The only thing all children require in common is their rights. Every child has the endurance to survive and prosper, to be educated, to be free from abuse and violence, to take part, and to be heard.”- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

As a child-focused organization, World Vision joins the UN in supporting the ideals and goals of this important day for children.

Importance of Children’s Day

In 1954, the UN General Assembly appointed a day to promote the importance of a safe and healthy childhood on a day of fraternity for children. Most countries in the world celebrate children’s day on November 20th on UN day.

It is believed that children must allow on this day to interact with communities and other children. However, International Child Protection Day is observing in most countries as International Children’s Day.

While by all means, it is important to celebrate all children. It is also a critical time to educate them of the difficulties other children face every day, such as children workers, while some are immersed in conflicts or living on the streets.

We should share the reality of the world’s less fortunate children who are suffering just because of differences. The idea is to pass on Children’s Rights simplistically so that the rights of all children in this world should be entitled.

Many countries are increasing the child welfare budget to give them proper care and education. Other programs, such as disasters, health, and civil society, get more significant funding than education, leading to concern that the UK aid strategy is not of sufficient importance to ensure that children in the developing nations have access to a proper education.

We need to provide further importance and emphasis to education, as children who do not attend school are often the most vulnerable and marginalized, and can then experience the difficulties and horrors of child labor.

Although some progress is being made, this is not adequate. Many children are being left behind and unable to go to school because their parents depend on them for work, and many schools around the world have no water points or even toilets.

Others cannot go to school because they can speak a language that is not supporting in their school or their teaching materials, showing that differences in language, religion, and background are still barriers that children are facing.

While in some Muslim countries of the world, a girl’s education is not valuing, as it is not giving as equality. This leads many girls to cannot attend school and to be forced to marry at a young age.

In some more impoverished societies, boys are expected to earn an income rather than continue their education at the age of adolescence, blocking them from attending school.

To remember Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday, the prime minister of India celebrates on November 14th as Children’s Day. We celebrate it to honor India’s prominent leader and improve the condition of children across the country.

Because of the profound depth and love of Nehru’s with children, the children call them Chacha Nehru. For his love and passion for children, his birthday celebrates in honor of Children’s Day. Nationally, almost all schools and colleges remember Chacha Nehru annually in celebration of Children’s Day.

Celebration of Children’s Day

It celebrates everywhere in the country with various activities related to children that make them ideal citizens. All aspects, such as ethical, physical, and mental, many competitions related to the health of children in schools organize. The people on this day swear that they will never neglect their children. On this day, the children receive fresh clothes, exceptional food, and books.

Children’s day commemorates in schools to focus on children, support them and give them happiness. Despite being a national leader, Chacha Nehru, he loved children very much and used to spend much time with them. It very well organizes in educational institutions and schools throughout India, so it marks as a big party.

The school remains open on this day so that children go to school and take part in more activities and programs. Cultural programs organize by schools for students like speeches, songs, music, art, dance, poetry classes, costume competition, etc.

Winning students get awards on behalf of it. The organization of programs on this occasion is not only the responsibility of the school but also the other social and joint institutions organize the children’s related entertainment activities. Students are pleased on this day because they can wear any other colorful clothes.

After the celebration is over, the sweets distribute to children with delicious food in the afternoon. Teachers furthermore take parts in many cultural programs for their beloved students, such as a game, sports, dance, theater,. The teachers on this day also arrange a picnic for children. On this day, special programs also broadcast on the TV and radio to entertain children.

To feel proud and valuable to children, it is worthful celebrating the children’s day because they are the future of our nation. The Children’s Day Festival offers opportunities for everyone, especially for the neglected children of India.

Government of India has taken specific stringent measures to stop child labor, but there are still several people who force children to work as laborers. There is required to strictly stop the child labor in our society as they have a full right to take the education till 14 years as per the act of India.

Any violation of these rules should be strictly informed to concern administration to stop the injustice to the child. If you ever see such a condition, then it should immediately report the police so they will also get a bright prospect for the country.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was a famous statesman and first Prime Minister of India, stressed on the fact that children are the building blocks of our nation.


Children’s day celebrates to make children aware because children are the actual future of the country. Therefore, everyone should understand the child’s caring responsibility and engage in the children’s day festival.

Children are the valuable assets of the nation, and only children are the future handler of the country in all aspects. To focus on the children’s improvements, Chacha Nehru declared his birthday as a child day, thus improving the future of every child in India will happen.

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