60+ Best New Year Resolution Ideas list for the year 2022

In this article, we have published 60+ Best New Year Resolution Ideas list for the year 2022. Here you will understand how to make resolution in coming year.

What Are New Year Resolution Ideas?

Are you thinking of doing better next year by cutting back on things? Then, you will be more affable and seem hollow, killing your patience, seeing how life is only running its course.

But the typical New Year Resolution ideas include paying it forward, engaging in self-care, and even small things like de-cluttering, practicing daily gratitude, and many things like that.

They do not seem be actively based, here goals can range from one that inspired happiness to one high personal, professional, and everything in between. 

In this article, you will find a list of 60+ New Year Resolution that you can reengage, pick up or put down in anytime you feel the urge. In addition, this will inspire you to live your best life while looking forward to the year ahead.

By selecting to complete these intentions, you will be officially well on your way to furthering your own fulfillment and happiness. 

List of 60+ Best New Year Resolution Ideas for the Year 2022

1. Carving Out “Me” Time

This could mean taking singing classes to get over fear of performing in front of others, or anything else.

So, if you feel you have tons of commitment that aren’t always for you, you can carve out “me” time by trying a new hobby or resurrect an old one. 

2. Make New Friends

For many, it is not always easy to make new friends, but there is no reason to stop trying. You can join a local social group or volunteer your time to an organization in need and try to meet new people.

This will ease some pressure. It is a best New Year resolution idea for every year.

3. Create a Budget

While producing a budget is not necessarily the most fun things to do, not knowing where your cash has gone, and being unable to cover the monthly expenses, is even less so.

So, you can use online management tool or app, or use a spreadsheet template to help set-short & long-term goals.

4. Foster New Work

Even if you are not seeking for a new job, it is still wise to keep sharp in case you see a posting that interests you.

Revisit old profile pics and update them, edit, and add skills to your CV, network, subscribe to job alerts, and create an online folder to nail the interview.

5. De-Clutter

A clean house is a happy home; quell anxiety, overwhelmed, and stressed by tidying up and decluttering everything around you.

Tackle the closets, desks, messy drawers, cabinets, and refrigerators. Toss everything you do not use & get ready to celebrate New Year with new clarity. 

6. Manage Stress

If left unchecked, anxiety and stress can go unnoticed for some time and later manifest in emotional and physical ways.

So, instead of waiting for them to rear the ugly heads; learn stress management technique now. Removing stress from life is that New Year resolution which makes your new year wonderful.

7. Be Happy

Many spend their lives saying, “I will be happy when…” Do not wait to be, or get, happy.

Rather, let go of unattainable or too stringent ambitions, practice gratitude, focus on staying positive, keep healthy habits while acknowledging and attain them during the upcoming year. 

8. Catch up With Family

Appreciate your loved ones through a simple phone call, even if they live just down the street.

Check with those close to you, mostly the relatives and be grateful for their presence in your life. This will make a strong family ties contributing to physical health & happiness.

9. Nurture True Friendships

Having many acquaintances is good until you realize that a super small portion of them will have your back through thick & thin. Resolve to spend your time and energy with those you care most deeply about and those who reciprocate. 

10. Relish Your S.o

It is worthwhile New Year’s resolution that keeps on rendering all year long. Reserve time on your calendar for several date nights per month and do not be too attached to what you wind up doing. Remember that staying home can be just as good as going out. 

11. Give Back

Whether you give back once or repeatedly, taking time to donating to charity organizations, practicing random acts of kindness, volunteer empowers us and opens us new opportunities and experiences. It gives plans to pay it forward this year and the next.

12. Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Stop waiting for the perfect time to take a trip. Just pick a destination and get there in the year ahead. Whether it is a staycation, romantic getaway, solo excursion, girls’ trip, you will come toting meaningful memories and back refreshed, you will not forget soon.

13. Prioritize Health

This year make health a priority. Grab a calendar and schedule doctor’s appointment including a physical, dermatologist’s visit, pap smear, and teeth cleanings.

Find a doctor within your health plan, book appointment, submit insurance claims, and fill prescriptions. New year resolution list is nothing without healthy lifestyle point.

14. Find a Side Hustle

Whether it is to follow a passion or earn extra cash that your day job does not satisfy, taking a second job could be a great way to indulge in more and deeper fulfilling interests.

Here, you will learn more about work and life balance and develop some major time management skills.

15. Seek Culture

Troll gallery and museum websites to learn about upcoming art exhibitions, score tickets to a ballet or play, take in an orchestral performance and teach yourself to appreciate the finer things in life. Cultural activities inspired creativity and teach you tolerance and open mindedness. 

16. Shun Social Media

Too much social media can be a bad thing, mostly when you are comparing real life to online life. So, plan to take a step back this upcoming year, whether spending a day with social media free or simply reducing the number of times you check your apps in any one day.

17. End Procrastination

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today and so being by taking a few minutes to make a list of things you were going to do tomorrow and do at least one of those things today. 

18. Be Thankful

All successful people practice gratitude to feel peace, happier and healthier with them and they do so daily. Fostering gratitude means writing things you are thankful for and why. 

19. Spread Kindness

There is scientific evidence that being kind makes one feel happier, healthier, and calmer, and it is also contagious. Make the world a better place by resolving to do one thing for a stranger every day or month. 

20. Try a New Workout

Getting stuck in an exercise rut can be the reason we stop making it a regular part of our lives. So, try a new routine at the gym and get your heart rate up. 

21. Accept Change

In life, change is one of the few constants. Learning to accept it can be hard, mostly if you are a change averse.

Change allows people to grow and be more comfortable. So, make a resolution to embrace the unknown and think positively about any changes that occur.

22. Remember Important Dates

Attempt to acknowledge other people’s milestone as you would own. Anything you would celebrate like births, promotions, anniversaries are all fair game.

23. Drink More Water

Healthy adult men and women must drink 11 cups and 13 cups of water every day.

if you are way under this amount, then drink more water in the New year. You can infuse it with fruits and herbs for great taste and added health benefits. 

24. Live Productively

There are only 24 hours in a day, so spend the New Year maximizing the number of things you can get done. Work on research productivity hacks, time management skills and turn off that phone.

25. Treat Yourself Kindly

Bad days ad mistakes are both inevitable and if you are apt to browbeat, rather than show yourself kindness.

Spend the next year working to reverse this negative habit, as it will breed depression and anxiety. You can help to foster self-compassion and regular exercise to cope.

26. Dream Bigger

Reflect on your aspirations and current dreams. Ask yourself if they are truly as big as it can be.

Create your next positive life phase by training yourself to think beyond what you imagine you can achieve and so open to new possibilities in the coming year.

27. Start Meditating

Meditating has nothing to do with philosophy and religion and everything to do with reducing stress, cultivating a healthy mindset.

Meditation is a lifesaver when you are undergoing trying time so start a New Year by setting time to meditate each day. 

28. Cook

While takeout is super convenient, not that healthy or affordable. Cooking meals yourself means you will know exactly what is in them and whether the ingredients are healthful and fresh. 

29. Follow a Skincare Routine

Glowing skin doesn’t just appear overnight, and it results from years of proper care. You can work with a skin expert or dermatologist to create a custom skincare routine or find a product that works best.

30. Conquer Your Fear

Whether you loathe speaking in public, scared of some imaginary tragedy, detest spiders or snakes, fear is not something to hold on to, mostly when it will always return and prevent you from best life. So, resolve fear and release yourself from its choking grasp.

31. Cultivate Compassion

Before you get mad at a friend for canceling plans or mutter under the breath when a stranger annoys you, teach yourself to pause and summon some compassion prior to puffing and huffing.

32. Read Books

For adults, reading books is important to our self development. But whenever we get busy, that good book is sometimes the foremost thing we neglect in favor of more pressing task.

This year make a list of you must read titles and vow to finish them all. 

33. Commute Productively

You might spend an average of 4.35 hours a week and over 200 hours a year commuting to and from work.

Instead of letting precious time go to waste, listen to podcasts and audio books to boost your productivity while improving your experience.

34. Become More Decisive

Nobody is perfect, and not every decision can be. This year stop over-analyzing everything and commit to end the habit of indecision. Spend less time for second guessing yourself. 

35. Channel Your Inner Child

Playfulness is grossly underrated, mostly when you have specific draining day job, resolve to be available for play.

Those who play games maintain better their social wellbeing, keep with romantic and platonic partnerships healthier than those who do not engage in fun activities. 

36. Maintain Movement

Keeping in moving does not mean you have to sweat through a high intensity. You should be mobile, not sedentary to get than blood flowing every single day.

This will boost endurance and cardiovascular health and is great for your mind.

37. Sleep Better

It is not just how long you sleep, but also the quality of your rest. So, vow to develop better sleep hygiene so you do not hinder your health, duly prepare you for the day ahead. 

A good sleep is very important to become stress free and boost your work. So, it is a best New year resolution for everyone.

38. Give up a Vice

While eating, drinking and smoking in excess are the usual suspects, other bad habits can fly under the radar and rob you of your happiness.

So, resolve to car our time to determine and know your bad habits, and finally break them for good.

39. Fly Solo

Even if human beings are social learning to be, and do things, alone is not always second nature. It is good to keep yourself company and forego socializing to get familiar with numerouno.

Flying solo, whether to go on vacation, dine out, see a view helps build self-confidence and independence.

40. Care for Something

We all need to practice self-care to live our best lives, but for nurturing other than yourself; you can spend the upcoming year trying it out. You can take care of pets to increase confidence, promote a sense of safety, and decrease anxiety.

41. Stay Connected

Not everyone stays in the same place for long. When loved ones and friend move to faraway place, or nearby; it can be sad and unsettling. So, next year, if you are due for a catch cup, make better efforts to stay in touch.

42. Stay Present

People spend half of our lives not living in the present moment. So, resolve to slow down this year, go easy on multitasking, practice mindfulness or you could miss some amazing things happening right in front of you. 

43. Develop an Abundance Mindset

Life becomes a “keeping up with Joneses” race to the finish. But why put yourself under undue pressure? Vow to switch your present time to scarcity to one of abundance. 

44. Learn Patience

Patience is a virtue, but it is one that can be notoriously hard to maintain and foster. But science says that waiting for things will only make us happier. So, learn how to be patient with yourself and others. 

45. Quit Apologizing

A lot of us have the habit of apologizing for passively uttering “I’m sorry,” even if we have made no error when things are not our fault. This year learn to save your sorry when they are required and when you really mean it.

46. Practice Optimism

Make a New Year resolution to always see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are not good at being optimistic, you can now train your brain to adopt a glass-half-full outlook to better cope during and after hardships.

47. Get Yourself Seen

The existential concept of “being seen” enables one to harness the vulnerability in exposing our true selves to others to foster greater self-confidence.

So, shed the hard outer shed and try letting friends and loved ones by sharing intimate details of your life. 

48. Love Yourself Unconditionally

Loving yourself without restriction is challenging for many. So, resolve to love yourself this year by practicing self-care, accepting yourself, forgiving yourself for indiscretions and mistakes, exiting toxic relationships and healing old wounds.

49. Get in Shape

Losing weight is the top resolution and combined with exercise more and stay fit and healthy is something that many wishes to achieve. You can look at some easy tricks, hack, and exercises to avoid making the best of your resolution. 

50. Start Eating Healthier Food and Less Food Overall

Switching to a healthier diet can be incredibly tricky when we are surrounded by cheap junk food.

But, with a good amount of identification and basic tips, you can develop healthier eating habits. So, learn to control emotional eating and make use of tricks at outstanding and healthy recipes.

51. Improve Your Mental and Concentration Skills

You can use anything from apps to ancient meditation techniques to hone mental skills and boost concentration. If you go through with this, and control your subconscious mind, learn faster and have an easy time solving issues.

52. Become More Active

Move around more throughout the day instead of staying hunched over the computer or mobile. It is even more fun if you share your activities with family and friends. 

53. Become More Confident and Take Some Chances

A good dose of self-confidence will help you lead a happier life, so get some input on ways to boost your confidence.

54. Earn More Money

You can use an additional source of income to make life a bit more comfortable. So, check for options available like part time job working as a freelancer or using the internet to your benefit. 

Yes, keep money earning mentality in this coming year, because in this rush of the world you need good money also, so we have added it as a new year resolution in this list.

55. Become More Polite

Know some etiquette, be prepared or other manners in other countries deal with rude people in the right way and learn how to say no. Make this an important part of your civilized society. 

56. Reduce Stress

Try to avoid stress and its side effect to not mess you on your hectic modern lifestyle. Manage it with the help of unconventional, useful, and easy to practice tricks for stress management. 

57. Learn to Be Happy With Your Life

Make a good living and have stress under control. It takes patience and time to learn how to find joy and happiness in little things and not let problems bring you down.

So, make a decency that will resolve things around you and let you be happy with your life. 

58. Watch Less TV

Many people waste their time in front of TV that could have been better spent keeping your body active, learning, or developing skills. So, manage and cut down on television time and make a productive day. 

59. Find a Significant Other

Go out and get to know a bunch of potential partners prior to finding that can get along well. Get inspired on your way towards love by some best tips and meet people, asking someone out, and having an original and amazing first date. 

60. Learn How to Dress With Style?

Wearing right clothes can make you seem confident and powerful and catch the eye of a lovely guy or girl, get promoted, or help you land a job. No matter you are a male or female, know the dress code and live with style.

61. Learn a New Language

Not only will learning a new language help improve your comm skills, but it will also look great on resume. You can learn a new language through plenty of resources for free in your spare time. 


Well, there you have it; an extensive list of tricks, tips, and advice to help you see through your New Year resolution making some short-term and long-term changes in your life. I wish you a Happy New Year in advance. 

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