Children’s Day Speech for School and College Students

Children’s Day Speech for School and College Students: Children are very thrilled about this Day. If your child has to inscribe a speech or essay on Children’s Day, here’s how parents can help them get ready.

Explanation of Why we celebrate Children’s Day?

Once your child greets the audience, he or she can begin the speech by talking about when and why Children’s Day is celebrated. Get your child’s books on Jawaharlal Nehru, which talks about his unique hobbies for children, and include them in speeches.

How is Day Celebrated?

Your child can talk about how children across the country celebrate Day. For example, a grand celebration is observed on this Day in most schools, where teachers and other staff members treat students with exciting performances, food, and gifts.

Talk about Children’s rights

Children’s Day is not just about making merry. It is also meant to shed light on the rights and welfare of children. A Children’s Day speech will be an excellent opportunity to emphasize issues affecting today’s children from physical and mental health to education and how each can be improved to ensure a better future.

Use simple language

When preparing a speech with your child, make sure you do not want to add jargon. Writing should be simple for everyone to understand and relate to.

Timing of Speech

Please help your child correct the speech to make sure it is not too long or tedious.

Rehears well

Once the language is ready, please help your child practice it multiple times to improve his speech-giving body language, skills, and confidence so that he does not hesitate on stage.

A Children’s Day speech is an article of words that most students and children need. As it is a subject of full awareness and interest; therefore, here is an essay inappropriate and straightforward language on Children’s Day, unique initially written for students and children, this speech covers all aspects of Children’s Day.

Children’s Day is celebrated with great joy throughout the country, performing various activities such as dance singing competitions, storytelling, and poetry contests, painting, and essay writing, and other cultural events, along with many more for those children Donations made to those who need resources. The government also holds camps and programs to facilitate development work for children. Outdoor and indoor games played with children in schools, colleges.

Childrens Day Speech for School and College Students in Word limits

Childrens Day Speech for College Students

Good morning. It is again in the middle of November – an extraordinary occasion for us. November 14 celebrated as Children’s Day. We Indians today commemorate the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country. His hobby for children and deep bonding with him is legendary.

Celebrating children in schools and educational institutions, in homes, and families is a way of honoring Uncle Nehru and his vision for our nation, which rests firmly on the shoulders of our youth. It is through the aspirations and enthusiasm of the children of our country; we can manage to achieve the pride of Indian society.

Children’s Day is a time of fun, and our schools/institutions, like many others in the country, will host many entertaining events and exciting competitions for children. However, this date would not be complete without reflection of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s ideals and values. Coming from very privileged backgrounds did not affect Nehruji’s outlook. His education and family preference were considerable, earning him a place of honor in British India.

Nevertheless, he favored Mahatma Gandhi and involved himself in the Indian freedom struggle. From civil disobedience to satyagraha to prison terms to negotiation on the terms of our freedom, Nehruji devoted himself to the nation. It is the path he has shown us, and it is the path we must take to get the children of our country to regain our rightful status as leaders of the globe.

Not only was Pandit Nehru a great friend and confidant of children, he not only spent his time in the group of bright young minds, but he also set a superb example for the teachers and parents of this country. Today is the period of technology, of busy lives, where the only complaint we have is the lack of time for personal contact. Nehru demonstrated that all the barriers we have created are only in our minds.

The summer of 1928 was the beginning. Nehruji was busy participating in the functions of the Congress, and the call of Purna Swaraj was a renaissance. His 10-year-old daughter Indira was learning in Mussoorie, and these were not the period of video calls or mobile phones. Yet Pandit Nehru was able to shape the mind of his young daughter. He wrote to her, which we now know as “a letter from a father to his daughter.” And the outstanding work he did gave us one of the most dynamic leaders – Indira Gandhi.

Even during the period of his four-year imprisonment in Ahmednagar (between 1942 and 1946), he managed to join one of the most beautiful accounts of Indian history – the Pen very of India. Regrettably, many of us are yet to read this epic treatise. It’s high time. These examples are enough to inspire teachers and parents. They show how a parent, a teacher, a thinker can shape young minds and lead them to greatness.

Nurturing children who are the building blocks of our future and our country, the children of our country are still fighting for primary healthcare and education. I am not aware that some of the most critical data have come to light. India is one of the key countries in Asia when it comes to the employment of child labor. About 33 million children employed in various industries – one-fifth of child labor used worldwide — many of these Indian children employed in dangerous occupations such as matchboxes and cutting precious stones.

We are handing over their future and one of our darkness by not taking a stand against child labor and providing primary education to every child. If each of us only makes a focused effort towards freeing India from this evil, will our country succeed in becoming a truly independent country, India, which was conceived by Nehruji and all our great leaders?

I once again extend my heartfelt greetings and best wishes on Children’s Day. Let us celebrate the Day with joy and fully appreciate the gift of childhood that has given to us. However, we must also remember that our responsibility is to work towards a better society, a better India.

Children’s Day Speech for School Students

Dear Principal, teachers and my dear friends,

Today we have gathered here to rejoice Children’s Day, which marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India’s first Prime Minister. On November 14, Pandit Nehru was born, and was extremely popular among children and was called Chacha Nehru.

He was a prominent leader and more freedom fighter that fought hard for India’s independence and avowed in as the country’s first Prime Minister in 1947. He served as the Prime Minister of the country for over 16 years. India is a world leader.

During his rule, he advocated for compulsory education to children and was very vocal about his rights. He believed in the belief that children are the future of the nation, and therefore it is essential to nurture and educate them properly.

Children’s Day is not at all meant to give gifts to children and to organize proceedings for them. It is a day to realize their significance in nation-building and to provide them with an occasion to release their wings and fly high to attain their goals.

He always said that every country has to provide quality education to their children and ensure that they enjoy good health. Each state must empower its young minds as they are future generations, and the development of the country depends on them.

Pandit Nehru once said that “Today’s children will create tomorrow’s India. The way they bring them will determine the future of the country.”

So, on this, Children’s Day takes a pledge to ensure that every child in this country has equal rights, safety, and quality education.

With this, I conclude my speech. Thank you all, and I wish all of you a very Happy Children’s Day!

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