Clean India Green India Essay For Students and Children in 1000 words

In this article, read ‘Clean India Green India Essay’ for students and children. It includes the meaning, campaign, 10 lines about the clean India programme.

Clean India Green India Essay (1000 Words)

Cleanliness is next to godliness. We all seek to have a clean environment as it helps us to be healthy and sound. We all must look over this issue, and it’s our utmost duty to keep our surroundings clean and healthy. 

The government has played a pivotal role in achieving the goal of a clean environment and launched 2 national programs—”Clean India and Green India”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off this movement by cleaning the roads. 

This campaign is commonly known as Swach Bharat Abhiyan or the Clean India Movement. The Green India campaign came into action on the recommendation of the Prime Minister’s council, and it mainly focuses on climate change issues. 

Meaning of Clean India Green India

We are all aware of the famous proverb that cleanliness is next to godliness. But we never followed cleanliness properly. 

Various benefits are associated with keeping the environment clean and healthy. A clean environment helps to save our endangered species from going extinct. We can breathe clean air in a clean environment. 

Clean India Green India should become the dream of every Indian citizen. Many Indians have started to take cleanliness seriously with the launch of the Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

People have now started cleaning their surroundings and correctly disposing of the garbage. But still, we see that many of them are not taking this agenda very seriously. 

The beginning of everything requires a kick start. One of the best ways to begin this drive is by cleaning our homes first. After that, we can collaborate with our immediate neighbours and clean the surroundings of our society. 

Now the governments are also interfering in this programme. It has started to subsidise the cost of raw materials for the construction of raw materials. 

Some steps must be taken by us in this regard:

  • We should carry a recyclable bag when we move out of the house. 
  • Do not depend on those plastic non-recyclable bags. We should not throw garbage here and there. 
  • Focus on composting the kitchen waste at home, which will lower the garbage volume sent to landfills and also reduce the chance of some products becoming marine debris. 

Clean India Campaign

The Clean India campaigns were launched in the year 2014 during Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. The clean India campaign is also known as Swach Bharat Abhiyan or Swachh Bharat Mission. 

The government of India initiated this campaign to eliminate all open defecation. It also aims to improve solid waste management. This programme was launched with a lot of fanfare in the capital city of Delhi. 

During the launching event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that cleanliness is a virtue that should be cultivated in every individual. In this event, he moved into a colony, which is the inhabitant site of the sanitation worker, and started to broom to clean a public place. 

Clean India Healthy India

India is emerging as a world superpower. We are the largest democratic country in terms of population. 

A few years back, Surat, a city in Gujarat, was badly affected and struck by the plague due to the rat-infested garbage heaps. After that incident, the town woke up, and today the city is very spicy and crowded.

In our Indian culture, we emphasise more on the purity of the mind than the purity of the cleanliness of the external environment. 

That’s why uncleanliness is a major problem in India. And the people of India are not much worried about the uncleanliness. This uncleanliness is visible in both rural and urban places. 

In today’s economy, garbage is the real threat to the development and prosperity of a nation. This problem has increased mainly due to commercialization and industrialization

Plastic is the only one that makes significant chunks of the waste generated, and the disposal becomes hard. 

To deal with these garbage-related issues, the Clean India Campaign was launched, which aims at resolving the problems related to garbage that we face in India. The prime minister’s council also approved green India’s missionclimate change.

The main agenda of this Green India campaign is to combat climate change and its negative repercussions. The goal is achieved by planting a large number of trees in the forest and the town’s neighbouring areas to increase the rate of carbon dioxide sequestration. 

In this way, the maximum amount of carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere and stored in the trees. This helps in reducing the carbon footprint on the earth.  

10 Lines on Clean India Green India Essay

  1. Clean India Green India means cleaning every street, village, and city in India.
  2. The Clean India Campaign and Green India Campaign are 2 programmes launched by the government of India to assist the cleaning. 
  3. Citizens of India should focus on this clean India campaign and use jute bags or paper bags instead of poly bags.
  4. Clean India helps to keep India healthy and clean, and for that, a proper sewerage system is also necessary. 
  5. The excessive use of plastic is deteriorating India. That’s why the first step to cleaning India is saying no to plastic use.
  6. The government also put forward efforts in the direction of solid waste management by sending sanitary workers with vans to every house for the collection of household garage. 
  7. These vans also raise awareness of wet and dry waste. Wet waste includes biodegradable waste, and it includes all the cooked and uncooked material. 
  8. Dry waste is non-biodegradable waste and it includes metal, leather, plastic, glasses, and rubber wire. 
  9. Dry waste is collected in a blue-colored dustbin while the wet or biodegradable waste is thrown into a green-colored dustbin. 
  10. The clean India programmes aim at raising awareness of the open defecation system.  


India will flourish if all the Indians come together and participate in this waste management and cleanliness programme. The government scheme can only succeed in this clean India initiative until and unless the citizens cooperate with the government. 

This mission can only become successful with our active participation. A clean and healthy environment is the first step toward prosperity and is essential for us. 

A clean and healthy nation attracts tourists, which will directly provide input to the Indian economy. 

We will be the first ones to benefit once this programme becomes successful. Our health will be promoted. We will all be devoid of diseases. We should take care of our nation the way we take care of our family and friends

Lastly, a clean, India Healthy and Green India should be our prime focus area, and we must participate actively in this program.  

I hope you liked this informative essay on clean India green India.

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