Trees Are Our Best Friends Essay For Students in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read ‘Trees Are Our Best Friends Essay’ for students and children in 1000 words. It includes the meaning of this phrase, its significance, its importance, benefits, helpful trees, and 10 lines on trees.

Trees Are Our Best Friends Essay in English (1000 Words)

It is correctly said by a great scholar that “when you plant a tree, you plant a new life.” Trees are one of nature’s most priceless, precious, and valuable gifts.

They seem to be our friends as they give us everything we require. Trees are considered a blessing bestowed upon humankind. 

The most important thing is that trees don’t need us. Rather, we depend on them. They play a significant role in the lives of every organism on earth and form an integral part of our well-being. 


Trees are the essence of our lives. Tree leaves murmur, “We are your best friends.” They play a significant role in the ecology and in humans’ and other organisms’ lives.

Trees are our best friends, and they are those friends who give us everything without expecting a single thing in return. 

Without the trees, the earth would no longer be green and would turn into a desert. They seem to provide numerous benefits to humans and only expect to get a bit of love, and care, which we often ignore. 

They provide us with a lot of things essential for survival. They gave us the fruit, vegetables, and all other food items to feed us, oxygen to breathe, timber to make a home, and other housewares such as furniture, beds, etc. 

They absorb carbon dioxide and hence reduce the carbon content in the atmosphere. They are the sole reasons for the rainfall and preservation of groundwater.

Furthermore, they also protect the human settlements from floods and other natural calamities. They prevent soil erosion and landslide disasters. 

Some environmentalists refer to trees as the grandchildren of mother earth, surviving longer than human things. Humans don’t see how important trees are, and they keep taking advantage of them for short-term gains.

Why Are Trees Important?

Just like our friends, trees also come into our use in many ways. Everything is shared with trees, just like we share it with our friends. They provide us with fruit, food, seeds, honey, flowers, herbs, and many more.

It is just impossible for any human being to survive without trees, as they belong to the category of principal sources of oxygen on earth. 

We tend to forget all the contributions of trees and continue to exploit them endlessly to meet our growing demand and greed. They are just like our true friends who share everything with us.

They provide us with delicious food to eat, flowers to decorate, seeds to practise agriculture, and certain medicinal herbs to cure several diseases. 

They also provide us with timber, using which we make our houses, furniture, and different tools. They also provide us with firewood, which we use as fuel to derive heat and light energy.

Fiber present in the cellulose of raw wood is used to make paper. Trees are also a source of teas and certain medicinal herbs that effectively cure many diseases.

Benefits of Trees in Our Daily Life

Trees are beneficial to humankind, and other life forms present on earth because of the various benefits they provide. Benefits from trees are broadly categorised into 3 criteria: social benefit, economic benefit, and environmental benefits.

Economic Benefit: Trees provide us with economic benefits in numerous ways. They provide us with food to eat, which is then converted into other forms and exported internationally.

The timer is also obtained from trees that are used in making homes, furniture, schools, offices, colleges, etc. Trees also provide us with paper, which has its use in our daily lives.

This is the most important economic product that we obtain from trees. Trees also provide many medicinal products to treat many deadly diseases like fever, HIV, cancer, and mastitis. 

Environmental Benefits: Trees act as regulators of the environment and guardians of the environment, regulating the temperature of the atmosphere and maintaining a balance between humidity and dryness. 

They have an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing global warming. They facilitate rainfall by causing transpiration. The more trees in a region, the more rainfall there will be in that region. 

They protect the earth’s surface from the harsh heat of the sun, form a positive shield, and also prevent soil erosion and floods. They also help improve soil fertility by releasing essential nutrients into the soil when they rot.

They serve as a social gathering place for many birds, as they build nests and lay eggs on them. They are also a home for many of the animals. Human activities have immensely damaged their habitats, leading to the extinction of many animals. 

Humans consider the tree a stress buster because of the serenity it provides. The ambiance of nature reduces anxiety, tension, and fatigue in individuals. They also have certain religious beliefs associated with it. 

They are worshipped by the Hindu community, often religiously, in many parts of India. The peepal tree is considered to resemble Lord Vishnu, while the coconut tree is named after the god Laxmi.

The neem tree is associated with Lord Durga, and the banyan tree is worshipped on various auspicious occasions. Therefore, most tribes considered cutting a tree against religion, and thus they forbade this activity. 

The 10 Most Helpful Trees

The name of the most helpful tree, which you need to know for survival in the forest nearby, is:

  1. Mulberries
  2. Basswood/Linden
  3. Willow
  4. Walnuts
  5. Oaks
  6. Pine
  7. White Birch
  8. Cherries
  9. Hackberry
  10. Honey Locust

How Do You Save Trees?

Trees are an essential component of the earth’s ecosystem.We must save them by making a few minor lifestyle changes that will help to make our planet a better place to live in. 

  • Avoid using products made from palm oil.
  • Try to use less paper.
  • Buy recycled paper products.
  • Go for cloth products over paper whenever possible.
  • Try to push your local government to do more to conserve these trees. 
  • Try to look for volunteer opportunities to plant or protect the tree.
  • Buy FSC-certified wood.
  • Make a campaign to save the trees and spread the word about trees and forests on social media.
  • Lastly, try to plant as many trees as possible. 

10 Lines on Trees Are Our Best Friends

  1. Trees provide us with oxygen, which is essential for our survival. They also take the carbon dioxide exhaled by us, thereby maintaining the natural balance.
  2. They provide us with beautiful flowers, delicious foods, timber, and some healthy herbs.
  3. They are the primary source of oxygen on this planet.
  4. They make our environment look even more beautiful and aesthetic. 
  5. Trees must be given protection and conserved in their natural habitat. 
  6. Areas rich in trees benefit from more rainfall and various other climatic phenomena.
  7. We never give anything to them in return for all the favours we get from them.
  8. Overexploitation of trees and deforestation has led to a reduction in their number, and it badly affects our ecosystem.
  9. Proper care and planting of trees are essential to having a better ecosystem.
  10. Trees provide us with various benefits, and we must respect that and try our best to conserve them. 


We can’t survive in this world without friends. Similarly, we also can’t survive without trees on this land. Trees provide us with everything necessary for our survival, but we do nothing for trees. 

The last thing that we can do for the trees is to protect them from being cut down and overexploited. And we need to do that immediately because, without them, we can’t survive, and our motherland will turn into a desert. 

The governments of many nations are doing their best to save trees and increase their number.

Still, as responsible citizens of this country, we need to move forward and take some effective steps to protect this non-renewable resource, that is, our trees and forests. Trees are our best friends. This must be our main agenda, and we must protect them. 

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