Essay on World Environment Day For Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read an essay on World Environment Day for students and children in 1000 words. This includes introduction, importance, date, celebration, 10 lines, and conclusion on World Environment Day.

Essay on World Environment Day in English 1000 Words

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th Jun across the world. This day is considered as the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. The environment is the surrounding that comprises all the life forms. 

It’s a life-giving source for all the living species on the earth. Further, it comprises the entire ecosystem, and the environment supplements a structured pattern for living. 

We proudly celebrate the environment day to value and cherish all the elements provided to us by Mother Nature and to promote awareness among the masses. 

Pollution is the main cause of the degradation of the environment, and we are the chief agent for sabotaging the entire ecosystem. It mainly occurs when the natural elements are destroyed. 

Some of the aspects that nature could not break down linger on the surface and pollute our environment. All this leads to various types of pollution on earth like-air, water, soil, noise, etc.  

We have been destroying and damaging our environment for a few decades. We have been clearing the forests for creating football pitches, buildings, industries, and so on. Our greedy activities for fulfilling our desires are responsible for the destruction of half of our wetlands. 

Until now, 50% of the coral reefs have already been lost due to our activities, and the rest of the coral reefs will be lost by 2050 if this global warming problem persists. 

All this has led to ecosystem loss, and global greenhouse emission plays an essential role in the deterioration of our environment. 

World Environment Day

To deal with this, we have to prefer ecosystem restoration, which means preventing, halting and reversing the damage, i.e., going from exploiting nature to healing it. To conduct this activity on a global scale, the United Nations plays a very significant role. 

This United nation has instituted World Environment Day intending to minimize human interference with the environment. 

Now, around 143 countries across the globe celebrate this day. 5th Jun is completely dedicated to nature and to making our planet greener and habitable for future generations. 

On this very day, people raise awareness for the need to care for our nature, protect the food we eat, clean the air we breathe, and maintain the water body’s cleanliness. We ought to wake up and desire to create a better place to sustain on this earth. 

World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time in 1974 with the theme “Only One Earth”. Since 1974, this day has been celebrated across the globe annually on 5th Jun with a specific environmental theme. 

Why Do We Celebrate World Environment Day?

The environment is the most precious gift which we have from nature. Today we need to give more importance to the environment and take necessary steps to conserve/protect it; we should not take the environment for granted. 

We are truly grateful for all those things which we receive from our environment. To give respect and be grateful for the environment for all those things it provides, we started celebrating a specific day-5th Jun completely dedicated to the environment. 

On this auspicious day, every individual takes a pledge to protect it. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the environment and prevent it from further damage caused by human activities. 

This day mainly reminds us of the various measures taken by each individual to protect our environment. It’s our sole responsibility to save and protect the environment. We should stop all those exploitation activities which can destroy the environment. 

According to Margaret Thatcher, there is no monopoly on this earth for any generation; we all are for the survival of life-the cost for which we have to pay. Nobody owes this world, and everything on this planet is temporary. Humans and other livings depend on nature for their existence. 

It is essential and crucial to save the world from the misuse and deleterious effects. And the resource which is provided to us by nature needs to be adequately mechanized respected, and should be used deleteriously. 

We can prevent the misuse of the environment through consistent effort and awareness.  

When We Celebrate World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is celebrated globally on 5th Jun. It was celebrated first time in 1974, and then it continues to celebrate on 5th Jun annually. 

How to Celebrate World Environment Day?

On this World Environment Day, we all must participate in various campaigns to spread awareness about environmental protection. Every year World Environment Day is celebrated according to a specific theme. 

Some specific slogans are also used for the theme to bring success to the campaign across the globe. Different organizations from across the world come together on this day and take small steps to improve the future. 

Various schools and organizations plant tresses to fight these problems and thus overall saving of our environment. The government also plays a significant role by making strict laws and reducing the use of plastics. 

This day focuses on the planting of trees which can curb pollution and save the environment. To reduce pollution and protection of environmental awareness can be spread among the various people. 

10 Lines on World Environment Day

  1. The United Nations General Assembly decided to designate 5th Jun as World Environment Day on 15th Dec 1972. 
  2. The celebration became worldwide in 1974, and this year 143 countries participated in the celebration.  
  3. This day is mainly marked to raise awareness against environmental issues, wildlife crime, and overpopulation. 
  4. India hosted the world environment day in 2018 with the theme of Beat Plastic Pollution, and Pakistan hosted the 2021 world environment day. The theme of India for the 2021 celebration is “promotion of biofuels for a better environment”. 
  5. The government of India launched E-100 Pilot Project in Pune for the production and distribution of ethanol across the country. 
  6. UNESCO’s efforts to preserve the world’s assets are recognized throughout this day. 
  7. Though this day is celebrated globally, it’s not a public holiday. 
  8. People participate in this celebration by organizing campaigns and planting the saplings to create a better environment.
  9. The primary colours of this day are brown, green, and blue. 
  10. This day mainly highlights the growing concern for the quality of the environment. 


The main agenda behind the celebration of this world environment is to create a beautiful world that is free from various forms of pollution and scarcity of natural resources

Certain steps like banning plastics, saving wildlife, planting more trees, recycling can lead to a better environment. 

Every individual must be conscious of their activities and strive to keep their surroundings clean and healthy. We should work efficiently to protect our natural resources and use them efficiently and carefully. 

We need to stand together, and in this way, we can create a beautiful and healthy environment. I hope you liked this essay on world environment day in English.

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