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In this Television Essay for Students and Children you will read its definition, origin, history, importance, advantages, disadvantages, 10 lines. We have published this essay on tv in 1000+ words.

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Introduction (Television Essay)

Television is the most powerful medium for the promotion of entertainment and knowledge of science. It is one of the unique, superlative and brilliant discoveries of science.

Television eradicates the tiredness of this runaway life of man, gives him mental peace, and freshens the person again, replenishing the energy to work again.

Origin and History of Television

Televisions comprise two words – Tele and Vision. Which means distant worlds or all the beautiful and bizarre pictures before the eyes?

That is why it is called Doordarshan in Hindi. Television is considered as an advanced form of the technology other than radio. A person in radio can keep himself up to date from all the news of the country and the world and can entertain him by listening to various jokes and songs broadcast in radio.

In the same way, through television, a person can increase his knowledge by watching and listening to TV along with entertainment.

Let me tell you that in the year 1925, John L. from Britain Baird used this brilliant discovery on television for the first time.

After this, in 1926, he discovered TV, while Doordarshan was broadcast for the first time in India in 1959. Initially, it was very expensive, but now it has reached every home, and now at affordable rates too.

We can purchase television as per your need. This is the reason that now the roots of television are spread all over the world and now it has become a necessity for every household.

Importance of Television

Television has a different importance for everyone. The programs aired on the cartoon channel by children are very much liked, now that the characters of these programs have replaced the cartoon characters of the comics book.

Then it is a better medium for students to learn, because now Many such educational programs are broadcast on television, by which students can increase their knowledge by learning, and it also helps them to easily understand many tough topics through television.

Television has a different significance for the youth, most of the youth enjoy the movies, TV shows etc. that are broadcast on TV, along with it, remove their mental tension by watching it.

While television has a different significance for the elders, they entertain their minds by watching television in their spare time, and move towards spirituality through religious programs aired on it.

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Advantages of Television in points

The benefits and use of television are as follows-

1. Good for news & information

Television broadcasts many such news channels, which keep us updated with all the news happening in the country and the world.

Which includes news related to a particular person, small institutions, sports world, weather, criminal events, development of India and abroad, all other news including economy?

2. The most powerful medium of entertainment

Television is the best, cheapest and best means of entertainment, through television, people of all age groups can entertain themselves by watching programs according to their interest and needs.

3. Better means to increase human knowledge

Nowadays many enlightening programs are broadcast in TV channels, along with English-speaking classes are also given to children, topic wise courses of competitive exam etc. are shown, which will help children to understand many topics and they Can increase your information.

4. Helps to relieve mental stress

When a man comes home after a day’s run, watching television, forgets all his troubles and troubles for a few moments and causes him to feel fresh, and helps him to overcome his mental stress. Television is also a wonderful friend of man’s free time.

5. Can watch with family

Many sports channels are telecasted on television so that one can enjoy watching the live broadcast of sports like cricket matches, football matches, badminton etc. in the country and the world.

Apart from this, many cartoon TV channels are also broadcast for children, along with it has also emerged as a suitable medium to take the elderly to the spiritual world.

In fact, companies broadcast TV channels associated with many religions and faith, in which many religious programs are telecast. Apart from this, many programs related to agriculture are also broadcasted, so that farmers get information about the weather and how to grow good crops.

Television also has many other benefits, which humans can avail according to their needs.

Disadvantages of Television in points

Every coin has two sides, in the same way that television has, we discuss its effects below-

1. Effect on eyes

Watching TV more than necessary has an adverse effect on the eyes, which also increases the risk of human eyesight being reduced, so one should not watch TV closely.

2. TV makes diseases

People who always stick to television and sit on the same posture and watch TV, then such people are at increased risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Many people do not remember their mealtime while watching TV, because of which their food and drink becomes irregular, and they fall prey to many diseases.

Along with this, the habit of eating food while watching TV causes a person to become obese because people eat more while watching TV.

3. Wastage of time

Watching TV in free time is right, but some people cannot do their important work because of watching their favourite TV program or movie. So many students stick to the TV during the exam which is a waste of time.

4. Some TV programs have adverse effects on children

Channels broadcasts many such films and television programs on television, which has a terrible effect on the brain of children and promotes criminal activities. Along with this, they show some such advertisements which are not suitable for children at all.

10 Lines about Television

  1. Television is one of the most popular devices used for entertainment worldwide.
  2. If you spend hours in front of the television, your eyesight will become weak. your
  3. Television was invented in 1926 by John L. Baird, a Scottish scientist.
  4. But later, colour television started being replaced by black-white television.
  5. Television is one of the greatest inventions of mankind.
  6. The world’s first electronic television was invented in 1927 by a 21-year-old inventor – Philo Taylor Farnsworth.
  7. Television offers various other non-formal education programs that increase your overall knowledge on issues other than the subject.
  8. Television is a boon for humanity.
  9. Uncontrolled display of violent and corrupt programs makes the youth a victim of egoistic, violent and corrupt conduct.
  10. These days, under the influence of television, many youths are committing bullying, smoking, alcohol consumption, other corrupt practices.


Through television, we can easily get information of every field, along with programs related to the culture and tradition of any country. They can make people aware and also help in guiding people right through it.

It is found that the development of television as a big industry has also encouraged the economy of the country and new employment options have been created, it has many benefits, but it should be viewed according to its needs, otherwise it leads to bad health effect.

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