Essay on Giraffe for Students and Kids: The Tallest Animal

In this article, we have published an essay on giraffe for students and kids. It is the Tallest Animal in this world. Childrens love to read this essay written in 1000 Word.

Introduction (Essay on Giraffe)

The word ‘giraffe’ derived from the Arabic word ‘zirafah’, which means ‘the highest of all’.

The giraffe is the tallest terrestrial animal in the world, up to 9 feet tall and weighing up to 2,800 pounds! This colossal mammal is best known for its long neck, spotted pattern and long legs.

Scientific classification giraffe starts up the kingdom of animals. There is the top of the string, followed by a class of mammals. Then there is the Artiodactyla, followed by the Giraffidae family. The following family is a kind of giraffe. Last but not least, genre. Camelopardalis.   

Giraffe relies on many modalities of sensory in a variety of situations, from food when communicating to the other.

Habitat of Giraffe

The giraffe prefers the climate usually warm, and the temperature ranges to from 70-88°F. Clearcoat giraffes have a color from light brown to deep chocolate brown, which helps them survive in tropical climates and camouflage of trees.

The night spends to the lying and chewing, especially in the hours after dusk and before dawn. The range of home giraffe can be as small as a few kilometers square, or greater than 100 kilometers square, the dependence of a variable environment and seasons of the year. Most giraffes come from the West African and southern Kalahari range.                  

Problems for Giraffe species

People are the major predator of giraffes. They hunt giraffes for meat, hair, and tails. It is believed that the giraffe tail brings happiness. Lions and tigers are also spotted with several giraffe predators.

The mother giraffe protects its children from predators, when these happen, the mother steps in and kicks the predator with its front or hind legs. From 50 to 75% of calves become the victims of lions and spotted hyenas in the first month of life.         

Both sexes have blunt, skin-covered horns. Coats have spots on a brown background, markings, which mix up with many trees as far as aging giraffe’s color is a darker brown. Each animal has a particular set of markings.

Giraffes have a sense of smell, vision, and fantastic eyesight. The life expectancy of a giraffe is up to twenty- six years in the wild and thirty- six years in captivity. Giraffes live in deserts and open forests.

They are many available to the south in the Sahara, and large numbers only in East Africa. Giraffes are herbivores. They eat mainly on the leaves of acacia, mimosa and wild apricots.                     

Scientists have discovered many interesting facts about giraffes. One of the facts is that the giraffe may exist in the period of the Quaternary. This period is the division of geological time in the Cenozoic period. Found evidence for this, in the latter part of this period Sahara occupied giraffes and other animals grazing out on the land. 

Along with these exciting facts, scientists discovered various techniques of giraffe communication. Chemical communication is a powerful indication, mainly to ensure reproduction, mark territory, and alert prey to predators. 

Giraffes are quite sociable animals and occasionally gather in herds. However, there are no group connections. Teenagers stay with several adult females, and males are nomads and walk between groups of females. Because there is no fixed breeding season for giraffe, males always wander in search of sensitive females.

Males fight for dominance, and the find to associate with females is fascinating. They use long, muscular necks to hit the opponent’s body and fight by wrapping them around them. The loser is out of balance and encounters very rarely lead to serious injury.

Giraffes are generally calm animals that approach their interests with an atmosphere of peace. Sometimes, when they are disturbed, they snort, and when predators attack them, they roar.

Male and female have a lot of differences, size, weight, and color. Males typically weigh about 2,500 pounds, while the female weight about 1,800 pounds. Female giraffes have an average of fourteen feet of growth, and the male seventeen feet.

Males also has a darker skin color. Females reproduce themselves every twenty to twenty- three months. Pregnancy lasts fifteen months.                 

The giraffe’s body structure is very well built, which makes it easier for the giraffe to survive in the wild. Their exceptionally long neck facilitates reaching a high place and gathers food.

The legs are also six feet, which facilitates giraffe trampling predators trying to be hurt. Giraffes are built to move around and protect freedom.             

There are various facts on the subject of giraffes, about which many people are not aware that Giraffes can reach speeds of up to thirty- five miles per hour. They can live without water for several weeks or months.          

Some interesting Giraffe facts for Kids

Below we have mentioned some amazing facts about giraffe for kids in points-

  1. Giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth. The legs themselves are taller than many people height – about 6 feet.
  2. They can run at 35 miles per hour for short distances or swim at 10 miles per hour for long distances.
  3. Giraffes only drinks once every few days. Most of the water comes from all the plants they eat.
  4. Most of their inhabit giraffes spend standing up, even sleep and give birth while standing. 
  5. Despite attempts by females standing over calves during attacks of lions, spotted hyena, leopards, and African wild dogs, many calves die in the first few months.
  6. Giraffe spots resemble human fingerprints. No two giraffes have the same pattern. 
  7. Giraffes only needs 10 to 35 minutes of sleep in 24 hours! They often achieve this in short naps, which can only last a minute or two at a time. 
  8. Although it was thought that giraffes did not make any sounds, it is now known that this is not true, because giraffes roar, snort, hiss and make sounds like a flute, and low-pitched sounds beyond the range of human hearing.

I hope you liked this informative essay on giraffe animal for kids and students.

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