Best Tips to Stay Healthy in Rainy Season for Students and Children

Here we will tell you some amazing tips to stay healthy in the rainy season for Students and Children. Also, we will tell you about monsoon diets and healthy ideas.

All seasons have their fun, but everybody is waiting for a season with a loud noise, and it is the rainy season. It is the specialty of the rainy season.

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Introduction (Rainy season environment)

After months of tiredness, everybody is waiting for some coolness, and the month of the rain completes its shortfall. As much as the month of rain brings joy and freshness, there is also a healthy impairment of people.

Because of excessive moisture in the month of rain, the biggest fear of the spread of dengue, malaria, bacterial, and viral diseases remains. However, there are some tips which help you stay healthy, away from these diseases in the month of this rain.

Best Tips to Stay Healthy in Rainy Season

1. Wash your hands properly

It is very important to wash hands regularly in the month of rain. We go to many places, meet many people, touch many things.

Someone else may have some infection, and you have contaminated with them, or you may have been sitting on a bench with bacterial or viral infection or someone affected by disease touched that thing. So regularly wash your hands with lukewarm water and soap.

2. Do not touch your face repeatedly

Most bacteria and viruses penetrate our body through the mouth, nose, and eyes, so do not touch your mouth again and again in the rainy season.

Do not wander on your head repeatedly, or turn your hands on the face, keep a napkin or handkerchief with it and use it.

3. How to avoid dirty water

It is normal to see filling gutters and pits with water in the month of rain. Because of the accumulation of water, diseases related to water are generated, such as diarrhea, influenza, cholera, and fungal skin diseases.

Always drink boiled water in the month of rain. Use raincoats and umbrellas as soon as possible. Do not get too wet in water and if possible, use rubber shoes to avoid dirty water.

4. How to Avoid Mosquito and Flies

Always use the mosquito net while sleeping. Dengue and malaria are deadly diseases; the only precise way to prevent them is to use the use of fisheries.

On the accumulation of dirty water during the rainy season, the maximum birth of the mosquito and flies takes place, which causes the biggest fears of spreading malaria and diarrhea.

If you live in the village, then in the evening, burn neem leaves with Paddy straw. You can get rid of flies and mosquito from its smoke.

Keep the house clean as much as you like and keep the old tires, old utensils or water depositing the water out of your home and keep it in a clean place. Always wear full clothes, down to the bottom of the foot – so that the birds and the fly cannot escape.

5. Do not eat outside

If you are afraid of getting the disease, they never think to eat outside. Do not even think of eating food on the roadside this month. Those who are fond of eating fast food know that most bacteria and viruses are produced in the rain’s month in hotels and canteen food.

Eat fresh food made in the house as long as possible and stay agile in the month of rain.

6. Other Essential Tips – To stay healthy in the month of rain

Do not move in rainwater, it can cause fungal infections in the legs. Keep eating warm food and drink regularly.

Allow the children to not rush in rainwater and if they are drenched, go ahead and wipe the head and body from the towel as soon as possible. Never go to A / C rooms with wet hair and clothes if you have asthma and diabetes.

Best food for Rainy Season

The right choice for food during rain or monsoon is homemade foods. Some people have a problem of indigestion in the month of rain because the excess moisture in the air is difficult to digest food.

However, the question is, what kind of food should we eat during monsoon? Let’s know – what else we should eat –

i) Fruit

The fruit should be eaten because it gives the body vitamins, minerals, and energy (strength). Mango, apple, and pomegranate are the best fruits to eat in the rainy months.

Watermelon can also remove your face or pimples from melon, and more conventional food increases the chances of getting the blisters.

ii) Dry food

Stay away from the outside watery food and drinks like – Lassi or the juice found on the side of the road.

Eat dry food such as gram, peas, flour or cornbread.

iii) Water

As we have told you that the diseases associated with water in the rainy season are very high, so the matter of water filter differs from drink water only after boiling it. By boiling water, all of its bacteria-germs die.

iv) Do not use excessive salt (patients with high blood pressure)

Salt should be used less in the month of rain because it is not suitable for health.

v) Vegetables

During the monsoon, raw vegetables should eat like – bitter gourd or fry, neem fruit or neem leaves with fried gram flour. With the help of this fresh vegetables, you can avoid all skin allergies.

vi) Do not eat milk

Do not drink milk during monsoon. If you still want to drink, then drink only 100 degrees Celsius boiled well.

However, you can eat other things made from milk like sweets or yogurt at home.

vii) Do not eat spicy food

In the rainy months, the weather is neither cold nor hot? Spicy food is not suitable for health in this season.

This food has the most significant chances of having skin infections and allergies. If you have found this post good and informative, do not forget to share and comment.

I hope you liked these amazing tips to Stay Healthy in Rainy Season. Thanks for reading !

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