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The Postman Essay (1000 Words)

In India, there are a number of government departments that work to provide services in various sectors. It is a noble profession to work as a government servant. You get an opportunity to serve your country and more importantly, the people in your locality. 

The Postman is one such noble person who does his duty to the general public. Once upon a time, when there were no mobile phones and internet connections everywhere, people used to connect with one another by means of letters, and these letters were delivered by the postman.

Who is called The Postman?

Whenever we think about Postman, we create the image of a person wearing a khaki dress, holding a bag and riding a bicycle in our mind. This is the simplest thought that people have about The Postman. 

A postman is a person who works as a government servant in a post office, and his job is to deliver letters. He travels door to door to deliver letters, parcels, couriers, money orders, and other items. Postmen can be found in every part of the world, as India has the largest postal network in the country.

Apart from delivering parcels and letters, the work of a postman is also to sort the documents at the post office, hand out mail letters to the post office, sell postage stamps, and collect letters from the customers.

The job of a postman starts early in the morning. He collects letters from the mail receipt of the Post Office, sorts the mail, and then he collects money orders from the treasury, before going on his way to deliver the products.

Importance of The Postman

There are over 140 crores of people living in India, spread throughout the country. To make communication faster and easier, the postal department has spread throughout each and every corner of the nation. 

This makes the work of the postman extremely important for society. They are the carriers of useful and essential information and products for professional and personal purposes. 

Furthermore, he plays an important role in the social and economic development of the country. He must make sure that the letters and parcels of the people are in safe and secure hands. 

Difficulties in The Postman Jobs

The job of a postman and his overall work-life is very difficult. He has to work continuously for the whole day, starting from the beginning of office hours. In the morning, he waits for the mail order to release the mail, and from there, he collects all the letters, parcels, and other items. 

He then goes to the treasury to collect the money orders. After collecting all the items, he begins his journey to deliver the products. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, chilly winter, or scorching summer; the postman has to do his duty no matter what. 

Apart from this, the postman has to go long distances and travel through challenging terrains and rough rural areas, and sometimes they also need to pass through dense forests to deliver things. This journey, the postman either covers by walking or by bicycle.

Postmen really work hard to earn money and make people’s lives easier. Despite the Postmen working hard to accomplish difficult tasks, they don’t get paid sufficiently. Apart from it, they also get fewer holidays, and there are little to no chances of their promotion.

How does a postman help us?

A postman serves as a crucial connecting link between two individuals. He brings news from our family, relatives, friends, business deals, office letters, marriage invitations, and other things as well. 

Money orders are also an important thing that is delivered by the postman. Postman travels from door to door to deliver important documents from one place to another place.

Nowadays, we are able to make contact with anyone through social media apps, internet connections, or direct phone calls. 

However, for people who live in interior areas, where the means of communication is limited, postmen are the only people who act as a means of communication for them. 

My Village Postman

The Postman of our village is a humble man, and everyone likes him. He is a well-known person in our village and all other nearby villages. The Postman always wears a khaki uniform that makes him stand apart from that crowd. 

Anyone can recognize him from a distance just because of his uniform. He always carries a bag with him, where he keeps all the letters, parcels, and money orders. Most of the time, he travels on his bicycle.

However, he prefers to walk when he needs to visit any interior destination. He always delivers the packages on time, and he is never late. 

The Postman also knows us well, and whenever any member of our village gets a letter, the Postman directly goes to his house. He knows everyone’s house properly, along with their names.

This makes the work of our local Postman a little bit easier. He also greets people with a smile and handles the parcel for them.

10 lines on The Postman

  1. The Postman is a government servant who works at a post office, and his primary work is to deliver letters, parcels, and money orders to the people.
  2. Working as a postman is a noble job as you will get an opportunity to serve the people in your locality with valuable letters.
  3. Before there were any means of electronic communication in the world, postmen served as the only means of communication through letters.
  4. The work of a postman starts early in the morning when he receives all the letters, parcels, and money orders from the office, and by the time he delivers all the things, it turns into night.
  5. The work of a postman is extremely difficult as he has to deliver products in all types of weather conditions.
  6. Apart from delivering letters, parcels, and money orders, he also collects letters from people’s houses to be sent anywhere else.
  7. The postman delivers the parcels and sorts the items and all other documents in the post office.
  8. Postmen had to travel long distances either by walking or by bicycle to deliver the packages door to door.
  9. He had to travel through interior ritual roads, dense forests, and even muddy roads to reach his destination.
  10. The Postman is an important part of our society that makes our lives easier.


A postman is a person who delivers things to us within the required time. He makes our lives easier by working hard day and night. He travels a lot and even walks long distances to make sure the work is done. 

We should also make his work easier by writing the receiver’s exact name and location, and address. As such, the postman is an integral part of society and serves us with his work.

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