My Role Model Essay For Students & Children 1000 Words

In this article we have published My Role Model Essay for My Father, My Mother, and APJ Abdul Kalam.

My Role Model is My Father Essay

Throughout our lives, we have had a number of people who have made a major impact on our lives. Whether it is a superhero, a comic book character, a political leader or a friend, there is always someone that we look up to and really admire.

We, in fact, thrive on being a person like them. He or she is a role model in our lives. I, too, have a role model in my life. He is a five-and-a-half-foot man with short hair and a calm posture.

I have a face and body structure just like his because he is my father. He is my father; even though he is not a superhero or doesn’t possess an infinite amount of strength, he is the person that I look up to the most. 

My father is the person who inspires me all the time, and he has had a strong impact on my life in the most profound way.

I share a very deep relationship with my father. My father and I may not speak with each other sometimes, but we understand each other properly without even talking.

That’s how strong my bond is with my father. Everyone admires my dad because he too admired and wanted to be a person like his father. 

He is responsible and a man concerned about his family. A man is always there for you, no matter what, and ensures that all your needs are fulfilled. He is not only a dad but also a company, a friend, and he has always been a good mentor to me. 

To me, it is a blessing that I got all of these qualities in a single person, and that too, in my father. He is a very humble and kindhearted man. Everyone knows him for his calm behavior, intelligence, and helping nature. For these reasons, he is loved by all in many ways.

My father is the most hard-working person that I have ever known. He works as a government servant in the agricultural department as an Assistant Agriculture Officer. His work is to ensure that all the villages and panchayats in his block are provided with their farming and agricultural needs. 

A lot of people worked under the superiority of my father, and there were many panchayats under his agricultural leadership. That’s why there is a lot of pressure in his job, but still, he handles everything swiftly. 

All the farmers come to visit him whenever they have any problems or issues with the crops, and he guides them and effectively solves their problems. He has also bagged the title of being the best agriculture officer in our district.

Apart from his professional life and financial pressure, he still makes time for his family. He also does our household work like taking care of the garden, the plants, repairing the garage and other jobs as well. I have also seen him fix the electrical and plumbing things as well.

My father has always been there for me since I was a child. He always pushes me and guides me to face the challenges of life. He helps me in my studies and even makes me understand the topics that I haven’t properly understood in school. 

He shows a constant interest in my hobbies and studies, so it helps me do things properly and effectively.

My father is an amazing person and a great dad with a wonderful personality. He has always guided me to become a better person. I take all the major decisions in my life with his consent. I could not have anyone else better than my dad.

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My Role Model is My Mother Essay

There are a lot of people that I come across in my day-to-day life. This includes my family, my friends, my classmates, relatives, and all my near and dear.

However, one person in our lives loves us more than she loves herself—the one who has given us life and brought us to this world as a mother.

Mothers are the biggest blessing for us in this world. A mother’s love for her child is above anything else in this world. She loves us and cares for us more than anything else. In my life, my mom has had the biggest impact on me, above anyone else. 

Throughout my life, I have always been grateful to my mother for what I am today. Everyone has a role model whom they really admire in their life. People try to be like a celebrity, a friend, a sportsman, or any other character. 

But for me, my mother has always been my role model, and she’ll always be. Her love had no laws and no boundaries, and it is strong enough to crush every obstacle that comes in my way.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people on this planet because I am able to get my mother’s love no matter what. She is not only my mother but also the mother of three children; they are my brother and my sister . 

No doubt, we are there, but we are one for my mother. She loves each of us equally and makes sure that we are healthy and good.

She has made the biggest contribution to our lives. Starting from the morning, as soon as I woke up till the time I went to sleep, she had her involvement in everything. She wakes up early tomorrow morning before anyone else and starts her day by making breakfast for us. 

As soon as the breakfast is made, she wakes me, my brother, and my sister up and then asks us to freshen up. While doing this, she makes sure our school bags and other items are ready. She makes sure our uniforms and shoes are clean. 

She then serves us breakfast. She also makes some extra breakfast so that we can carry it to school. At home, when we are in school, she makes breakfast for my father and sends him to work.

She makes sure that every member of the family starts their healthy day with good food. She also offers Dad a proper, neat, and clean dress for his office. When Dad goes to his office, she starts doing household work. 

She washes the clothes, cleans the house, and does all the other household work by herself. She prepares lunch before any of us comes home. When we are at home, my brother and my sister help our mother with all the work.

My mother is a wonderful lady. She is smart, wise, hard-working and ambitious. Like all other mothers in the world, she is also very concerned about her family. She makes sure to make all the ends meet together and provides us with a happy and healthy life. 

Another great thing about my mother is that she is friendly to everyone and has a welcoming attitude. People like her company and are always attracted to her positive vibes. She is a very calm and modest person, and getting angry is something she does really slowly. 

She is a mature-minded woman and knows how to use words properly. Her words never hurt anyone.

Her generosity is something that I really admire. This is what she always tries to teach us. If there is someone I see as my role model, it is none other than my mother. All the good qualities that I have in me are because of my mom. 

Even if I become half the person she is, I will consider my life complete and that I have succeeded in becoming a better person.

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My Role Model is A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Essay

Many people in his world follow or like anyone by feeling something special about that person. They also admire that person and love what that person really does in his life. This person that others admire and want to be like is their role model. 

It is usually someone who admires you, and you develop a strong enthusiasm for him and his deeds. Having a role model in our lives is important as they teach us how to live a better life by being skilled at something, having sufficient knowledge, or working hard to achieve our goals.

For me, the role model has always been A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. His full name is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He was a renowned scientist and politician in India. From 2002 to 2007, he was even the President of our country. 

The unique thing about Abdul Kalam is that he was elected as President with the support of both the BJP and the opposition party, the Indian National Congress. In fact, people at every party liked him.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was an extremely talented scientist. He played a major role in the development of missiles and nuclear weapons in India. It is because of him that our country is now a major power in the world. 

In the year 1982, when he was working at the Defence Research and Development Organisation, he developed a programme and developed a large number of successful missiles for the nation. For this reason, he is known as the ‘Missile Man of India’. 

He was a man who believed in secularism and promoted communal harmony in the nation for each other’s religion. He secured a place in everyone’s heart; a man loved by all. Today, everyone likes and admires him for his philosophy and teachings.

He is a man who has dedicated his entire life to the people of this country. There are a number of ways in which Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam inspired me. He always had a positive attitude towards failure; this is what I liked the most about him. 

Failures are natural, as we don’t succeed on our first try, but we should not keep trying till we achieve success. I admire his way of thinking and mindset when it comes to adapting to success.

He is a person who never stopped working or dreaming just because he failed in his attempts, and in fact, he worked even harder to achieve his goals.

He was a true legend for the youth of the country. Throughout his entire life, his professional career, work, and writings, he inspired the younger generation. He always loved young people, especially school students. 

He used to say that youngsters must dare to dream and then convert that dream into thoughts and, finally, into actions. His life has indeed been an inspiration for the youth of the nation. As youngsters of the country, it is our duty to be a part of making India a developed country.

A person who treats everyone with dignity and respect. He was a very hard-working man, as he belonged to a very poor background. Because of his compassion and hard work, he was able to achieve all his dreams.

He believed that education is a basic necessity, and each and every child in the country should have a basic education that can help in nation-building.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was truly one of the best leaders that India has ever seen. He was a futurist and a visionary with a vision of making the nation one of the most developed countries in the world. We need more and more people and leaders like him to make our country run towards excellence and achieve our goals.

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