Essay on Digital India for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this article, you will read an Essay on Digital India for Students and Children in 1000+ Words. This includes the vision, pillars, focus areas, facts of Digital India Mission.

This Digital India Mission is mainly launched for a development in technology field and better India.

Essay on Digital India for Students and Children (1000+ Words)

The digital India campaign was launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 1st, 2015. In included the plans to increase the connectivity of high-speed internet to the rural areas of India.

The major part of this campaign focus on developing digital infrastructures to provide government services on a digital level across the country. Solely Digital India Campaign grows the digital services, Electronic manufacturing, and provide job opportunities.

So, as the title suggests, it is all about the digitization of India. There are multiple benefits of this digital revolution, which we will share in this Digital India Essay.

Digital India is an ambitious program run by Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi for developing people and the country. This is focusing mainly on rural regions of the country. The beneficiaries are citizens.

Three Main Areas Focused in Digital India’s Mission for Better India

  • Providing management and services digitally to people on demand
  • Empowering citizens in the digital sphere
  • Providing every citizen with digital infrastructure facilities

Aim of Digital India Mission

The significant aim of this program is to use digitalization by rural residents for almost any works. It is convincing them how jobs can do quickly with less effort and time. Digitization also contributes a better lifestyle and development of the country and citizens.

Less paperwork, less time-consuming, more accurate information, online education, and much more can consider as benefits that digitization brings for us and the country.

Another example of scanning we see around us in schools and colleges are smart classrooms.  That uses projector technology to make the children learn by watching photos, videos, etc.

The motive of this initiative can also be direct achieving at unreachable places. Digitization is nothing else, but our lives depend on artificial brains.

All our works complete by the use of phone, whether booking tickets for movie online, traveling, making payments, shopping, talking to loved ones, etc. Digitization has made our lives more accessible than earlier.

Bharat Broadband Network Limited is doing a significant role in providing Internet services to over 2,600,000 villages via GPON to provide FTTH-based broadband access.

The 9 Pillars of Digital India Mission for Better India

The Indian government is working on achieving many fronts.  Thanks to this program. It addresses the main “Nine Pillars of Digital India,” identified as:

1. Universal access to telephones

Providing mobile connectivity in rural and urban areas.

2. Public Internet Access Program

extending the reach of the Common Services Center (CSC) from 1.35 lakh to 1.5 lakh.

3. Broadband highways

decided to the expansion of the national fiber-optic network in all gram panchayat in the country.

4. Information for everyone

Providing everyone with high-quality details.

5. Early harvest programs

The government plans to carry out the Aadhaar biometric service system at all central offices in Delhi.

6. IT for Jobs

Plans developed by the government train students from all over the country for the IT sector.


Electronic service delivery,

8. Electronics production

More and more Made in India electronic production.

9. E-management

Processes and services will be improved through a redesign.

Digital India is a program launched by the government of India to strengthen the country’s position on a digital scale by improving internet connectivity with high-speed networks throughout India.

The Digital India campaign was launched to make all the government services digitally available for people of the country. Technologies that include the use of the internet and mobile apps have risen for speedy growth of the economy.

Digital India initiative is one of the significant programs that introduced by Govt. of India to make the Indian governance more transparent. Using digital technology is increasing day by day in our life from paying bills, booking tickets, and transferring money.

We do everything online, and these technologies are using in mostly all the retail stores, institutes, and government offices. The digital technology not just helps us in saving time but also helps us in staying connected and share information.

The digital India campaign is bringing a revolution in the life of people and is transforming India at a fast pace. After start Digital India program, we have witnessed considerable growth in various service sectors. This campaign also focuses on training the rural area people and making them able to get jobs.

With the adequate implementation of Digital India campaign in e-governance, the information is reaching the average person. The digital India campaign is basically for simplification of the process between citizens, services, and government.

The digital India program is worth 1,13,000 crore INR and is preparing Indian for its digital transformation. The primary aim of digital India initiative is to encourage digital knowledge among ordinary people. It is also aimed at move forward e-governance.

The 3 Focus Key Areas of Digital India Mission

Digital Infrastructure:

  1. Aiming at high-speed internet available for each citizen
  2. Making Banking Digital
  3. Easy access to standard services
  4. Ensuring Cyber Security
  5. Government services on demand.

Availability of the Digital Platform:

  1. Right to be online for citizens
  2. Carry Business easily online
  3. Cashless transactions
  4. Digital Empowerment

Digital literacy:

  1. Digital resource availability
  2. Government certification and documentation available online
  3. They are providing resources in regional language.

Facts About the Digital India Program

Digital India Program Facts –

  1. Digital Infrastructure development and an increase in electronic production.
  2. Government service delivery over a digital medium.
  3. Digital empowerment of citizens.
  4. Development of tools for making Digital Identity safer for bank transactions.
  5. To provide broadband and universal phone service to five Lakh villages by 2020.
  6. To build five Lakh educational center with Wi-Fi connectivity
  7. Produce 11 Crore Jobs in the next four years.
  8. Create 400,000 public Internet access points.
  9. Generation 28000 + BPO jobs for villages.
  10. Eliminate electronic import by 2020.
  11. Make every citizen Smartphone owner by 2019.
  12. The internet users have jumped to 500 million till April 2017.
  13. This digital India campaign has the vision to reconstruct India into a nation digitally enabled. This campaign aims at making the citizen of India digitally literate, so they start the use of digital resources. The significant facilities providing by the government are:
  • Bharat Net
  • Digital Locker
  • E-Learning
  • E-Shopping
  • E-Signature
  • E-Health

Following are the Digital Services starting by the Government of India.

1. Bharat Net

This is backed by the Indian Government to connect 630,000 villages of India with an optical fiber network by Dec 2019.

2. E-Sign

This service allows Indian citizens to sign a document digitally with Aadhar Authentication.

3. E-Hospital

This service lets the user book their appointments and pay online for medical institutes.

4. E-Learning

E-learning is about giving them access to users of study materials online, unlike traditional classroom education. As of now, even the graduate programs are delivering entirely online.

5. Digi Locker

The Digi Locker facility helps the citizen to store and access their documents like PAN card, Educational documents, Passports, Driving License, etc.

This is happening with the authentication through the Aadhaar Card. This allows sharing documents over the digital platform instead of hard copies.

This digital revolution has mostly affected the privileged groups, but it is difficult to measure the correct details for such a large-scale operation doing for 1.3 Billion people. There is more research needed for effective implementation of this campaign.

The Digital India campaign is a very determined program of the Indian government to transform India into a digital country.

6. e-Shram

Recently the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India started registration of unorganized labours using an e-KYC process which is also a work under Digital India Mission.

People were going to their nearest CSC for registering with eShram which is also a part of Digital India.

Advantages of Digital India Campaign

Linking individuals and groups together: Helped by seamless communication, people now can stay connected to other people around the world. Now we have instant access to our friends and families.

Sharing Ideas: helping by digital platforms like social media.

Sharing our ideas and thoughts has become comfortable, and the shared ideas are also encouraging or criticizing by people.

More Opportunities: With faster internet connections, we are witnessing a startup boom in India, and with each startup, new jobs and opportunities arise.

  • Digital India Payment
  • Digitization in Entertainment Industry
  • Online Banking
  • Document Management
  • Education 


Digitization can combine all the needs to be served at one point. It is possible to bring all personal data, finances and legal entities for recording monitored and managed from one source.

This can provide greater transparency, better management, and a way to grow faster. So digitization turns out to be the key to success in a developing world. Hope you liked this essay on Digital India.

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