Essay on Wonder of Science for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this article we have published an Essay on Wonder of Science for Students and Children in 1000+ Words. This includes introduction, scientific inventions, about famous scientist, importance, disadvantages of science with 10 lines.

Essay on Wonder of Science (1000+ Words)

Technology and science are a very important part of the lives of individuals. Since Indus Valley Civilization, this has been an important part of many. It has been discovered that about five inventions have been made to locate hearth or wheels.

Both technologies are considered to be the father of all technological advances of the modern-day. Through the creation of fire, individuals first heard more about the power of electricity.

Ever since curiosity in human beings increased, much more complicated research efforts have begun to make their lifestyle easy and convenient on several instruments.

That is the age of seeing the wonder of science. There are also technological wonders. Our lives have been made smoother and more relaxed. In our everyday lives, science plays a critical role. This makes man’s dreams or imaginations real.

Scientific Inventions 

Our life has been made very easy by many scientific inventions. Electric power is science’s biggest wonder of science. In many aspects, it fits us. It lights up our dwellings; it entertains us all with T.V. Radio or radio. That fills our water with it with trains operating worldwide, warehouses, and factories.

Further, it cools our homes but warms them. Many of science’s innovations are motorcars, motorbikes, train engines, aircraft, computers, and so on. Modern society, without such technological inventions, is unlikely.

Since historical times, India was the most popular country in the whole world, but it misplaced the identity and pride upon its slavery. It started to recover its lost electricity or identity within the audience after achieving independence in 1947.

That was a generation of technical know-how that brought India the true identity all over the world. Including its latest developments and in subject, of technological know-how or advanced age, India has already wound up becoming a fast expanding country. Wonders of science and age play an important role in satisfying the needs and desires of contemporary humans.

Famous scientist

Some indicators of a generation’s development, the creation of the railway system, the creation of a metro system, a rail reservation system, an internet, quantum computers, cell phones, smartphones, online access rights for humans almost in all places, etc.

In contrast to space groups for the production within the country, and several educational institutions (Indian firms for creation of technical know-how), Indian government is creating more opportunities for greater technology advance.

C.V. Raman, Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, Sir J.C. Bose, S.N. Bose, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Father of nuclear materials Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. Har Gobind Singh Khurana, and so on. Some well-known Indian scientists who render scientific development possible in India (through their excellent medical research in various fields)

Importance of the modern-day era

For the human beings of every nation to walk shoulder – to – shoulder only with human beings about any other nation, advancement within the field of advanced technologies-how and age is very important.

The advancement and wonder of science or era rely on the assessment or right knowledge of truths. Technology enhancement relies on the methods of using different medical expertise in the right way.

Means of Transport and Communications are Wonder of Science

Buses, buses, trains, or airlines have made it simpler, more convenient, and faster for us to fly. Within hours, the man can enter any area of the globe. With the aid of missiles, he entered other worlds.

We may communicate, to our friends and family living far from us on the implementation of long-distance telephone calls by S.T.D. or I.S.D. For men, a cell device is an outstanding service.

Medicines and surgery

The wonder of science has healed a person from very awful diseases. T. B. or cancer has been treated. This has made us happier. Scientists have done wonders and in the area of surgery.

Heart-transplantation or open-heart operation has become feasible. Cutting, abrading, suturing, and otherwise actually modifying body organs and tissues may be used in the procedure.


Computers were invented by physicists. Computers are an excellent wonder of science. In some ways, they support us a lot. At high speed, they perform judgments. There are great an invention as computers could very easily that does complicated calculations. They solved some many human issues.

Mobile Phones are Wonder of Science

Mobile devices are one of science’s lovely wonder of science. It has brought a new way of communicating. It can be transferred from one address location to the other place easily & rapidly.

The mobile phone is a beautiful gift of science. It is a contribution to society and is really useful. Further, it has revolutionized the near world. A man now can interact with someone sitting thousands of meters away from him at every time.

It can perform large functions, even though it is a small instrument. There are many good programs in the new edition, including photography, web, and audio system, respectively.


We may take bumper crops with the help of fertilizers, medicines or better irrigation services. A lot has been offered to us by the “Green Revolution” or “White Revolution.”

Atomic Energy filed

The new gift and marvel of science is nuclear energy, and is a marvelous invention of science. That is the greatest source of energy, and with the aid of atomic power, we can then do challenging and painful things.

Man has discovered an infinite source of energy with the invention of atomic power. It has been able to fulfill the energy needs of the planet for a long period of time.

Entertainment and Education

Science brought us T.V. Cinema, Radio as well as many other things. Software, cell phones, robots, cameras or computers have brought us, calculators. Computers are a great wonder of science. In the education field, such innovations help.


Electricity is a wonderful scientific gift. Without it, we can’t imagine the world. Our trains, mills or factories keep going. It keeps our rooms warm or cold and remove every darkness that comes around.

Disadvantages of science 

There are two sides to everything, and science also has a negative underbelly. The development and manufacture of nuclear and other dangerous weapons are a challenge to the life of humanity and in the world.

In the next few seconds, they can ruin large cities and kill several individuals. Water and air have been poisoned by big factories & other devices.

10 lines on wonder of science

  1. We can keep humans throat under command by maintaining a safe environment. We can hold our environment clean and safe by planting trees and every other means.
  2. In ways to make things simple and convenient, modern science has created wonderful innovations.
  3. The biggest wonders of science are known to be energy, TV, computers, respectively.
  4. Science is good for mankind as it encourages an individual to carry out a process of growth.
  5. In many areas, such as farming, communication, fitness, or medicine, science has done well.
  6. It has also changed our everyday lives by creating appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, motors, ovens, etc.
  7. Technology and science have led to the establishment of great devices, such as cell phones, smartphones, computers, etc.
  8. Over an amount of time, with the advent of scientific and technological, society became more civilized.
  9. Using medical technology; science has developed wonderful medicines that help to solve pandemics.
  10. Science or innovations have contributed to rapid industrial development in many nations to address the problems of work or poverty.


The wonder of science is a great helper to young society. It can bring a man’s life happier and healthier if correctly used. Man, because of nature, is considered a master of a universe.

In each country, every problem of modernizing technology or period has been carried through. Modern tools were invented to run each life’s vicinity, nice and resolve almost all issues.

Without allowing use of health, education, infrastructure, compressive strength, facts innovation, or other fields, this was not feasible to obtain all the benefits.

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